Linda Thomas-Sundstrom.

Beneath a Blood Moon surrender to GOLDEN VAMPIRE, the exciting new release from Linda Thomas-Sundstrom.


March 22, 2011

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Nocturne Series, #110

ISBN- 9780373618576

It’s called the Dark Surrender...

The ultimate embrace of everlasting love, where entwining souls and purpose come together in a love like no other.

For former cop Jesse Stewart, giving herself—mind and body—to sexy vampire Lance Van Baaren meant losing her soul. Hired by a foreign government to find a senator's missing daughter, she instead found a haunting link to her past. And now something is drawing her to the one man she should despise….

Once a knight, Lance had sworn to protect the innocent. And one of those young innocents had been a young Jesse. Now face-to-face with the alluring woman she has become, he's determined to help Jessie solve her case and make her his own. But would finding the truth of her past, beneath a Blood Moon, push Jesse further away?

Get Lost In a Story welcomes guest blogger Linda Thomas-Sundstrom!

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is award-winning author of contemporary and historical paranormal romance novels for Kensington and Dorchester, and currently is thrilled to write for Harlequin Nocturne. Her 2010 series “Wolf Moons,” highlighted her favorite werewolves in action. Her new 2011 and 2012“Vampire Moons” series showcases international vampires.

Linda lives in the West, juggling teaching, writing, family, and caring for a big stretch of land. She swears she has a resident Muse who sings so loudly, she virtually funds the Post-It Company with sticky notes full of scribbles on every available inch of house and car space. Eventually, Linda hopes to get to all those ideas.

Visit Linda at http://www.lindathomas-sundstrom.com./


Jillian: How often to you get lost in a story?

Linda: I read or listen to books on audio every single day. Most times, both. I listen on my way to and from work, to books I probably wouldn’t buy or read in book form. On my night stand, I have a pile of books from favorite authors that I have to hold and read and enjoy. I love words and rhythms, and when I find a good book or author to connect with... I dig in!

Jillian: What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Linda: Cinderella! Bibbbity-bobbity-boo. All that magic, and help from friends, and a ball gown to die for, and a pair of glass slippers (ouch!) And let’s not forget the PRINCE. (SIGH) The ultimate in romance.

Jillian: What turns you off like nothing else?

Linda: Rude, selfish people - like the creeps who won’t wait for you to fully back out of a parking space, then honk their horns as if you’re the one who is rude and unaware. I don’t quite understand what is making more and more people this way, do you? Also... like people who get a kick out of leaving horrid book reviews for other people on public sites, maybe not taking the time to realize how vulnerable writers are, and that we’re trying to do our best.

Jillian: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?

Linda: First, I squeal with relief, hoping no one else hears me. Then I celebrate with either chocolate or a glass of champagne. And then, as soon as the little celebration is over, I immediately start a final edit, before hitting SEND to my editor. There is nothing like typing those last words. Such a great feeling of accomplishment.

Jillian: What question are you never asked in interviews, but wish you were?

Linda: Do I thank my lucky stars every single day for being able to write, and get what I write published by a New York publisher?

The answer is a resounding YES!!! If you all knew how honored I feel to be on bookstore shelves with so many other terrific authors...

Jillian: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?

Linda: I started writing at age 8, and still have those funny little manuscripts. And though I’m a teacher in my day job, and love that too, the dream was always to be a published author, with books on bookstore shelves. I dread e-books because of this... because every time I see one of my books at a STORE, where someone can pick it up in their hands and look at it––and flip it to read the back...it’s a personal CONNECTION...and my heart just sings with happiness!

Jillian: What would you say is your most interesting quirk?

Linda: Well, look out California drivers, because I sometimes (often, actually) scribble ideas down WHILE I’m driving! Ideas come at the strangest times, and when whole snips of dialogue, etc come to me, I have to get them down. This is quite a common occurrence when I’m onthe road. Oy!

Jillian: Which era would you least (or most) like to have lived in, fashion-wise and why?

Linda: I have an affinity for a romanticized version of the Renaissance period. I like Renaissance Faires and wearing long, flowing brocade. King Arthur was my fav character when I was growing up. I’d wear my costumes around the

house if I could get away with it, and I do live in a stone house that somewhat resembles a castle (okay, using some imagination here). I’ve been known to...when everyone is gone form the house, and if I’m feeling blue...get out my rhinestone tiara and either wear it or just LOOK at it, until I feel better. Maybe this harkens back to the question above on my favorite fairy tale? Who didn’t want to be a princess? Ha. Let me tell you, (just between you and me) that tiara is a great mood enhancer. Highly recommended.


Jillian: If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick either a vampire or a werewolf to keep you company, which man/beast would you pick, and why?

Linda: Oooh––that’s a trick question actually. If all bets were off for magical instances in past fiction (i.e. Dracula tales, where vampires can FLY––and could get you both off the island, etc) then I’d choose a werewolf, hands down! I mean, really, that’s common sense. Stuck on an island, what would a vampire eat? The answer is: YOU! Now, I do admit that if this is a desert island, a cool-bodied vamp might be nice to help with the temperature extremes…but the potential for problems is so much higher with a creature of the night (and vamps can’t BE in the sun!)

A Were is a man most of the time, has the same sleeping and eating habits, (big bonus for having a “companion”) and also they possess all that terrific extra musculature that could help with food and shelter. Okay, I confess.

Food and shelter wasn’t the first thing that came to mind here, with a nice, hot-blooded man next to me, but this blog might be PG 13! Yikes!

Weres on desert islands ROCK!

