Avril Tremayne navigated diverse careers on her way to becoming a writer, including, shoe-selling, nursing, teaching, and public relations – most recently in global aviation. Her specialty is romantic comedy – sexy, funny, urban stories, featuring heroes to swoon over and heroines who don't know the meaning of the word swoon. She lives in Sydney, Australia, is obsessed with food, wine and shoes, and dreams of all the exotic destinations in the world she has yet to conquer.Avril loves connecting with readers and can be contacted via her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Wattpad, and Goodreads.

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'You can be as curious and as confident as you want - with no limits . . .'

Sent to the United Arab Emirates to review an exclusive new holiday resort, journalist Jenna Martin stumbles into the path of a beautiful stranger, Kalan Al Talyani.

Over one unforgettable night, the reclusive billionaire will tempt her, test her, seduce her, and offer her an electrifying taste of a life outside her comfort zone.

When Jenna returns to America she tells herself it was just a magical one-night stand, an experience that's already starting to feel more dream than reality.

But then Kalan follows her home to Boston - and Jenna is forced to make a choice. Should she stay within the confines of her current life? Or take a risk on a life that's different from anything she's ever imagined . . .?


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Sometimes Mr Right is Mr Wrong, and Mr Wrong is definitely Mr Right . . .

Television reporter Chloe Masters is a woman of cool control . . . except when Casanova rugby league player Nick Savage is around. Then cool control goes out the window. Her boyfriend, Marcus, is everything she ever wanted - but it's getting harder to deny her body's reaction to Nick.
Nick Savage has been head-over-heels since he first laid eyes on Chloe - just a moment too late to stop her connecting with his team mate, Marcus. But when the goalposts shift and he and Chloe are thrown together on a week away, Nick dares her to get physical in whatever way she wants - with a kiss, a punch or anything in between. And if Chloe claims to feel nothing, he'll leave her alone for good.
How can Chloe say no to a week of mindless passion with the man she hasn't been able to get out of her head?
Trouble is, a lot can go wrong (or right) in a week . . .


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Fall for the man the whole world is in love with? No thanks!

Evie Parker has never been one to swoon after celebrities - give her a neuroscientist over an actor any day! So when she develops her first movie-star crush, she's determined to date her way out of it, starting with the next good-looking doctor she sees.

Yet hovering on the fringes of her life is her gay best friend's determined brother, Jackson J Stevens, a famous actor who comes with trailing paparazzi.
The one thing worse than a celebrity in Evie's eyes is a media circus, so Jack isn't an option no matter how hard he flirts with her.

Evie knows what she doesn't want; Jack knows what he does. And somewhere in the middle, pheromones are making things go haywire every time they're together.


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It was supposed to be a friends with benefits agreement

1. 1 night a week

2. Strictly confidential

3. One month only

It might have been his proposition, but lawyer Kate Cleary is so buttoned up she whipped out a contract for them both to sign! With her high heels and stockings, all Scott Knight could do was sign and move to the implementation stage!

Kate couldn’t be more jaded about relationships. After all, she is in the business of ending marriages! Millionaire architect Scott might be seriously sexy but he’s also a complicated enigma. One she’s quickly becoming determined to solve…even if that means breaking the terms of her own watertight contract? 


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How bad can this good girl be?
PA Catherine North is twin-set and pearls perfect.  Her hair is tightly coiled and so is her sex life – it’s safer that way.  Her only release comes from the steamy romance novel she secretly pens featuring her too-hot-to-handle boss Max Rutherford. After all, a girl has to channel those fantasies into something productive…!

But when Max finds the steamy book he sees his perfect PA in a whole new light.  Now he wants to know just how bad his good girl could be...and he’s going to enjoy every minute of finding out!

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Can she make organising her friend’s wedding any harder? 

1. Sunshine Smart has only got two months until the big day!
2. She has to include the grouchy, surly Best Man, Leo Quartermaine – a top chef and her complete opposite!
3. Said Best Man is extremely handsome & sexy – and knows it!
4. He has no interest in décor, flowers, clothes or shoes…but has an uninformed opinion on all four!
5. And in just a few days in, she’s already slept with him…Rookie mistake…

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What started as a fling...could lead to forever!
When fate conspires to repeatedly throw kind-hearted Nurse Ella Reynolds and deliciously sexy documentary film maker Aaron James together, it’s not long before this unlikely couple finally gives in to their irresistible chemistry. Their hearts may be locked away, but what does it matter when it’s only a fling...

Spending time and saving lives together is bound to break down the barriers between them. Yet with so much heartbreak and loss to overcome, could their fling ever lead to forever?