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Gunslinger Day 3

“What’s wrong with here?” Her fingers drew circles on his abs.

“Kylie.” He shook his head, then caught the look in her eyes. It was back, the fright that he’d seen when her shirt came off.

“I like it right here,” she whispered trying to sink to her knees.

He slid his hands to her elbows, stopping her. “I’m not treating our first time together like we’re teenagers looking for a fast thrill in a game room. We’re not only too old for that, we deserve better.”

Dusting her hands like she was done, she hurried away. “Fine. This is all I have, Bryce. All I can do.”

He touched her shoulder and she stopped. Did she want him to change her mind? Show her how much he cared about her? “If it were me… If our positions were reversed, and I was the one with scars. What would you do right now, Kylie? Would you let me run away? Continue to be afraid?”

She covered her face. “I am afraid.”

He could barely hear her. He asked just as quietly, “Of me?”

“Strangely enough, no. But yes, maybe of you most of all.”

“I don’t understand.”

Kylie faced him, cupping his cheeks, using a thumb to entice his lips—whether that was her intention or not.

“You’ve been looking for Sissy. I’ve seen that desire before from the men who admired her beauty. I’m afraid that you’ll be—”

“Be what?”

“Congratulations on writing one of the most emotionally intimate and sexy love scenes that I’ve ever read!” ACW

"The fantastically tantalizing Texas Rangers Elite series goes from strength to strength. This time the unassuming Bryce gets his woman!!" Nikki B, Amazon Review

"This is the third book in the Texas Rangers: Elite Troop series, and this was by far my favorite book so far. This book is a great mix of romance, suspense, heat, action and adventure.” Kathryn L, Amazon Review

“All in all this is a very strong addition to the Texas Ranger miniseries. I find Bryce and Kylie incredibly appealing and enjoyable.” ACW
Catch photos from Hico and the other 
TEXAS RANGER: ELITE TROOP series on A Picture a Day
Available in stores on June  18th
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Does this teaser make you wonder what Kylie (formerly Sissy) is going to reveal?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gunslinger Day 2

“I was trimming a dead limb and the saw got stuck.”

“Lucky I was around.”

“I have some iced tea. Can I get you some?”

“That would be great.”

“Okay.” She rubbed her palms together and stepped to the porch. She tried to turn her back on Bryce and walk like a normal person through her kitchen door.

It didn’t happen. She hesitated, waiting for him to lean the ladder on the tree. He just watched her act like an unsteady idiot. Bryce was practically a stranger. She’d only met him a couple of times in town.
“I hope you like it sweetened. That’s all I have.”

“Sure. I’ll get this down.”

“Thanks so much. It’s stuck up there pretty good.” Oh my gosh. She was babbling, trying to wait him out. If he’d just look away, she could dart into the kitchen.

A little about Kylie Scott
Before she was on DANCING WITH THE STARS this past spring, Paige VanZant was the persona and looks that I modeled my heroine after. It's hard for me to post a picture of a heroine. Normally, they're more vague and because of that end up being more relatable (at least for me).

Kylie Scott is a former teen model who fell for the wrong guy. Quickly married. Quickly divorced. Readers will discover why in the prologue. She had to quickly learn how to take care of herself and that's where Paige's inspiration came into the story.

I love Kylie as a unique character who wants to protect the people who she cares about. She's certainly not helpless and definitely thinks out of the box.

Billie the Kid plays a central roll in Hico.  They're very proud of their history and legend. The statue on the right is the first thing Kylie sees when she rolls into town. The second is the Koffee Kup restaurant. When Bryce is undercover, he's amazed that the free-roaming roosters and chickens aren't eaten by the cats on Pecan Street.

The little things about this town made it come to life for me. Hope it does the same for readers.

Catch photos from Hico and the other 
TEXAS RANGER: ELITE TROOP series on A Picture a Day

Available in stores on June  18th
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Do you like to read about heroines who can defend themselves or need to be rescued?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Gunslinger Day 1

“Shirtless? Of course I’m shirtless.” Bryce Johnson yanked the muscle shirt over his head, catching it on his ear. “What legitimate undercover Texas Ranger mows a lawn trying to get a woman’s attention wearing a shirt?”

“I bet you have your glasses on, too.” There was a familiar sound from his partner, Jesse Ryder, as he held the phone to his chest and laughed. “And…um…don’t forget your Sig is showing.”

