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Today I'm excited to be hosting my good friend, Barrie Summy, who's fourth book, I SO DON'T DO FAMOUS, the final book in her Sherry Holmes Baldwin mysteries series releases today.

In true free-spirit form, Barrie decided to only answer one of the many questions I asked her. (A true woman of mystery.) But at least it was the "Gotta Answer!" question. :) And she did an uber-fabulous job of answering, too.

Please welcome, Barrie Summy:

Barrie Summy grew up in Canada on a steady diet of books and tobogganing. She worked as a lifeguard, a cashier and a speech therapist before figuring out she really did want to be a writer. Now, she lives in San Diego with her husband, their four children, a poodle named Dorothy, two veiled chameleons and an incubator full of chameleon eggs.


MAUREEN:  Sherry is such a fabulous amateur sleuth. Did you always plan to write mysteries for kids? What was your inspiration for this series?


Well, it all goes back to my childhood! Seriously.

I grew up in a very nice family consisting of a mother, a father and three daughters.

However, it must be said that my very nice parents had some very odd rules. One of the oddest rules was the meat-&-potates-and-dessert-book rule. It went like this: You could read as many meat-&-potatoes books in a row as you wanted, but to read a dessert book, you had to first read at least one meat-&-potatoes book. Oh dear. The first daughter (that was me) was hugely addicted to Nancy Drew mysteries. And Nancy Drew mysteries were dessert books, which meant I never got to read two Nancy Drews in a row. I vowed to one of my sisters that I would grow up and write a Nancy Drew mystery, probably two. In a row.

Many, many, many years later, I wrote NANCY DREW AND THE MYSTERY AT THE WILD ANIMAL PARK. Luckily, this book was rejected. I re-wrote it as I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES with a brand-new detective: 13 year old Sherry (short for Sherlock) Holmes Baldwin who wants more mall time, less homework and a certain eighth-grade boy.

Sherry's fourth mystery, I SO DON'T DO FAMOUS, comes out on May 10! This book was uberfun to write because I went to Hollywood THREE TIMES for research. And I used a bunch of real places in the book. And I used a bunch of real names of friends, my kids' friends, my nephews and nieces.

In I SO DON'T DO FAMOUS, Sherry wins a trip to Hollywood with her BFF Junie, and her dad. While there, Sherry gets involved in a new case. And she ends up going undercover to find out who's breaking into celebrity homes.

Here I am, working uberhard in Hollywood, matching my handprint against Marilyn Monroe's.

Sherry, her dad and Junie stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt. In real life, this hotel owns a mirror that is visited by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe!

Sherry and Junie hang out at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Sherry and her dad lunch at the famous Pink's Hot Dogs.

Sherry and Junie check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

MAUREEN:  Wow! That was some answer, and some inspiration for the series. No wonder they are so fabulous. :)


I got a Kindle for Mother's Day! And I'd love to download a slew of books. What do you recommend?


Barrie will give away two prizes, one each for each of two lucky commenters: a signed hardback of I SO DON'T DO FAMOUS and I SO DON'T DO FAMOUS t-shirt. **

** Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.


my blog/website: www.barriesummy.com
the book trailer on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak_PealXuCo
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Barrie.Cox.Summy


  1. Some days I feel as if all my work is motivated by steak and sundaes. :)

    Great post, Barrie. You would have made a fabulous Carol Keene, but the world is so much richer that we got Sherry Baldwin instead.

    My niece and her friends LOVE your books.

  2. Love all the photos to illustrate your post, Barrie. You are so adorable! My nieces also love your books.

  3. Adorable! Love how wise your parents were and how truly committed you are to your craft. Okay, gotta ask this question. Was your hand bigger than Marilyn Monroe's, smaller, or about the same. Great blog. Thanks for joining us here on Get Lost in a Story!

  4. My niece is always looking for new books––I will definitely recommend the I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES! (If she doesn't already read them!)

  5. Wow, Barrie! What a fun post. I'm definitely going to have to plan some fun *research* trips in the future :)

    I, too, got a Kindle for Mother's Day...so very excited. Haven't loaded any books on it right now but mine. Fun for editing. But as soon as I get these revisions turned it, I'm going to the Kindle store.

    Thanks for coming by GLIAS today and for introducing us to your great books. I will be recommending them to my 12 and 13 old nieces!

  6. Welcome, Barrie! I've never been to Hollywood, but have always wanted to go. Research is the perfect excuse!

  7. Hey Barrie and welcome to GLIAS. I'm hooked. Great interview and I'm passing the story recommendation on to my graddaughter !


  8. Donnell: My hand was about the same size as Marilyn's. ;) (I wondered if someone would ask!)

  9. Hi, Barrie! This sounds like such a fun story. Love the pictures of your research. :)

  10. There are so many books to recommend. I discovered Margaret Mallory, Erin Quinn and Kieran Kramer last year and fell in love with each one of them. Old favorites are Linda Howard, Julie Garwood and Catherine Coulter. More recently I bought "A History of Witches" by Deborah Harkness and the Guernsey County Literary and Potato Peel Society book - I forgot the authors name. Sorry!