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A lady must always guard her heart… when tempting a rogue.

In the glittering ballroom of London’s most exclusive gentleman’s club no one is more powerful than its mysterious proprietress, Vienne La Rieux. A shrewd businesswoman, Vienne treasures her hard-won independence and has her eye on a prize that could make her England’s richest woman . . . until the only threat to her heart arrives, sending her controlled world into chaos.

Lord Trystan Kane is as familiar with success as he is with the exquisite Vienne. She’s the lover he’s never forgotten, and so, when an opportunity arises that would make them partners once again, he takes it. But Trystan has underestimated the enduring power of the chemistry that originally sparked their passion. And with an enemy watching from the shadows, any attempt to mix business with pleasure could have disastrous consequences.

Today, I am thrilled to welcome my friend and fellow historical romance author, Kathryn Smith, to the blog. We met by chance last year at a conference (I think I did a good job of avoiding a total Fan Girl freak-out. Not sure. She may have seen through me) and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know more about the multi-talented woman behind her award-winning historical and paranormal novels, and now—coming soon—Steampunk!

USA Today bestselling author Kathryn Smith wrote her first novel (372 pages about a rock band that sounded suspiciously like Duran Duran) at the age of 12. Having discovered Kathleen E. Woodiwiss at age 10, she fell in love with the genre and became a romance writer that very same day. Since her debut novel, Elusive Passion (Avon, 2001) she has published more than 20 novels. Currently, she lives in Connecticut with her husband Steve and their 5 furry kids. Kathryn also writes as Kady Cross, and her Steampunk Young Adult book, The Girl in the Steel Corset will be released May 31st from Harlequin Teen.

So, let’s get to the Get Lost Interview!!!

Heather: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Kathryn: This is a hard one! Hmmm. The first one that comes to mind is Forrest Gump. And also, Persuasion from the 1990s. That’s one of the best Austen adaptations ever. I’m a sucker for a good reunion story. But Forrest Gump is just such a wonderful movie that combines humor and sadness – a wonderful film.

Heather: What’s your favorite kind of story to get lost in?

Kathryn: As I said above, I’m a sucker for a reunion story – especially in romance. I’m not sure why it appeals to me so very much, but I love the idea of that second chance. Plus, all that history makes for a lot of tension. You can also have the characters do things they can’t do when they haven’t known each other for long. I think I like having all the pain and dashed hopes to build on as a writer. As a reader I love watching characters get to know each other again and recapture those old feelings.

Heather: Who’s your favorite villain?

Kathryn: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. She is just so bad – trying to kill a baby! She also has this great Joan Crawford look about her. And you have to love a woman who can literally turn into a dragon!

Heather: If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up?

Kathryn: I would be a makeup artist. I love makeup. I’m obsessed with it.

Heather: What question are you never asked in interviews, but wish you were?

Kathryn: How did you get to be so fabulously good-looking? LOL. Actually, I’d like to be asked how much support I get from my husband and family. A lot of people have asked where my ideas come from, or if I make good money, but I don’t think anyone’s ever asked how big a part my husband and family have played in my career. I mean, I wouldn’t be a writer if not for my mother, and I wouldn’t be published if my husband hadn’t pushed me to go for it.

Heather: What do you do to unwind and relax?

Kathryn: What is this ‘relaxing’ you speak of? LOL. I like to read, of course, watch movies. One of my favorites ways to unwind is to make jewelry or makeup. I have the supplies for both in my workshop in the basement.

Heather: What does it mean to love someone?

Kathryn: It means putting the wants, needs and welfare of that person above your own. It also means accepting that person, and all their flaws. I would do just about anything for someone I truly loved, like family or my husband – even my cats! J I have a couple of friends I would go the distance for, but hubby, my sisters, their children, spouses and my great-niece take priority.

Heather: What would you say is your most interesting quirk?

Kathryn: I can read tea leaves. It’s a family thing – both my mother and grandmother (and so on) could do it. I don’t do it very often because I’ve had a couple of people get ‘weird’ with me afterward. I don’t claim to be a fortune teller, however. I think we all have a certain degree of control over our lives, and a bunch of leaves at the bottom of a cup isn’t something to base your life on!

Heather: Have you ever written a character who wasn’t meant to be a hero/heroine but he/she wouldn’t go away?

Kathryn: Yes. Jack Dandy in The Girl in the Steel Corset. He nearly overshadowed the true hero of the book. I had to deny my love of Jack during the writing of that book so he wouldn’t take over. However, I think he’s going to have his own story one day. He has to.