Bryce scrambled behind his back. He gave up and went inside to drop his weapon, shirt and glasses. He didn’t need to see up close to mow the lawn anyway. The briskness of the AC helped cool his frustration. A little.

“You know…” Jesse continued laughing. “If just taking your shirt off doesn’t work, you could try a speedo and a giant sombrero.”

“Har har har.”

A little about BRYCE JOHNSON

Bryce was such a wonderful guy to write. He made an appearance in BULLETPROOF BADGE, helping his fellow Ranger, Garrison Travis. In SHOTGUN JUSTICE, he went on special assignment to prepare him for his own story. He's Company F's resident authority on Texas organized crime, a bit of a computer nerd who's wanted to be a Texas Ranger most of his life. But this guy actually knows how to ride a horse and has an interesting background that readers are enjoying.

Bryce also wears glasses that aren't pictured on the cover. And throughout the story...he's sunburned. I have always wanted to begin a story with a hunky hero mowing the lawn, dripping sweat, cooling off with a water hose. fantasy on my part. That rarely happens around here because you do get sunburned. But still, a girl can have her fantasies.

On a road trip while writing this book, one song (you'll find it in the book) got stuck in my head and looped through my speakers. I listened to it over and over, but thought of Bryce's story the entire time. Then it was a challenge to work it in and Bryce's history finally showed itself to me. Things like that are the cool part of being a writer.

And I have to give credit to a friend and fellow writer for the "speedo and giant sombrero" line. Christine Crocker was at a short workshop I gave about brainstorming where the line was created. I jumped at claiming it (if she didn't) and it was on paper that afternoon.

Road trips are important to me. I hope to find something about the town's setting that I can bring into the book. The KOFFEE KUP was a special find. Best Pie in Texas...seriously !  Tim and I had four slices... We bought some to bring home, but it didn't make it. And that was AFTER a full chicken-fried steak with the fixings.

Catch photos from Hico and the other 
TEXAS RANGER: ELITE TROOP series on A Picture a Day

Available in stores on June  18th
Order on B&N; Amazon; iBooks.

Do you like Nerdy Heroes that are ready to break the rules to win?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Get Swept Through Time

Get Swept Through Time with seven bestselling tales of tingling time travel all together in one box set.

BRIDGE OVER TIME by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Brenda Hiatt
A switch in time! Busy socialite Kathryn Monroe visits her parents in South Carolina only to find herself transported to 1825. Forced to step into the shoes of a near-identical ancestress, she is desperate to get back - until she falls for the very man her counterpart most wanted to avoid. Catherine Prescott wants nothing more than freedom-from rules and from the prospect of an unwanted marriage. When she finds herself in 2013, it seems all of her dreams have come true, especially when she finds her soulmate in a man her counterpart never cared for.

THE TARTAN MP3 PLAYER by bestselling & award winning author C.A. Szarek
Claire McGowan gets sucked into 1672, naked and scared. Duncan MacLeod rescues her only to realize she’s the key to finding his brother who was kidnapped by the Fae. Can they work together and both get what they want? Will sudden passion for each other change their goals?

A TUMBLE THROUGH TIME by USA Today bestselling author Callie Hutton
A jilted bounty hunter lands in the year 1870 three weeks before an interview vital to her law enforcement career. A Kansas marshal wages a daily battle with Civil War memories, but now has to deal with a strange woman who dropped out of nowhere at the same time townspeople are turning up dead.

Charity Greves has the gift of healing. So when a bleeding Highlander materializes out of the air into her kitchen, she does what any herbalist would do-she heals him. She didn’t expect to be drawn back to the 13th Century where a dangerous witch holds the Highlander captive. Nor is she prepared to be drawn so strongly to him that she’ll do whatever it takes to save him.

Imprisoned by the witch, Toren Limont the High Sorcerer and Protector of the Fae’s magic, uses the last of his magical reserves to go forward in time and find a healer. He merely seeks the small respiteof healing to withstand the witch’s tortures long enough for his clan and siblings to flee. Until Charity falls with him through time as either his salvation or his entire clan’s downfall.

