Tawny Weber -It Must Have Been the Mistletoe


Harlequin Blaze, December 2011

They’re going to have a hot, hot Christmas...
The weather outside might be frightful—
but the Cole sisters are indulging in
something quite delightful...

Rita Mae Cole and Tyler Ramsey hail from feuding
families. Be together? Impossible. But the incredible
sex between them says otherwise....

Author Tawny Weber is usually found dreaming up stories in her California home, surrounded by dogs, cats and kids. When she’s not writing hot, spicy stories for Harlequin Blaze, she’s shopping for the perfect pair of boots or drooling over Johnny Depp pictures (when her husband isn’t looking, of course). December 2010 will see Tawny’s 9th Blaze with her novella, A BABE IN TOYLAND in the MUST HAVE BEEN THE MISTLETOE anthology. To find out more about Tawny or her books, visit her on the web at http://www.tawnyweber.com/ but don't forget to ask her by leaving a comment.

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Tawny, welcome to Get Lost In A Story and thanks for being our first guest on our brand new blog. A blog that's all about whatever the reader wants to know. To get things started today, I've asked (and you answered) several fun questions. So diving right in...

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
TAWNY: As often as I can! Isn’t that a wonderful feeling, being so caught up in a story that you step away from the day to day and can’t put the book down?!

ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading?
TAWNY: I know I’d read a lot of others, but the first book that stuck with me – made a major WOW I love reading impact, was Little Women. I laughed, I cried and I fell in love, both with the characters (and Laurie *g*), with Louisa May Alcott’s book, and with reading in general. Because I loved her writing so much, I then read all of Alcott’s books. But Little Women always stuck with me. I reread that book until the binding fell apart, then taped it up and read it a few more times.

ANGI: What’s your favorite “love” word?
TAWNY: Passion.

ANGI: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
TAWNY: Beauty and the Beast. There are so many powerful elements to that fairy tale. The heroine is strong and brave, she’s curious and clever, which is so empowering. The beast element is such a wonderful lesson in looking beneath the surface, as well as a great example of the tortured alpha hero. And if you go with the Disney version, those dancing dishes rock.

ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
TAWNY: Tinkerbell. She’s sassy and sexy and fun.

ANGI: What turns you off like nothing else?
TAWNY: Cheating.

ANGI: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?
TAWNY: I create a playlist for every book I write – you can check out the one for A BABE IN TOYLAND, as well as the excerpt, here on my website: http://blog.tawnyweber.com/books/a-babe-in-toyland/

ANGI: Where do you read and how often?
TAWNY: I read all the time. If I’m in the plotting and first chapters of a new story, I’m reading non-fiction, though. Once the story’s flowing, I treat myself to fiction again and during deadline will read a few books a month. Between deadlines I’ll go on reading binges, often reading a couple books a day for about a week. As for where, everywhere :-D I read in bed or on the couch by the fire this time of year. If I’m doing errands that require waiting around or traveling, I take my Nook to read.

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
TAWNY: My daughters’ giggles, my husband snoring (really, really) and the sound of Christmas songs late at night when the house is quiet, the tree is lit and candles are glowing in the window.

ANGI: Is writing or story-telling easier for you?
TAWNY: What a fabulous question!! I had to think about this, but I guess I’d say that writing is easier for me. I don’t have a good command of drama, which I think is necessary to tell a story well. When writing, I can build the characters and let their drama do the work.

ANGI: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
TAWNY: Yes, thanks!! I’d love to share the details of a contest I’m holding to celebrate the holidays and A BABE IN TOYLAND. I’ll be giving away the sweetest chocolate truffle ornament – it looks good enough to eat – and a copy of one of my books.
There are three chances to win, one on my website contest page, one on my Facebook Fan page and the other on my newsletter.

ANGI's GOTTA ASK -- TAWNY's GOTTA ANSWERQUESTION: So, Tawny. You write for Harlequin Blaze and I gotta ask *big grin* How many times is your husband asked if he’s your inspiration for your love scenes? And, okay, I’ll ask... IS HE?
ANSWER: LOL I took this question to him first, and he said he’s asked at least once a month – a little more often when I have a book on the shelves. And the answer to Is He? Of course he is ! (especially if he ever reads this)
The more serious answer? Yes, in a way he really is. There are always elements of my husband in my heroes. Traits I admire, habits I think are cute, phrases or interests that he has. These all find their way into the creation of heroes I admire and can fall in love with – so he really is always my inspiration, to one degree or another *big smile*
GOT A QUESTION YOU’D LIKE TO ASK YOUR FANS?In A BABE IN TOYLAND, Rita Mae was determined to get her parents the perfect gift and is willing to go to great lengths to do so. If someone were to get YOU the perfect gift this year, what would it be?

