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Twelve years ago, Brenda Cooper died at the hands of a brutal killer. Her case remains unsolved. Until now. Three Cooper brothers. Three strong and determined women who change their lives. Three deadly foes. And one last chance to close the book on a case that has haunted the Cooper family for over a decade.

Hitched and Hunted

Harlequin Intrigue - April 2011

Going back to Mississippi, four years after leaving her old life behind, was a bad idea even before the F-4 tornado struck. Now there's no way Mariah Cooper can talk her husband, Jake, into cutting the trip short and heading back to the safety of their life in Gossamer Ridge, Alabama. Jake could never walk away from people in need. But Mariah knows, deep down, that she's living on borrowed time. She'd left Mississippi, changed her name and fabricated a whole new past for a good reason: Mariah is keeping a devastating secret, one she fears will destroy her perfect life with Jake and her young son Micah. Because the woman Jake married doesn't really exist. And the woman she used to be is marked for murder.

The Man from Gossamer Ridge

Harlequin Intrigue - May 2011

Gabe Cooper missed the chance to stop his sister-in-law's brutal murder by thirty inexcusable minutes. And even though the man responsible for Brenda Cooper's murder is dead, Gabe can't forgive himself for his mistake. So when his motherless niece Cissy leaves him an urgent message to visit her at college, Gabe drops everything to go. But he's not prepared for what his niece tells him. Cissy believes her mother's murder isn't solved at all. Worse, she's basing her beliefs solely on the theories of a pretty psychology instructor who looks more like a co-ed herself than any one he should take seriously. Alicia Solano believes the dead man had been only one of a pair of serial killers responsible for not only Brenda's death but dozens of murders across three southern states. And now there have been two new murders that fit the profile. There's still a killer out there, and he's found a new partner.

Cooper Vengeance

Harlequin Intrigue - June 2011

It's not just the law of averages that convince Natalie Becker that her sister Carrie died at the hands of her playboy husband, Hamilton Gray. Newlywed Carrie had recently confided to Natalie that she thought Hamilton might be having an affair—he kept strange hours and didn't seem that interested in sex anymore. But proving murder, in a town where the Grays are even wealthier and more privileged a family than her own, may be the hardest thing Natalie's ever tried to do. The last complication she needs is a tall, stubborn ex-Navy mechanic named J.D. Cooper, who has his own crazy idea about who killed her sister—and his wife.


As a child, Paula Graves's favorite books were Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries and Harlequin Romances. When she realized there were books that featured both romance and mystery, she knew she'd found her calling. Now Paula writes for Harlequin Intrigue, where she gets to play both matchmaker and murderer and has a blast doing it. She loves to hear from her readers, who can reach her by clicking the contact button on her website, http://www.paulagraves.com/.

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Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming

Series Suspense/Adventure


ANGI: How often do you get lost in a story?

PAULA: I think I have to get lost in the story every time I sit down to write. The story can't work if I don't. What's funny is, while I'm in the middle of writing the book, I usually think it's horrible, disjointed and nonsensical, and I despair that I'll ever be able to fix it in editing. But I usually find that the story coheres better than I thought, because as long as I stay in the story, it works itself out subconsciously.

ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading?

PAULA: I'm sure I read a ton of "baby" books, but the first book I remember that had a powerful impact on me was Sam, Bangs and Moonshine by Evaline Ness. It was about a young girl with a penchant for telling tall tales and how her fibs had nearly disastrous consequences. It was a tale full of danger, intrigue and thrills, but it also had a very good lesson about knowing when fancifulness is good and when it can be harmful.

ANGI: What’s your favorite fairy tale?

PAULA: Has to be Beauty and the Beast. The quintessential romance story. I'm also fond of The Emperor's New Clothes because I think one of the most important things a writer can be is a truth-teller. We may write fiction, but we're revealing truths--about human nature, about love, about hope, about struggles. We fail our readers if we don't tell the truth, even if it means swimming against the current.

ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?

PAULA: Pepe LePew. Yeah, he can be a little bit of a lecher, and he has trouble understanding the word no. But you have to admire his sheer dogged determination and his affable "c'est la vie" attitude when he fails. I admire someone who lives life to the fullest and doesn't let the inevitable moments of failure get him down.

ANGI: What turns you off like nothing else?

PAULA: Picking on someone weaker than you. If you want to be confrontational, fine, but make it a fair fight.

ANGI: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?

PAULA: Hitched and Hunted features an already-married couple discovering deep fractures in their relationship that they had tried to pretend didn't exist. This foundational weakness in their relationship comes out at the worst possible moment--when the wife's past comes back to threaten their very lives. So the playlist I used for inspiration was a little dark and had a lot to do with the idea of betrayal and threatened love, songs like "Stay" by Little Big Town, "Somewhere Tonight" by Bob Seger, "Ice" by Sarah McLachlan and "No Air" from the Glee soundtrack.

