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Miss Eva Black spent her life concealing her mother's past as a courtesan. Now a spinster, her beauty hidden under a dour disguise, Eva spends her days schooling courtesans to be suitable wives. But one vengeful duke does not appreciate Eva's stealing his mistress and transforming her into a lady. His vengeance won't be satisfied until he seduces Eva into becoming what she detests most: a courtesan.  

Nicolas, the Duke of Stanfield, is furious with this woman who frees courtesans from bondage. His revenge? Upend Eva's world by buying her debts and striking a scandalous bargain: She must serve as his mistress's replacement. But he doesn't expect her to be a woman of such beauty and secrets-or to have a past that not only endangers Eva herself, but everyone whose life she has so intimately touched.   

Today, I am thrilled to welcome my friend and fellow historical romance author, Cheryl Ann Smith, to the blog!  We met in D.C. the summer of 2009, just days before she sold her first book to Berkley, and I knew instantly that we would be friends.  Now that I’ve interviewed her and discovered her love for Gerard Butler and Gene Kelley, I understand why! J Seriously, though, Cheryl Ann is one of the loveliest people I know—kind, funny, gracious…and talented!  I am so very excited that I finally get to hold “The School For Brides” in my hot little hands!

Cheryl Ann has been a fan of historical romance since she was a teen. When she decided to write her own novel, she didn’t realize that it would take five years to complete that first manuscript. But she was hooked, and has cut her writing time considerably! Cheryl lives in Southeast Michigan with her family. When she isn’t writing, she likes outdoor adventures, travel, and hanging out with family and friends. For more information about Cheryl and her books you can visit her at: www.cherylannsmith.com

So, let’s get to the Get Lost Interview!!!

Heather:  How often do you get lost in a story?
Cheryl Ann:  I’m always lost! Whether I’m following my characters around in my own books, or reading a fabulous novel by someone else, I always have a book nearby.

Heather:  What’s your favorite type of book to get lost in?
Cheryl Ann:  I love thrillers, romantic comedies, and of course, historical romance!

Heather:  What turns you off like nothing else?
Cheryl Ann:  Rude people. 

Heather:  Where do you read and how often?
Cheryl Ann:  In bed and as often as I can!

Heather:  What sound or noise do you love?
Cheryl Ann:  My kids laughing together over some kid joke.

Heather:  Who’s your favorite villain?
Cheryl Ann:  Gerard Butler as the Phantom. I didn’t know who he was before Phantom of the Opera, but was hooked at first sight. He’s a babe!

Heather:  Be honest, when reading first person…do you miss the hero’s POV?
Cheryl Ann:  It depends on the writer. Take Janet Evanovich for example. You just know what Morelli and Ranger are thinking about Stephanie by the way she writes them.

Heather:  What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
Cheryl Ann:  Heave a huge sigh of relief!

Heather:  If you could interview one person, who would it be?
Cheryl Ann:  Gene Kelly. I loved watching Gene Kelly movies. I’d ask him if I could dance with him and hopefully he’d say yes. Of course, I’d step on his toes, but who cares! Too bad I never got the chance!

Heather:  If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?
Cheryl Ann:  I really would like to travel to Regency England with pen and paper in hand. I’d take notes about everything and get awesome insider info for my books.

Heather:  What question are you never asked in interviews, but wish you were?
Cheryl Ann:  What’s your sign?

Heather:  Well, we certain don't want the Get Lost Crew to let you down, so…what’s your sign?
Cheryl Ann:  Libra!

Heather:  What do you do to relax and unwind?
Cheryl Ann:  Yell at my kids. Kidding! I like to read or stare at mindless TV. And of course, vacations. Gotta love vacations!

Heather:  What is something not a lot of people know about you but you wish more people COULD know?
Cheryl Ann:  That I’m a softy. I cry like a baby over sad movies. And don’t get me started on the wonderful cards my kids write for me at Mother’s Day!

Heather:  Do you read the reviews of your books? If so, do you pay attention to them or let them influence your writing?
Cheryl Ann:  So far the reviews have been great! But I’m sure that won’t always be the case. All I can do is write the best book I can and let the readers decide if I’m doing well. It’s all about them.

Heather:  What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?     
Cheryl Ann:  Wow, where to start? Experiencing “the call”, seeing my name on a cover, getting interviewed for my local paper, revisions, galleys, setting up a book signing; there are so many things. And knowing that I’ll actually have a book in bookstores that people can read is best of all!

Heather:  What’s in your refrigerator right now?
Cheryl Ann:  Milk, cheese, eggs, fruit, expired yogurt, lunch meat, condiments, crescent rolls, juice. Lots of stuff.

Heather:  Is Elvis really dead?
Cheryl Ann:  I’d have to say yes. Otherwise zealous Elvis fans would have flushed him out by now.

Heather:  What is your favorite thing about you?
Cheryl Ann:  My sense of humor. I love to laugh and can find humor in almost anything, including myself. I tell my kids that they don’t have to find me funny, I find myself funny and that’s all that matters!

Heather’s GOTTA ASK – Cheryl Ann’s GOTTA ANSWER  J

Heather:  So, I noticed on your website that you are hoping to make your first visit to England in the near future. Tell us about your dream trip! What is it you want to see most?

Cheryl Ann:  My dream trip (where money is no object!) would be to spend a month there, staying in castles, visiting historical sites, museums, wandering the countryside, and maybe hopping over the border to get in a bit of Scotland in too. Then I’d swing by Australia and Tahiti on the way back, just for fun! I guess I’d better buy some lottery tickets!