WILL YOU HAVE A DRAWING FROM THOSE LEAVING COMMENTS?I’ll offer a book from my backlist – reader’s choice!

THANKS AGAIN FOR JOINING US TODAY, TAWNY. Readers, don’t forget to leave a comment today to be eligible for one of Tawny’s books. We’ll draw and post the winner here and on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Get-Lost-In-A-Story/
Make certain to "friend" us along with checking out Tawny's December contest on her website, facebook and newsletter.
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'Til next week,
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  1. Welcome, Tawny.

    I really like that you love to hear your daughter's giggles. And I sort of get you liking your husband's snores.

    The "perfect" gift for me would be someone to organize two rooms that we've been putting off reorganizing...and the money to seriously ORGANIZE. It has more to with time, than money. But I'd love to have that project finished and off the list.


  2. Angi, thank you so much for welcoming me - I'm thrilled to be here for the launch of your awesome new blog :-)

    LOL about my husband's snores. It really is comforting after so many years. I remember when I was in the hospital having my youngest daughter -my husband was sleeping on that miserably uncomfortable chair-turned-into-a-bed and the nurse came in and offered to kick him out if his snoring was bothering me LOL.

    I adore being organized. Isn't it crazy how wiggy we get when things aren't put in the place we envision them? I think that'd be such a wonderful perfect gift. It'd make you happy AND give you peace of mind ;-)

  3. Hi Tawny! Thanks so much for being here with us on the Get Lost in a Story blog. I loved your interview. It's always so fun getting to know the author behind the books we love better.

    I'm thinking the perfect gift for me would be chocolate truffles, after seeing that fab ornament you are giving away in your drawing!

    Seriously, though, this year has been such an exciting and busy one that the perfect gift for me will just be some nice, quiet moments with my family...some time to just be and enjoy each other in the moment.

    Thanks again for coming by!

  4. Tawny, welcome. Your answers were charming. I can't wait to check out your Babeintoyland playlist and your book of course! Congratulations on your phenomenal success!

  5. Tawny welcome! I loved your answers. Holiday books are some of my favorites. Nothing says romance like mistletoe, snuggling by the fireplace and snowy walks to look at houses decorated with Christmas lights. I can't wait to pick up your newest.

    As for the perfect gift, I don't think anything could be more perfect than spending Christmas with my daughter on a Florida beach. There's something about palm trees wrapped in lights that just makes me warm all over.

  6. First, what a gorgeous site! I love the background. (Can you tell it's snowing out by me?)

    Great interview! I love holiday books! My perfect gift would be a laptop--and I might get it this Christmas.

  7. Hi Edie, thanks for stopping by. Nothing like a beach scene in the middle of winter for us Midwesterners. I hope you get a laptop for Christmas, too. Nothing like being able to get creative in all sorts of interesting places.

  8. What a great Interview. I had the pleasure of reviewing It Must Have Been the Mistletoe and have to say Tawny's story was my favorite. They are all good but her's was great.

    BTW Tawny, loved your playlist. I've been listening to Christmas music for the last month at work. TSO is one of my favorites but I love the classic Christmas Songs and Elvis singing Blue Christmas is my absolute favorite song.

  9. Welcome, Tawny! Thanks for helping us launch the blog!

    The perfect gift for me is always a bookstore gift card. I am slowly training my family that this is really all I want :)

  10. Welcome, Tawny. That anthology looks fabulous. I really love your favorite love word: passion. :) Because it can cover so many things beyond the obvious. We all need more passion in our lives.

  11. HI Heather, and thanks so much for the welcome. Your blog is gorgeous :-)

    Aren't those truffles yummy looking? They do look real, but are definitely missing that rich chocolate scent LOL.

    Oh, family quiet time. Isn't that the best?! Nothing has the same sweet, heart-tugging feeling as that. I hope you find a lot of quiet and family time this season :-)

  12. Thank you, Donnell :-) I'm big on playlists - I create a new one for every book, but this one was extra fun because I got to enjoy Christmas tunes in the middle of spring LOL.

  13. Hi Cat :-) Aren't holiday books awesome?! I mean, all romances rock, of course. But there's just a little extra magic to those holiday books, I think.

    Florida for Christmas - that sounds so fun! I don't think I've ever seen a palm tree with lights on it, I'll bet it brings instant smiles. I hope you enjoy!!

  14. Hi Edie :-)

    I hope you do get your laptop... I'm a big fan of techno gifts. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  15. Hi Heather :-D It's so cool to see you here!! And thank you SOOOO much for the Babe love. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Rita's story.