SMOOCH by Laura Marie Altom
Once upon a time in the not so distant future there was a beautiful scientist determined to capture her every dream. Money. Fame. And most importantly, her father’s respect. All Lucy Gordon must do is discover a new frog species. Then, miraculously, that frog finds her. Consumed with joy, she kisses the little guy. And poof! By magic, her frog is replaced by a wholly naked, wholly medieval, bad-boy prince claiming she’s saved him from an amphibian eternity. But Lucy doesn’t want a prince. She wants her frog-her dreams. At least until the prince returns her kiss with spellbinding intensity.

RIDGEWAY by Louise Clark
When Jaclyn Sinclair researches the Fenian Invasion of 1866, a little known incident in US and Canadian history, strange things start happening, until she is flung back in time to the day the invasion began. Taken prisoner, she is questioned by Sean O’Dell, one of the invading Fenians. Now she’s stuck in 1866, in the middle of a historical event she knows far too much about, being interrogated by one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever met...Uh-oh.

DEFIANT SURRENDER by bestselling author Tamara Gill
Londoner Maddie St.Clair discovers a medieval ring that throws her back to 1102 Cumberland and into the life of heiress Lady Madeline Vincent a woman about to be married by Kings decree to Baron, Lord William Dowell. Their marriage does not start well, but when Madeline’s life is threatened, William’s loyalty to his kin is tested by the astonishing desire that flares between them. Not to mention the love that Madeline ignites that would last an eternity. If fate will allow.

Join all 7 authors today at our facebook event for prizes and fun! 

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Regan Walker's Best of the Regency with Sheri Cobb South!

My guest today is Regency romance author Sheri Cobb South, who at 16 discovered Georgette Heyer, and came to the startling realization that she had been born into the wrong century. Although she believes she would have been a chambermaid had she actually lived in Regency England, that didn’t stop her from fantasizing about waltzing the night away in the arms of a handsome, wealthy and titled gentleman.

Since Georgette Heyer was no longer with us and could not write any more Regencies, Sheri came to the conclusion she would simply have to do it herself. In addition to her popular series of Regency mysteries featuring idealistic young Bow Street Runner John Pickett (described by All About Romance as “a little young, but wholly delectable”), she is the award-winning author of several Regency romances, including the critically acclaimed The Weaver Takes a Wife.

A native and long-time resident of Alabama, Sheri recently moved to Loveland, Colorado, where she has a stunning view of Long’s Peak from her office window.

Sheri graciously agreed to answer all my questions, so here's the interview:

How often do you get lost in a story?
Sadly, not as often as I did before I began writing. After I started writing for publication, it became difficult for me to turn off the internal editor. I find myself thinking, “Why did the author do that instead of this? I think this sort of analytical reading can be a great tool for writers, but sometimes I just want it to leave me alone!

What’s your favorite fairy tale?
“Beauty and the Beast”! I have to confess, though, that the most popular Regency romance I ever wrote, The Weaver Takes a Wife, is loosely based on a rather obscure fairy tale called “King Thrushbeard.” It has some elements in common with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale, but the “Beast” in this case is the woman, who is proud and cold rather than ugly and ferocious.

How is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day?
This question made me laugh, because it sounds nothing like my characters! I don’t write explicit sex scenes, but even if I did, I would hope my characters are something more than their physical attributes. My heroes tend to be beta guys, and although their heroines may find them “hot” (and poor John Pickett always seems to become entangled—metaphorically speaking—with some girl, usually in spite of his best efforts), they certainly don’t see themselves that way. John has inferiority issues, as might be expected of a juvenile-pickpocket-turned-Bow-Street-Runner who falls in love with a widowed viscountess. As for Ethan Brundy, titular “Weaver” of The Weaver Takes a Wife, he is supremely self-confident—being filthy rich will tend to do that, I suppose—and his smile is surpassingly sweet, but Lady Helen’s initial reaction to his dropped aitches and unfashionable clothes is anything but “hot.”

