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Hi GLIAS fans! I'd like you all to welcome guest author Dani Harper to our blog today. Dani is the author of STORM WARNED, Book 3 of her Grim Series released yesterday from Montlake Publishing

Dani Harper is a former newspaper editor whose passion for all things supernatural led her to a second career writing paranormal fiction. There isn’t anything she likes better than exploring myths and legends from many cultures, which serve to inspire her sizzling and suspenseful stories.
A longtime resident of the Canadian north and southeastern Alaska, Dani now lives in rural Washington with her retired mountain-man husband. Together they do battle with runaway gardens, rampant fruit trees, and a roving herd of chickens, with the assistance of three dogs and several grandchildren.
Dani is the author of Changeling Moon (2012 RITA finalist)Changeling Dream, and Changeling Dawn; plus First Bite, a Dark Wolf story. Recent works include the Grim Series (Storm Warrior, Storm Bound, and the new Storm Warned).  See them all on Dani’s Author Amazon page.

Passionate musicians Caris and Liam grew up centuries apart. When their fates collide, they must learn to trust each other and work together to stop a dark force from seizing both Fae and human worlds. 
* * * * *
When Caris’s unearthly musical talent attracts the attention of the Wild Hunt, the Welsh farm girl is stolen away to serve as a faery grim, a herald of death. Two centuries later, she’s finally escaped back to the human world—and into the present-day life of a reclusive and heartbroken American musician.
Music was Liam’s whole life—until a crushing betrayal left him desperate to flee the public eye. Yet long-dormant passions awaken within him after a powerful storm strands a beautiful, strong-willed woman on his isolated farm. When a fae prince bent on ruling both human and faery realms threatens Caris’s life, Liam must decide if he can finally believe in love again, not just for her sake—but for the sake of two worlds.

Check out excerpts from Storm Warned here at  Dani's website


LIZ: How often do you get lost in a story?
DANI: Frequently! It’s the ultimate form of escapism for me. Whenever I read, it’s tough to pull me away, but some books are better than others at captivating me.

LIZ: What’s the first book you remember reading? 
DANI:  I was fascinated with books from the get-go – my mom took me to the library before I could read, and I also owned a lot of storybooks. I honestly can’t remember what I read FIRST (and I read far above my grade level too), but I do recall Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss. And I was perpetually trying to write my own stories.

LIZ: What are you reading now, and what are the next five books on your ‘to be read’ pile?
DANI: I usually have several books on the go at once. I’m working on City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and Guns for the Dead by Melissa Marr. I’m also re-reading One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost (I love to re-visit all of my favorite series!).

At the tippy-top of my towering TBR pile are Ghost Seer by Robin D. Owens, Hunted by Kevin Hearne, and White Night by Jim Butcher. I don’t always attack my TBR pile in order though – sometimes I pull something out of the middle, like a giant Jenga game!

Also looking forward to reading JR Ward’s latest BDB book, The Shadows, which released the same day as my novel, Storm Warned.

LIZ: What’s your favorite fairy tale?                                        
DANI:  It should come as no surprise that I’ve always loved the tale of “The Beauty and the Beast” the most, and I first read the story in one of its original versions. In fact, I was treated to a great many of the classic fairy tales in their unvarnished forms because our town library had a LOT of really old books that were still in print.

LIZ: What’s your favorite comic book character?
DANI: I’m a long-time fan of comic books, and I loved Thor long before he was
cool! My all-time favorite, however, is Hellboy.

LIZ: Name three things that are, at this moment, in your heroine’s purse, satchel or weapons belt.
DANI: Caris has a case containing a ffidil, which is Welsh for fiddle. And nothing else because that’s all she has to her name.
LIZ: What sounds or noises do you love?
DANI: Train whistles. I grew up hearing them frequently, and I especially remember them echoing across the countryside around sunset in the summer. A rare sound now, sadly. And wolf howls. There is nothing more primal than to stand out under the northern lights in the deep cold of a northern Canadian winter and hear the song of wolves in the distance.
LIZ: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?
DANI:  I think I’d like to visit my gramma in her wonderful backyard again. It was a great wild jungle of a place, with overgrown grape arbors, ancient fruit trees, and masses of red poppies and orange lilies. It was one of my favorite places as a child. We had a lot of picnics there in the summer – always at the end of the day when it began to cool down a little. I remember sitting out there until dark, and watching the fireflies come out.

LIZ: What will always make you smile, even on a bad day?
DANI: My mountain-man husband’s warped sense of humor. He always knows just how to make me laugh. My pugs, Toby and Queenie, who like me no matter what. My yard – I adore green and growing things, from flowers to veggies to trees. It does my heart a lot of good just to walk around and see how everything has changed from the day before. My chickens – They’re more entertaining than TV sometimes! And it’s a connection to my happy memories of the little farm I once had.

LIZ: Name some of your favorite movies.
DANI:  I adore animated features, so Despicable Me 1 and 2 are on my list,
followed closely by MegaMind. What really gets my heart racing, however, are superhero movies like Thor, Ironman, The Avengers, Captain America, Batman, etc. And of course, Hellboy.

LIZ: What is your biggest vice?
DANI: Coffee in every form of course! And Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream. I walk by it successfully most of the time, but have to confess to secretly eating a pint all by myself once a year.

LIZ: What do you hope for the future of romance publishing?
DANI:  I’d like to see more crossover and mashup, novels with a strong element of romance yet a lot of story too. I feel that my own books are more properly categorized as Paranormal Fantasy than strictly Paranormal Romance.

LIZ HAS GOTTA ASK: What’s the most personal thing you’ve ever put in one of your books?
DANI:  My characters tend to spring up fully formed – I really don’t know where they come from, and they certainly have minds of their own. Where you might see Dani Harper in a story is anywhere there’s a concern for the emotional and physical well-being of animals. I have a strong empathy for them, something which was remarked on by Publishers Weekly when Storm Warrior came out.

What kind of story or type of character would you like to see me write about in the future?

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PREVIOUS RELEASES:  Storm Warned is Book 3 in the Grim Series. Book 1 is Storm Warrior, and Book 2 is Storm Bound. Each story can stand alone, but it’s that much more fun if you read them all!


  1. Hi, Dani! and welcome to GLIAS!! I love you are a journalist and write paranormal-woooooo. Wicked. Congratulations on your book.

  2. My favourite animal is the wolf, although in fantasy terms I'd love a pet dragon, unicorn or Pegasus! Congrats on the release of your new book!

    1. I've been having urges to write about dragons lately. It could happen!

  3. Oh I have a few favs for animals... like suzi above, I love dragons, unicorns, Pegasus... I also love horses, tigers, and penguins! :) Congrats on your release!

    1. All forms of horses are beautiful to me, fantasy or real. Thanks for the good wishes!

  4. more of Ranyon of cause but love gargoyles phoenix's as well as changelings
    release party on facebook last night was most fun x

    1. Ranyon would never allow me to leave him out, LOL! Gargoyles and phoenixes are really interesting!

  5. Replies
    1. Anyone who reads my books knows I'm a hopeless dog lover. My pugs would be offended if I didn't include a canine!

  6. Hi Dani! I'd love to hear more from the Changeling soon.
    Dragons, gargoyles, dogs

    1. I miss the Changelings too! Culley's story is on the back burner, waiting for me to catch up with contract obligations.

  7. Replies
    1. I love dragons too. I think they'll have to at least make an appearance in one of my books!

  8. Hugs and thanks to GET LOST IN A STORY for the interview. It was fun to visit the blog. Thanks to everyone who came by to check it out.

    Congrats to my winner, Ashley M. YAY!