    I have to say, I had so much fun putting together this playlist. I got to pick all my faves, but I wove in some good country tunes in keeping with the drive home, and a checked out some different artists singing my old faves. I can't believe that I missed adding Elvis, though. Nothing says wow like his voice, huh?

  16. Woot! Simone, I LOOOOOVE bookstore gift cards :-) Aren't they the best.

    Thank you so much for having me here today - you have a gorgeous blog and I'm sure you're going to see much awesome success. I'm thrilled to be a part of the initial 'hello' to the blogging world ;-)

  17. Hi Maureen, and thank you :-)

    I love passion. When I read the question, I giggled at first because, well, that's just how my mind works. I came up with a dozen absolutely inappropriate responses LOL. But passion really does cover so much, just like love does. I am a major fan :-)

  18. Hi, Tawny! I'm still having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that it's now December! As for the perfect gift? The chance to meet some of my favorite authors in person? Barring that, signed books, of course! If I were to really dream big, then a house remodel that includes a home library, complete with window seat and a big cushy reading chair...

    I loved your answers--it's always fun to read a new interview; I love the chance to get to know you a teeny sliver better with each one :)

    Congrats on your holiday story--I can't wait to read it! (And I can't wait till Friday so I can finish reading your free read!)

  19. I loved this interview, Tawny! Seriously. I was surprised by how similar my answers would be to yours. Love Beauty and the Beast. And my husband always claims I'm using him for "research," especially when I say, "Stand up. I wanna see if this will work." (He's 6'4" and I'm 5'4" so logistics is important, tee hee.

  20. BTW, Babes in Toyland sounds like a delightful Christmas romp. Can't wait to read it.

    Oh, and I'm considering buying a Kindle. Why did you choose the Nook instead. Disclaimer of all adverts, LOL.

  21. HI Fedora :-D I love your perfect gift idea!! I remember the first time I met one of my all-time fave authors, Vicki Lewis Thompson. I stuttered and blushed and babbled. Pure class, that's me LOL.

    I love even more your library surrounded by a house *g* What a fabulous dream gift!!!

    Thanks tons for the support- and for checking out Naughty is Nice :-D I hope you like the ending!

  22. Jo!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. It's always awesome to see another Romance Bandit!

    :-D I'm not surprised we're both Beauty and the Beast fans. There's just something extra awesome about strong, empowered heroines, isn't there? And lol on the sizing up. I'll just step away from that in the interest of behaving on the blog :-D

  23. I do love my Nook, Jo :-)

    There were a lot of factors that played into my choice. I try as often as possible to support my local bookstore, which is a B&N, for one. I'd looked at the features of all that were available at the time (most readers are all incorporating the same features now, of course) and really liked the lending feature of the Nook, as well as the ability to read pdf's and other formats, and the free in store goodies.

    But the bottom line was feel. I'd played with the Kindle, the Sony reader and when I got my hands on a Nook I just loved how it felt. Its light, elegant and as close as Ive seen to a book in digital format :-) Thats what did it for me.

  24. How sweet that your adorable hubby is in each of your heroes. I like that!! Good luck, Tawny, with your newest story.

    My perfect gift is a hug from someone I love, but if I have to have something to wrap, tickets to Scotland would be nice. :)

  25. Hi Tawny! I thought that was gorgeous about your husband. How lovely! I love the idea for Babe in Toyland. Can't wait for this Christmas treat to get into my hot little hands.

    As for your question, a perfect gift would be a fun day with the family together in the outdoors. We've had so much rain! More materialistically I'd love a really great espresso machine:) and a house elf to clean it!

  26. Hi Tawny!

    So my question is - does your husband have a favorite snappy response when people ask him if he's the hero? Does he read your books? My husband just recently read my book that came out last year LOL. He reads them... but not hot off the presses.

    My favorite gift would be for a fairy godmother to zap me with her magic wand to make me thirty pounds thinner - no exercise - no dieting (grin - I'm not holding my breath on that one). A gift of time would be much appreciated. Right now there too much to do and too little time to do it.

  27. Great interview, ladies! I love learning about new-to-me authors.

    My perfect gift? Spending Christmas with my relatives in Sunderland, England.

  28. Well, then I won't feel quite so bad if I'm a blithering idiot when I finally have the chance to meet you! ;) And Donna, time would be awesome! *sigh*

  29. These are all terrific ideas on what *I* need for my perfect gift. I'm making a list now.


  30. Hi Tawny! Your new release look delicious. :)

    I'd love a pretty powder compact, the kind all women had in the 50's. I'd never buy it for myself, but they're so gorgeous.