As for my heroines, well, let me just say that I dislike the word “sexy.” To me, it seems to objectify, rather than compliment, the person it’s used to describe. My heroines are certainly not ugly, but their levels of attractiveness tend to vary according to the demands of the plot. John Pickett’s Lady Fieldhurst and Ethan Brundy’s Lady ’elen are both stunningly beautiful, in order to make the most of the difference in station between the ladies and their heroes. In The Weaver Takes a Wife, for instance, an average-looking woman, especially one with no dowry, might snap up a wealthy weaver if she thought he was her last, best hope of marriage, where a beautiful one might be able to attract anyone she pleased, even without the incentive of a dowry. And in the mystery series, Julia, Lady Fieldhurst’s beauty only serves to emphasize to John Pickett how beyond his reach she is. On the other hand, Margaret Darrington, heroine Of Paupers and Peers, sees herself as quite ordinary looking, especially when compared to her younger sister, but that’s certainly not how James Weatherly, Duke of Montford, comes to see her.

What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
My newest release, Too Hot to Handel, is the book I’ve looked forward to writing ever since the series began! It was originally scheduled for March, but just before Christmas I learned that it would be postponed until June. I had nothing to do with this, but I felt so bad for readers who were left hanging at the end of Dinner Most Deadly (the book I call my Empire Strikes Back book, because I still remember how frustrated we all were in 1980, when we realized the end of that movie left so many issues unresolved that I wrote a novella, Waiting Game, to release in March, when Too Hot to Handel should have come out). Although it’s not strictly necessary to read this one to know what’s going on in the next book, it does offer readers a glimpse at how John and Julia are coping during their three-month-long separation between the end of Dinner Most Deadly and the beginning of Too Hot to Handel.

Each mystery stands alone, but those who want to follow the romance as it develops will probably want to read the series in order: (0.5) Pickpocket’s Apprentice (prequel/novella); (1) In Milady’s Chamber; (2) A Dead Bore; (3) Family Plot; (4) Dinner Most Deadly; (4.5) Waiting Game (novella); (5) Too Hot to Handel.

What is your hero’s “kryptonite”? In other words, what will bring him instantly to his knees?
Lord Rupert Latham! When John Pickett is summoned from Bow Street to investigate Lord Fieldhurst’s death, he sees Julia, Lady Fieldhurst standing over her husband’s dead body, and is instantly smitten. But her ladyship is not alone: Lord Rupert Latham is there as well. In fact, Lord Rupert has been trying for some time to convince Lady Fieldhurst that a discreet affaire would be no more than her philandering husband deserves—and it appears he’s going to get his way at last, until the discovery of Lord Fieldhurst’s dead body in her bedroom rather destroys the mood. John Pickett knows he himself can never hope to win Julia, but no one makes him feel his own inferiority quite so much as the suave and snarky Lord Rupert Latham. Lord Rupert doesn’t appear in all the books, but whenever he does, you can bet it spells trouble for poor John.

What will always make you smile, even on a bad day?
Fan mail! Writing is a pretty lonely occupation. Even though I meet weekly with a critique group, bounce ideas off fellow writers, etc., the actual process is butt-in-chair alone time. Sometimes it feels like I’m throwing words into a vacuum. So it’s exciting to have real, physical proof that, yes, someone is reading my books, and enjoying them enough to tell me so.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?
Sheer desperation! Oh, I see—you mean the process. I’d had five young adult novels published by Bantam, but then its Sweet Dreams series folded. I’d had some success self-publishing Regency romances, and even sold the large-print rights to those books, but in those days self-publishing required a considerable financial output before you could make a dime. I knew I was going to have to try something different if I wanted to be traditionally published again.

So I made a list of all the things I enjoyed about the books I’d written to date: humor, check; PG-rated romance, check; Regency setting, check. And I thought of what other genre(s) I might try that would incorporate those things. I came up with a mystery series set in the Regency period, with a romance thread that would develop over the course of the series. Since I’d had such fun with the “across the tracks” romance in The Weaver Takes a Wife, I decided to return to the well, this time pairing a young and inexperienced Bow Street Runner with a viscountess suspected of murdering her husband.

To Hot to Handle

The fifth installment of this series set in Regency England finds Bow Street Runner John Pickett under cover as a gentleman attending Drury Lane Theatre, where a rash of jewel thefts has taken place. An elderly Russian princess is to wear a magnificent diamond necklace to a production of Handel’s Esther, and the entire Bow Street force will be on hand to guard her.