Cheryl Ann:  What setting and time period do you think is under represented in historical romance fiction and why?


Cheryl Ann:  Yes, I will be giving away two copies of “The School for Brides” to random commenters.

Thanks so much for being with us today, Cheryl Ann!  Where can your fans learn more about you on the web?

Facebook-Cheryl Ann Smith       

**Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North American addresses only. If an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.

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  1. Ooh, I love vengeful dukes.

    As far as an under represented time period, I'd love to read something set in revolutionary America. If I could write historicals, I'd do it myself, but I'm just not wired that way.

  2. Welcome to GLIAS Cheryl Ann!

    And I have to agree with Eliza, the Revolutionary War and Cival War have been sparse in the past several years. I'd love a great historical spy love story. I won't hold my breath though since publishers don't seem to be interested. Maybe we need a great movie to spur the genre back to life.


  3. Good morning! I'm excited to be here!

    My duke is certainly vengeful. He's used to getting his way and Eva is not about to cower in a corner.

    I also love historical war stories! The danger and action adds a dramatic backdrop to a love story! Too bad there aren't many out there!

  4. This looks like a very interesting book! I love the premise.

  5. Hi Cheryl Ann! I'm so thrilled that you're visiting us during your very exciting (and super busy) debut week! I hope it's been awesome, my friend :)

    Call me dull, but I'm pretty happy reading in the Georgian/Regency/Victorian period. What I'd love to see more of is variety of story--lush exotic settings, maybe deeper (but not necessarily darker) stories with secondary mystery or adventure plots. But I'm all about the characterization. I love to see well developed, interesting characters.

    Congratulations, once again, on your release!

  6. Welcome, Cheryl Ann!

    I think just about everyone we interview likes to read in bed. It's my favorite place to read too. I think it must be a universal thing amongst readers :)

  7. It has been a great week, and my first book signing is tomorrow! I'm nervous, but it should be fun!

    I love to read all sorts of books, too. I think reading in bed is the best. Pillows, covers, a cooshy mattress, all make for good reading.

  8. HI Cheryl,

    THE SCHOOL FOR BRIDES definitely sounds intriguing. I think any century/location before 19th century England is under represented.

    And how exciting, your first signing! Have fun!

  9. Anytime before the 19th centruy is not represented as much. But I have to admit that I love the Regency time.

    Your book sounds great! I love arrogent heros, especially if the heroine straightens them out! LOL Best of luck with your books.

    My favorite place to read is also my bed, so comfortable and less distractions/distrubances.

  10. Hi, Cheryl, this sounds like a fabulous read. Your protagonist sounds like a heroine women's right advocate; would you agree? Great answers all around.

    I love historicals of every era and every region. I'm always saddened when someone says you can't write Egypt, or Japan, etc. etc. it has to be Regency England. There are so many great historical minds out there, and welcome them all.

    Just curious, have you ever read Taylor Caldwell. She's been dead many years now but she wrote a novel years ago who's storyline reminds me of yours, except her setting was ancient Greece. Thanks for being here!

  11. I would love to see more Edwardian stories. Don't get me wrong, I love reading about Regency stories but I think it's nice to switch it up every once in a while and I've found I really like that period.

    I can't wait to read this book. I've had it on my wishlist for awhile now and I can't wait to get my copy. I love the premise of your book. Plus, that cover is so pretty.


  12. Hi, Cheryl! Your new book sounds fabulous!
    And I don't know.... I think all the times and settings are all pretty much covered! Or maybe I just say that because it's the characters that usually take me away, instead of the time/setting :-)

  13. Congrats on your debut release, Cheryl. I wish there were more medievals. I especially love books set during the Norman invasion.

  14. Thanks for putting me on wish lists! That is very nice!

    I haven't read Taylor Caldwell. Was that her only book?

    A couple of reviews said the hero was basically a stinker. Yes, that's what he's supposed to be! He is very rigid and thinks everything should be his way. His evolution was one of my favorite parts of the book. He's still an arrogant duke, but Eva, he learns to see things with a broader scope.

    I'm re-reading The Wolf and the Dove (Kathleen Woodiwiss). That's a medieval. It's interesting to see how novels have changed since 1974 (?)when she wrote the book. She put in so much detail that you feel like you're actually there.

  15. Your book sounds great and your cover is gorgeous! I so much prefer these types of covers to the passionate embrace ones.
    As far as what era is underrepresented... I don't really care for the Georgian era, so I don't think that counts. You don't see too much WWII now a days. I've enjoyed several stories set back then.

  16. Cheryl -
    Your book sounds wonderful and I'm definately going to check out your website! Terrific interview with Heather. Your going to love Scotland when you visit (and the food is much better than in England - especially in the pubs).

    Scotland is a fascinating country and the people are really helpful and friendly. My husband and I had a wonderful vacation there. He is a stone mason and got a kick out of watching the tradesman working on Edinburgh Castle - carrying one block at a time! He said they would never make it as tradesmen in the USA (his help carries about 4 at a time - wonder if the pay scale is the same).

    I can't wait to read your book and I love the cover!

  17. I'd would love to spend time in Scotland also. Rent a car and cruise all over the countryside.

    I had my first signing yesterday and Borders had a wall of my books behind me. It was so cool to see the books displayed like that! And the people were so nice!

  18. Margay and June M, you are the winners! Please send your info to GetLostInAStory@gmail.com

  19. Nice interview, looking forward to reading School for Brides! My favorite under-represented era is WWII. Ken Follet does amazing WWI-era suspence novels with strong heroines and a heavy dose of romance, but the romance genre seems to sidestep this fabulous part of history.