Heather: Dog person or cat person?

Kathryn: Cats! I love dogs, but they’re too high maintenance for me. Cats will cuddle, but will also leave you alone, and you don’t have to stop writing to take a cat outside to do its business. J

Heather: What would you do if you had a time machine?

Kathryn: I’d go back to the 19th century and hang out with Oscar Wilde – if he’d let me.

Heather’s GOTTA ASK – Kathryn’s GOTTA ANSWER J

Heather: So, I’ve read in interviews that as a hobby, you make mineral based make-up. Do you practice as an artist as well, and if so, who would be your dream client?

Kathryn: I make non-mineral makeup as well. I have a lipstick mold. Honestly. And I have a recipe for mascara, which I’ve made. I do like to put makeup on other people, and I like to think I’m fairly good at it, though I would like more practice. My dream client would be someone I could really experiment on – maybe Katy Perry.


Kathryn: Since When Tempting a Rogue is a reunion story, I’d love to know what readers consider to be their favorite plots and why? Do they like marriage of convenience, mistaken identity, amnesia?


Kathryn: Yes. One random poster will get a signed copy of When Tempting a Rogue.

Thanks so much for being with us today, Kathryn! Where can your fans learn more about you on the web?

www.kathryn-smith.com (needs to be updated!)

Kathryn Smith on FB

@kathryn_smith on Twitter.

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  1. Mistaken identity is my choice.I loved the interview.I am so interested in your books and your makeup.It sounds awesome.Do you think you may put this interest in one of your books?


  2. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE Kathryn's books. Her stories are so good. I can't wait to read her steampunk story. As for When Tempting a Rogue, I can't wait to get my copy. I have been waiting for almost a year now to see what happens with Vienne and Trystan. I especially love that it's a second chance at love story. I love those kinds of stories. I pretty much like any story that they characters have some sort of past relationship whether they be old loves, friends, or even enemies. To me, I enjoy the sparks we see between the characters and I like reading about their shared past.


  3. The 1st thing that caught my attention are the names of the heroine & hero. Most lovely & romantic!

  4. Welcome Kathryn! Great interview. It's funny that you make makeup, because when I saw your author photo I thought, "That woman can rock red lipstick", lol. A skill I definitely do not have!

    This book looks wonderful, and I can't wait for the Girl in the Steel Corset!

  5. Welcome to GLIAS, Kathryn.

    And here's another read for my TBR pile. The stack continues to grow and grow. >>grin<<

    My favorite plotline? Anything written well. I think a reunion story is much easier to logically believe the sudden love story...since the hero & heroine know each other better. But new attraction is always great to read.


  6. Hi Kathryn,

    I love any situation where there is lots of tension and plenty of making-up to do!

  7. Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by. I'm on deadline and time got away! dlynnpen, I had a lot of makeup references in Before I Wake, which annoyed a few readers! lol.

    Danielle, thanks so much. That's the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time! Hugs.

    Simone, lol! I do like my red lips. :-)

  8. My favorite would probably be marriage of convenience. I love when they get caught in a compromising position and have to wed, they usually have a lot of humor in these stories and the characters fight against falling in love or admitting their feelings. Second chance at love/reunion stories would definately be a close second though!

    Best of luck with the release and thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Hi Kathryn! Seems like I'm always late to the party...happens when you have a 3 y/o monopolizing your time, I guess :)

    Thanks for coming by today. It was great fun getting to know you better.

    I tend to like both reunion and marriage of convenience stories...not sure what that says about me :)

  10. I'll be your makeup guinea pig any day. Especially if you buy me a drink.

  11. i admit i'm a bit of a sucker for beauty & beast stories but you book definately sounds interesting to me :)

  12. Kristen, I will buy you TWO!

    Heather, I think we like MoC and Reunion stories because they provide the most tension between characters.

  13. Oh, and I forgot -- I'll swing by tomorrow to pick a winner!

  14. My favorite is enemies to lovers. I love it when sparks fly between the hero and heroine.

  15. I love Beauty and the Beast themes, because it's always been my favorite fairy tale :-)

  16. I like marriage of convenience stories. It's fun to watch two people fall in love while finding a way to live together.

  17. Hi! I love the type of stories when 2 people who didn't like each other initially falls in love... Kind of the Pride and Prejudice plots, I guess...

  18. ChelseaB You are our winner! Please send your name/address to GetLostInAStory@gmail.com