It is only Pickett who will be seated amongst the aristocracy, however, and in order to preserve his incognito, Mr. Colquhoun recommends that he bring along a female companion—a lady, in fact, who might prevent him from making any glaring faux pas. But the only lady of Pickett’s acquaintance is Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, to whom he accidentally contracted a Scottish irregular marriage several months earlier, and with whom he is seeking an annulment against his own inclinations—and for whom he recklessly declared his love (Dinner Most Deadly), secure in the knowledge that he would never see her again.

The inevitable awkwardness of their reunion goes by the board when the theatre catches fire. Pickett and Julia, trapped in a third tier box, must escape via a harrowing descent down a rope fashioned from the curtains adorning their box. But an injury leaves Pickett unconscious, and when Julia discovers the princess’s diamonds in his coat pocket, she knows it is up to her not only to nurse him back to health, but to discover the real thief and bring him to justice.

An Excerpt...

Pickett opened the door of the theatre box, and immediately stepped back as he was struck with a wall of heat. The corridor was alive with flame, and as they stood staring into the inferno, a burning beam from the ceiling fell almost at their feet. Pickett slammed the door shut.
“We won’t be going out that way,” he remarked, glancing wildly about the box for some other method of exit. He seized one of the heavy curtains flanking the box and pulled until it collapsed into his arms in a pile of red velvet. He located the edge and began ripping it into long strips.
“What are you doing?” asked her ladyship, her voice muffled by the folds of his handkerchief over her mouth.
Pickett jerked his head toward the sconce mounted on the wall between their box and its neighbor. Its many candles, so impressive only moments ago, now appeared pale and puny compared to the flames dancing all around them.
“I’m making a rope to tie to that candelabrum. You can climb down into the pit and escape from there. And don’t wait for me. As soon as your feet reach the floor, I want you to forget everything you ever learned about being a lady—push, shove, do whatever you have to do, but get out, do you understand?”
“And what about you, Mr. Pickett?”
He glanced at the brass fixture. “I’m not sure if it will bear my weight, my lady. I suppose I’ll have to try—I don’t much fancy my chances in the corridor—but I’ll not make the attempt until I see you safely down.”
She leaned over the balustrade and looked past the three tiers of boxes to the pit some forty feet below, then turned back to confront Pickett. “Setting aside the likelihood that I would lose my grip and plummet to my death, do you honestly think I would leave you alone up here, to make your escape—or not!—as best you might? No, Mr. Pickett, I will not have it! Either we go together, or we do not go at all!”
The crash of falling timbers punctuated this statement, and although there was nothing at all humorous in the situation, he gave her a quizzical little smile. “ ‘ ’Til death do us part,’ Mrs. Pickett?”
She lifted her chin. “Just so, Mr. Pickett.”
Sheri is giving away a hard book copy of To Hot to Handle to one lucky commenter, so include your email so we can reach you!

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Meet The Robinsons in a great new series from Shea McMaster

I couldn’t be more excited to introduce a very good friend of mine—someone who is directly responsible for me being a published author. Shea McMaster lives in Anchorage, Alaska and we met during the three years I spent in that wonderful state. We grew up as writers together (although she was published first and ahead of her time in e-format!!) and pushed one another to excel. I’m so happy for her success and I know you’ll love her newest series of books:  The Robinsons Series from Lyrical/Kensington.  She’s here today to share Books 1 and 2 with us: Her Foreign Affair and Her Unexpected Affair --which releases TODAY!!

The softer, sweeter side of her alter ego Morgan O’Reilly, Shea McMaster lives for traditional romance. Join me in welcoming her to Get Lost in a Story!


Her Foreign Affair
Twenty-two years ago, she ran out on the love of her life—and took a secret with her.

When Randi Jean Ferguson fell for Courtland Robinson while studying abroad in London, she was ready for a life of tea and crumpets. But when she discovered Court was being forced into a shotgun wedding, there was no way she could stay—or tell him she was also pregnant with his child. Now widowed, Randi is just starting to consider finding Court—when he shows up at her door. With his son. Randi’s not ready to reveal everything to Court, but if she doesn’t will both their children end up scarred?

The best thing to come out of Court’s unhappy marriage was his son. But he’s spent the last twenty-two years thinking about Randi, his California girl, his first—and only—love. Now a widower, he takes a chance he’s only fantasized about and seeks her out. At last he’ll solve his heart’s greatest mystery—but that won’t be the only surprise in store for him.

Her Unexpected Affair
This was a detour worth taking . . .

