Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Allison Chase (additional comments)

http://getlostinastory.blogspot.com/ Get Lost in a Story: ALLISON CHASE." Signet author asks: Brawn or Brains. We're drawing for a book from those leaving comments.


Brandlwyne aka Brandy B said...

Hi please enter me in your contest. I am going to go have a look at yesterdays post!!!


Rochelle Staab said...

Without a blink - BRAINS

Kimberley said...

I think Brains...the brain is so mysterious, amazing...

Kimberley C

Samantha Grace said...

Can't I have it all? ;) Okay, if I MUST choose. I'll take brains. Besides, the more you know someone, the more attractive he becomes.

Yay! I'm so excited to have found your website!

Jeanne M said...

Brains or brawn - I'll take a little of both with love and thoughtfulness thrown in!

I love the interviews on this site.