The Sweetest Guy Award Goes To ...

Hey everybody... Since we didn't have an author for today, I'm taking a moment to post a few additional pictures from NYC last week, but also to let the world know exactly what my darlin' husband did this year to make conference memorable.

Last week, I reminded (& shared) that my husband escorted me on stage to accept my Golden Heart award. When I accepted, I shared how he'd always been a part of my writing, and had supported me...telling me in 1997 that I WAS A WRITER and that we'd do whatever it took to make that dream happen.

This year was my first national book signing. For several years, my family was involved in the set-up and volunteering for the actual event. Tim knew just how important it was to me to sign, how special it was to be a part of the 500 authors filling the room. But this year, it wasn't in the cards that he spend the week in NYC with me. So he accepted a job for a week in Pennsylvania.

Quite honestly, I forgot that he was only an hour away (by AMTRACK). We had enough to think about, enough stress in our lives in the past six weeks to last six years. We received some good news on Tuesday afternoon while I was getting dressed for the signing and I could actually breathe again.

I checked in with fellow CREW members Maureen & Cat...hard to believe that just 11 months ago we were finalists together. I actually sold books (YAY), made new friends, had a blast celebrating the moment. There were so many people in line, the organizers asked authors to stay a bit longer. And at 7:15, I looked up to see my husband, camera in hand, taking a video of my reaction.

I was surprised, amazed, and touched beyond words that he'd taken off early, caught a train, and had arrived in the nick of time to experience the signing with me. When my friends told him how sweet he was, his response...

"I've waited as long as she has for tonight. I wasn't going to miss it."

Yes, ladies and gents, I'm very proud to have a supportive husband. One who (at least one day a year-lol) makes me feel very very special.

Thanks AMY ATWELL, the best roommate ever! She packed a bag and found ELIZABETH KELLY who offered to share her room overnight. Tim and I attended the Bookseller's Best Awards where I was up for two but didn't win. Then we had dinner in Times Square, a lovely walk, and he returned to Philly the next morning. Without you two ladies, he'd planned on catching the 11:30 return train. SO A SPECIAL SPECIAL thanks to you both.

Over all, it was an awesome conference. Catch the story of 'how my shoes made a two-book sale' in a blog sometime soon. Lots and lots of pictures on my facebook page.

And for today's question/comments: share a sweet moment, tell us about something someone did for you to make you feel special.

I'd love to give away a book--either a copy of .38 Caliber Cover-Up or another one I have sitting around.

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  1. Aw what a sweet and lovely gorgeous man! Lucky you. Something sweet my hubby did was when I went away for the weekend, paint one whole wall of my study hot pink. Now this may not seem like much but I LOVE pink, girly stuff and with all blokes in the house (hubby and three sons) there's not much pink around. The study is my space, so he made it extra special. Unfortunately we had to move from that house earlier this year for work reasons :( HUGE congrats on your GH!

  2. What a lovely post. Little gestures never fail to move me. My roommates really took care of me when I was sick. They made sure I ate and checked up on me during the night.

  3. What a sweet guy! You're one lucky lady.

    My husband once secretly planned a trip to Venice for us both. I was working with autistic kids at the time, and he contacted all the parents and arranged for them to have someone else come in so I could be away for 5 days, and the night before the trip he told me to pack my bags for Italy. I had always wanted to go - I have Italian ancestors - and we never really got to go on a honeymoon, so it was perfect. And such an amazing, unexpected thing for him to do.

  4. When I was in college my boyfriend (now husband) would get up early and draw pictures and messages for me on the sidewalk. I would see them whenever I walked to class. No one ever knew they were for me. They would last until it rained but they always made me feel special.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  5. ARGH... Blogger ate my comment. That hasn't happened to me in years.

    Great post Angi. I'm so glad you got that photo of me signing (even though I was a little teary after hearing your great news.)

    The sweetest thing anyone did for me was throw a surprise book release party. My brother and sister in law did it and it was a total surprise. Best part, my sister and 12 yo niece drove in all the way from Ottawa.

  6. Great post! I think the sweetest thing that is done for me every year is my sister's throw a party on my birthday!

  7. Traveling today but just had to post how special your stories are. Love the hot pink room, the sidewalk messages, the trip to Italy and the great roommates.


  8. Ah, Angi, you have a *keeper* husband! I love that he'd waited as long as you have. I think a special time for me is when my kids showed up at 2010 Rita and Golden Heart Ceremony. Audra (26) spent all day flying from Seattle, Dave from Fort Worth to help me celebrate this special time. They, of course, went to Disney World the next day .

  9. Virginia and Donnell -- those are very special memories. I'm really glad you have them.

    (still traveling again)

  10. Maureanthat is so cool. Funny, Blogger ate your comment and didn't show it to me until now.


  11. Oh, Angi. How sweet. *sniff* I love what he said about waiting for it, too.