Linda has a question she'd like to ask readers, fans and friends:

WEREWOLVES ARE THE NEW BLACK ! So, what would your perfect man-wolf hybrid be, and where would you like to FIND him on this planet? (most romantic place?)

I will give away a back title book to one commenter who hangs in, and doesn’t just drop by for five seconds to wave their hand for a gift––chosen by “Pick a number” from the top three of my choice.*** Web site: http:// www.lindathomas-sundstrom.com

***Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. If an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.


  1. I don't know what would make the perfect man-wolf hybrid. He would definately have to be alpha, but not overbearing, would be able to protect his pack and family, would be comfortable both in man and wolf form, and not shead on the furnature LOL. I love books about vampires and shifters. Two of my favorite series are Lynsay Sands vamp series and Kerrelyn Sparks vamp/shifter series. They are both paranormal romances with humor and some mystery added to them.

    Best of luck with the new release! Have a happy easter holiday, no matter what you do/believe/follow.

  2. Welcome to Get Lost In a Story, Linda.

    I just read on the RWASD loop your latest release made the Harlequin Top Ten Best Reads list! Yay!

  3. Hi Linda -

    I never would have guessed you were a Cinderella girl!!! :)

    Congratulations on the release!!! And for me the sexiest spot to meet up with a hunky werewolf would be Someplace with forests and maybe even snow... Reno or Lake Tahoe area?

    Someplace you need a hot body to help keep you warm! LOL

    Great blog!

    Lisa :)

  4. Oooooh, a nice morning welcome, you three. Thanks so much.

    Snow would indeed be a fun place to meet your Were, Lisa. Hot werewolf by the fire, anyone?

    I'm a sun-bunny, so I'll take a hot, cry climate with a forest of trees to run through, half-dressed. Yum Yum.


  5. Hi, Linda, welcome to Get Lost in a Story. Your plot sounds incredible. Best wishes to you and the Nocturne authors!

  6. June - wanted to comment on YOUR comment, because those are the ground qualities all my Weres must have, in all my Wolf books. In fact, all of my characters in ALL of my books, have those same qualities. My immortals in this Vampire Moons series are to die for, in terms of great looks and personalities to match. (SIGH)

    I just love the ones with HEART, no matter if we're to know that up front, or find it out in the following pages.


  7. Thanks, Donnell. Glad to be here, and thanking my lucky stars, as I mentioned above.

  8. Shifters, especially wolf shifters, are my favorite paranormal creatures. I like that they are two halves of a person fighting for ultimate control.

    My favorite Werewolf would be a tortured hero. He has some past tragedy or mistake weighing him down. He is afraid of losing control of the beast within him. He is probably a loner looking for a pack or family of his own. When he finds the right woman he realizes that she is his true mate. He fights for her and protects her at all costs so he can have the family he's wanted forever.

    Because I grew up reading gothic horror I would probably want to run into my shifter in a dark, isolated cabin in the woods. There's nothing like getting to know your neighborhood werewolf in a snowbound cabin! Just think of all of the possibilities! LOL

  9. Linda! Great questions and answers. I would definitely make it so that a vampire could fly (LOST BOYS, ahoy!). But that's kind of cheating, isn't it?

  10. Great interview, Linda. Love the tiara, you're a girl after my own heart. Add to that the champagne and chocolate . . .My ware and I would be in a cabin in the mountains as well. Love trees, snow and a fireplace with a hunky guy next to me. Mmmm nice fantasy.

  11. Hey Linda!

    Hmmm...I think my favorite place to hook up with a shifter would be late at night, in the rain, in Victorian England. I love that time period!
    Here's to your continued success!

    ~Roni Lynne
    YA Adventures in the Paranormal...and Beyond!

  12. So many places to choose from! As a kid (and as a teen and as an adult) Camelot was also my favorite. Couldn't get enough stories set there, in that time with those characters. The Mists of Avalon ... sigh.

    Modern times, though, maybe the Hebrides in Scotland. Wild. Remote. Dangerous. Like my Were....

    Pam S.

  13. Linda love your stories.

    Personally I'd prefer the urban jungle and no were (pun fully intended) near a full moon.


  14. Great post, Linda! Shifters are perfect for those long winter nights.

  15. I think he would need a sense of humor about his situation. Instead of getting tortured about his condition he develops an ability to laugh at himself.

  16. Wow - okay- so a snowy climate wins from all of you, for finding a WERE on your doorstep. And we are all agreed on the necessary characteristics for HIM.

    So - the next question would be WHY everyone thinks VAMPIRES are the hot ticket?
    Our motto: "Werewolves are the new black."

    Yep. Bus seriously vampiristic... my vamps aren't really vamps at all. (Okay - maybe in Vampire Lover, but not the rest). They are immortals chosen for an ongoing quest. Special dudes in the first place, men of valor and vision. Hunky angelic knights from olden times, brought up to the current market for us to ogle and drool over. YUM.

    I mean.... YUM. For sure.

    Keep those comments coming! Hoorah for blogdom.

    Here's the VAMPIRE MOONS series:
    VAMPIRE LOVER - Nocturne Bite - out now!
    GOLDEN VAMPIRE - Nocturne - out now!
    NIGHT BORN - Nocturne Bite - August
    GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT - Nocturne - February 2012

    SEXY IMMORTALS on tap, anyone?????

  17. June M, Stacy, Lisa... please e-mail me at:

    linda @ lindathomas-sundstrom .com

    (without the spaces). First to e-mail me gets a book!!!

    xo and goodnight!=