C.H. ADMIRAND writes about the things she loves most: Family, her Irish ancestry, baking and gardening. Her family centers her and keeps her sane. She’s a sucker for broad shoulders and green eyes and still married to the man she fell in love with at-first-sight 44 years ago. Take a trip back in time to the Old West with her Irish Western Series, or further back to her Medieval Trilogy. Fast-forward to the present, stopping at the Circle G Ranch in Pleasure, Texas or Claddagh Ranch in Emerson, Colorado.  Do you have a hankering for a slice of pure heaven? Then don’t forget to visit the McCormack sisters at the Apple Grove Diner in Apple Grove, Ohio–Small Town USA–for a slice of Peggy McCormack’s Buttermilk Pie! C.H. loves to hear from readers and swap recipes. 

With 16 novels and 14 novellas and short stories to her credit, this award-winning, multi-published author’s books are available in paperback, hardcover, trade paperback, magazine, e-book, large print, and audio book.

New Sweet Contemporary Irish Western Series
Claddagh Ranch & A Second Chance For Justiss
Featuring descendants of characters from C.H.’s Bestselling Historical Irish Western Series

Tom McNally was one hard-headed cowboy…Widowmaker tossed him at seven and a half seconds, then stomped him in the dirt. His broken ribs and sprained wrist need time and a place to heal—Claddagh Ranch.

Emily Griffith is looking for a new start…
and finds it at the Emerson Diner in Colorado. Small minded gossips and a hard-headed cowboy threaten Emily’s new life. but will she cut and run, or open her heart and stay?

U.S. Marshal Ben Justiss was hooked…
when Peggy McCormack overnighted one of her decadent pies to him. During her protection detail in Las Vegas, he knew she was the woman for him. Then duty called…

Fate throws them together…
will Peggy be able to help Ben heal then walk away,
or will she trust her heart a second time?

C.H.’s Bestselling Historical Irish Western SeriesThe Marshal’s Destiny, The Rancher’s Heart, Pearl’s Redemption,
A Gift From Home, & For Love of Flynn

I love tapping into my Irish Ancestry and using family names in all of my books, and it all started with my first novel in 2001: The Marshal’s Destiny. The original cover had a cameo of the real Margaret Mary Flaherty, my Great Grandmother--the inspiration for the fictional Margaret Mary Flaherty.


C.H.'s Medieval Trilogy: Mo Ghra, Mo Chroi, Go Deo (Translation: My Love, My Heart Forever)

I fell in love with Erroll Flynn the first time I saw him in Robin Hood watching the late, late, late show. The Normans and The Saxons played a role in my ancestors' past: though Purcell is an Irish surname, it's roots are Norman inspiring me to set my Medieval trilogy during the Saxon Uprisings. 

I love to hear from readers, you can reach me at c.h.admirand@gmail.com

Find more romances to read by C.H. Admirand...Even a children's picture book co-written with her daughter J. L. Admirand with illustrations selected and approved by her two darling grandsons.

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