  31. Paisley, hi there :-) Thanks so much for coming by! That adorable hubby of mine does get around LOL - at least around my books. Thank you so much for the good wishes.

    I think your perfect gift is absolutely beautiful. And for such a perfect idea (the hug) I definitely think you should get that trip!! You'd rock Scotland :-)

  32. Hi Tawny,

    It's been a while, but when I heard from Heather that you were going to be here I just had to stop by.

    Babes in Toyland sounds like a fun read.

  33. Thanks Christine :-) I'd imagine my husband would find his way into whatever I write... somedays I wish it was murder mysteries though *beg*

    A day with family is a lovely gift :-) an espresso machine--and an house elf!! would definitely be awesome, though. I hope you get both (all three?) :-D

  34. Donna, I want your fairy godmother to come this way when she's through!!! I've got work for her ;-)

    I'll take that extra time, too. Yep, I'd love it :-)

    As for hubby reading... Yes and no. He's read my novellas (his reading attention span lends itself more to magazines and newspaper articles) and has loved them, but hasn't read my longer books. Yet. He says he will :-D

    As for what he says... I'll have to ask him. I'm not sure if he has a standard answer, the few times I've heard his response it's along the lines of "yep, that's me." LOL

  35. Hi Alexa and thanks :-)

    A holiday in England does sound like a fabulous gift! I hope you get this as your perfect present!

  36. LOL Fedora, I seriously doubt any idiocy will be involved. You might laugh at me though ;-)

  37. Angi, there are some awesome ideas, aren't there? I'm thinking Santa's gonna love my wish list this year!

  38. Oh, Gillian -how elegant. I can just picture that compact. Very posh and classy :-)

  39. With you, Tawny--always *with* you! ;) I'll have to remember to bring chocolate :D

  40. Congrats on the fabulous new blog, ladies! What a fun post, Angi and Tawny *g*

    A Babe In Toyland is a fantastic story and the perfect holiday treat!

    My pefect gift this year is the Barefoot Contessa's latest cookbook. I almost bought it for myself today seeing as how it was 40% off but even with that discount I'm NOT buying myself anything until AFTER the holidays. My youngest daughter knows I want it so maybe it'll be under the tree Christmas morning :-)

  41. Great site. Great blog. I wonder how many writers would say "Beauty and the Beast." It's so perfect.

    Rebecca York

  42. Hey Sandy!!! How are you doing? :-) Thanks so much, I hope people enjoy reading Babe!

  43. With, hmmm? Okay *G* That works -I can't wait till we're laughing over chocolate, Fedora :)

  44. BETH!!!!! YAY, my fave gal. Hi :-D

    How fun that you've picked out a perfect book for Christmas. Did you peek through it already at the recipes? Do they look amazing? I'll bet you hinted very nicely and won't even poke or shake the packages under the tree to see if you perfect present shows up, right?

  45. Hi Rebecca :-)

    I think Beauty and the Beast is probably one of the most popular choices, don't you? I do love Cinderella, since I adore makeover stories, but the strength of the B&tB characters always wins me over.

  46. Beauty & the Beast gets one of my favorite votes. It's a much deeper character for the heroine? I mean, SHE has to see through the rough exterior to get to the prince underneath...even if he's gruff. So it makes HER a better person. Isn't that something we all do?

    Especially when are Princes TURN INTO Beasts?


  47. Tawny, thank you again for coming and starting our Readers' blog off with a terrific day!

    And all of you who left a comment...be sure to check back on this blog to see who the lucky winner is of one of Tawny's backlist books. OR keep in touch with us on Facebook where we'll also be posting the winners of any prizes ALONG with the guest author each day.

    FRIDAY we'll be introducing all of the new authors hosting GET LOST IN A STORY. And Thursday, Joelle Carbonneau will be our guest.

    Thanks again and we hope you'll come back often! Spread the word that Everyone should Get Lost In A Story !!


  48. Angi, I'm with you in the love for Beauty and the Beast. Of all the fairy tales, its one of the ones I like best because --as you say--it requires the heroine to be strong. She's not depending on a fairy godmother, a prince or a bunch of little dudes to pave her way to happy ever after, she's making it happen herself :-)

    Thank you SO much for inviting me to visit today. You have such a lovely blog and I wish you tons of wonderful success (and will definitely be angling for an invite back again LOL).

  49. Congratulations Jo Robertson.

    You are the lucky winner of the drawing from today's commentators and have one your choice of one of Tawny's backlist books.

    Please contact Angi@AngiMorgan.com with your contact information.

    Thanks to everyone who participated.