For as long as she can remember, Meilin Wu has had her life mapped out, and she's well down her chosen path--which had no warning signs about a tall, golden Brit who would bowl her over the night before her arranged marriage engagement became official. . .

Drew Robinson has nearly finished his formal education and is ready to face the world when he meets Meilin, an exquisite beauty with Chinese ancestry. He doesn't mind she's ten years older, and the fact she knows Mandarin only makes her that much more a perfect fit for his upcoming adventures in China. He just has to get her to dump her fiancé and convince her that a trip in China will only enhance her established design business.

Easy for a guy who's known for seeing sunshine wherever he goes. Right?


PURCHASE The Robinsons Series:

LIZ: What was your favorite book as a child?
SHEA: The Golden Shoes. I loved the story of the mother rabbit who delivered Easter Eggs. One year she was tasked with delivering a very special egg to a very sick child. The artwork was gorgeous and kept me checking it out of the school library

LIZ: How did you come up with the idea for this book? 
SHEA: Book 1, Her Foreign Affair, was my nod to the secret baby theme. I got the idea after reading a Jennifer Greene book, Blame It On Paris.  From there, it just grew. Especially when my publisher asked for two more books a couple weeks after it released last year.

LIZ: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
SHEA: Well, usually, before this past spring, I’d say knitting, crocheting, even a little quilting. This past 12 months has included the writing of two full length novels, a couple quilts, travel with elderly mother, then putting my gorgeous house up for sale and moving myself, husband, and dog into my mother’s house to keep an eye on her while we transition into moving out of Anchorage to be closer to my husband’s new job in Palmer, Alaska. So today, what I enjoy most is napping with my yellow lab, Neo! And reading. Lots and lots of reading.

LIZ: If you described your book in three words, which would you choose?
SHEA: Fun, sexy, romantic.

LIZ: Time for a mini blitz!
SHEA: Favorite color? Green 
Song? Nights in White Satin 
Movie? While You Were Sleeping
Summer or winter? Summer!
Morning or night? Summer nights
Rain or shine? Both
Sweet or salty? Both are best together

LIZ: Name three things on your desk right now.
SHEA: Lap top, Cordless phone, Tiger Balm Muscle Rub

LIZ: Do you have any favorite authors? How did they influence your writing?
SHEA: Wow. I can give a partial list, and not necessarily in this order: Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Greene, Jennifer Bernard, Jackie Ivie, Boone Brux, Maxine Mansfield, Tam Linsey, Lizbeth Selvig, Erin Nicholas, Jennifer Crusie/Bob Mayer, David Eddings, J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert Asprin, J. Morgan, Gail Delaney, and so, so many more! I know I’m forgetting at least two dozen or more who belong on this list. Each one brings a bit of wisdom, humor, or a twist that makes me either smile or stop and think for a moment. Rarely do I get pulled out of the story by mistakes or weird syntax. Their writing flows and draws me in so deep I feel as if I’m right there with the Characters. The stories stick with me, some for many, many years.
LIZ: Wow—I am so honored to be in that amazing list. The feeling is quite mutual, you know! Thank you!
LIZ: Where is your favorite place to write?
SHEA: I have an arm chair with a tiny desk and an ottoman that’s perfect for my dog to curl up on. He sleeps there, keeping me warm and I can get into the story for a few hours at a time. I do my best writing when sprinting with a buddy.

LIZ: What’s on your bucket list for this year?
SHEA: Actually sewing together the rows I gathered last year for the Row by Row Challenge for quilters nationwide (and Canada!).  Most of my bucket dreams are super big ticket items. Have to gather a list of lower cost items to do!

LIZ HAS GOTTA ASK: What’s the most personal thing you’ve ever put in one of your books?
SHEA: Ahem. Sorry, NOT going there!!
LIZ: Oh, you. One day I'll get you . . .

What is the wildest story you’ve heard about Alaska, and would you travel here just to see if it’s true? Or ask me and I’ll do my best to give you an answer.
I have an eBook copy of “Her Unexpected Affair” to one person. (I’ll need your email address to send.)


TODAY! June 21, 2016  Her Unexpected Affair
November 2016 Her Improper Affair
June 2015 Her Foreign Affair
November 2011 Rachel Dahlrumple 
Thanks for visiting today, Shea! Come back again soon!!