ANGI: Die Hard or Die Harder?

PAULA: Die Hard. Arguably the best action movie ever. Definitely the best Christmas action movie ever.

ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?

PAULA: Hans Gruber from Die Hard. Alan Rickman rocks.

ANGI: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?

PAULA: I love to hear from my fans. I remember, before I was published, I thought it was an imposition to write an author and tell her how much I loved her book. It felt, I don't know, kind of presumptuous, as if my opinion mattered. Now that I'm on the other side, I've gotta tell you, I was so wrong. Writers love feedback. We love to hear what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong. So if you ever get a whim to write an author, or talk to her on Facebook or Twitter, just do it. She'll be thrilled to death to hear from you. Unless you're mean. Then, keep it to yourself. :)

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: Paula, you are definitely a southern gal. Are any of your heroes ever considered a “damn Yankee”?

PAULA’S GOTTA ANSWER: Until you asked the question, I really hadn't totaled up the numbers. As of the end of 2011, I'll have written twelve books. Ten of them had Southern heroes (and ten also had southern heroines). Only one of them had both a hero and a heroine who weren't southerners - Cowboy Alibi, which had a Wyoming cop and an amnesiac former con-woman who grew up wandering the western part of the US with her swindler father. Even my two non-Southern heroes, the aforementioned Wyoming cop and his best friend, also from Wyoming, can't really qualify as damn Yankees. I suppose I'll write a Yankee hero one of these days. But Southern boys are just so sexy and fun...

Paula’s question is for people who enjoy short romantic suspense stories: Is there a particular topic, or style of mystery, or type of romantic relationship, or type of character that you're just not getting enough of in romantic suspense books? I'm always looking for new ideas, and I often find that what other people are looking for are also topics or characters that intrigue me as well.

Paula will give away individual copies of my four previous Cooper Justice books - one book per winner, their choice of title. Four books total. (INCLUDING HER RITA NOMINEE seen above.)

Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. If an electronic Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.

You can find Paula at her website: http://www.paulagraves.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paula-Graves/115479116348

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Paula_Graves

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PAULA'S QUESTION FOR READERS: Is there a particular topic, or style of mystery, or type of romantic relationship, or type of character that you're just not getting enough of in romantic suspense books?


  1. Hi Paula,

    Congratulations !

    I am pretty much getting all I need from the books except for the mysterious type of character you know the kind that intrigues you till the very end . I can never seem to find enough books with those type of characters either featuring in them or being mentioned.

    Take Care

  2. Welcome to GLIAS, Paula. My apologies for letting life take over and not posting your interview first thing. I hope you have fun today and I think you know my answer to your series question---fellow Intrigue author !!

    Congrats again on your RITA final and I'm keeping everything crossed for you!


  3. hey Paula congrats cant wait to read them sounds interesting really excited for all the new books this month thanks misty (best_mom_4life65802@yahoo.com

  4. Thanks for the welcome, Angi! No apologies necessary. I love this format--what a fun way for readers to get to know more about us authors!

  5. Desere, it can be hard in some books to keep a character mysterious until the end, because you need to know their motivations a lot of times to understand the stories.

    It's especially hard, in the kind of books I write, to have the hero be mysterious until the end. He can have secrets from other people, but generally the reader needs to know his secrets and his motivations in order to sympathize with him and root for him.

    But now I'm curious--do you have an example of the kind of mysterious-to-the-end character you're talking about?

  6. Misty, I'm excited about the new books this month, too. I have a box full of them waiting at home for me right now--can't wait to dig into them!

  7. Congrats on the RITA nomination, Paula. I like the classic whodunit plots and those with paranormal elements thrown in.

  8. Paula, love women in jeopardy stories, and your books sound wonderful. I also appreciate your answers to Angi's fun questions. Congratulations on your 2011 RITA award. I hope you're flying high. Are you going to New York?

  9. Thanks, Jane! I like whodunits, too. And if you like paranormal elements, be sure to check out my first three books, the Forbidden series. All three of the heroines have paranormal gifts. They're hard to find in paperback, but if you have an ereader, all three are available as ebooks now.

  10. Thanks, Donnell. I'm definitely still flying high about the RITA final, but alas, I will not be flying to New York for RWA. :(

  11. Hi Paula,

    Well it is kind of hard to sum up but here goes I ll give it my best shot! The kind of mysterious character I am referring to is the kind that you just have to know why they are the way they are , what lead them to be this way and what are they planning on doing to redeem themselves which I can fully understand has to be revealed throughout the book in order to get the reader to root for him as you put it but that certain something kind of like "the smoking gun " has to be left till the last possible minute before it is revealed to the reader , it is a character like that has me gripped till the very end just to see what the big secret is. I hope I have made sense and answered your question.

    Take Care,

  12. MISTY -- JANE -- DESERE !!
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!
    Paula will be sending you all a free book...just send an email to GetLostInAStory@gmail.com and we'll get your information.