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Veronica and the Vampire

A lighthearted girly indie
by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
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Veronica Davis is a woman with a desperate need.
If she doesn't bring a date to her big sister's wedding, the L for loser that's imprinted on her forehead will become permanent, as far as her family is concerned. And heck, she's started to believe it, herself.
Why else would a girl end up at a Los Angeles escort agency with the strange acronym V.A.M.P. Inc? Where you pick your date from a row of coffins in the agency's basement. Guys who can't meet you at lunch time, due to the fact that they sleep until sundown.
You know . . . . vampires.
And when she meets the unearthly handsome Christian Dale, the agency's odd acronym begins to take on a whole new meaning. Tackling her sister's wedding actually starts to seem like a piece of cake . . .

Night Born

A dark paranormal Nocturne Bite from Harlequin.
Available Now!

Love and hate, vampire and slayer—opposites too closely connected for their own good?
After her mother is nearly killed, slayer-in-waiting Danika Douglas vows to destroy the vampire she believes is responsible—Alexander Kent. An experienced vampire older than sin itself, Alexander possesses dark good looks and a strong sensual allure.
Danika knows a slayer and her target are chained together by fate, compelled to find each other. Yet she never expected them to share such a powerful attraction, leaving Danika torn between revenge and desire…

Love at first or second bite.

Read what the author has to say about her two new releases.

Hi everybody! Good day!

I’m Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, and wanted to leave a note today for fans of the paranormal (or not) who like to mix things up.

Dark and light. If you know me, you might have realized by now that I’ve been on a roll writing dark paranormals. Vampires and Werewolves, mostly for HQ’s nifty Nocturne imprint. Yum. I do so love the dark side, where full moons shine, shadows stretch, and not everyone on the planet has to be exactly like you and me. Writing dark is like eating dark chocolate, and sheer bliss for the senses. I just can’t get enough of that world.

But every once in a while I just have to have a carrot. I have to laugh at that full moon, and let the humor of those same situations rip. Strange premises appear that need to be explored in a different and lighthearted way. I hear these things coming to the forefront of my mind, and sometimes just have to follow where they lead. You know. Sparky inspiration that goes astray?

Honestly, I have one Muse and no split personality to speak of. I just prefer to see both sides of the paranormal coin. I love to get lost in shivers of delight. And I love to laugh.

Some folks who read my books and send me notes feel the same. Therefore, I decided amidst the dark yummy stuff I’m doing, to have two projects released and currently out there. “Night Born,” for those readers who, like me, often gravitate to the dark side of paranormal….
And “Veronica and the Vampire,” an ultra-light, very girly story in the vein (*snort*) of my 2009 novel Barbie and the Beast. I’ve launched Veronica into orbit at just 99 cents to fulfill some of my readers’ (and my own) kitchy fantasies.

Something for everyone!

Both of these stories are dear to me. “Night Born” was a great inspiration and wrote itself. One of those. I’d love to enlarge this Night Born sometime, if HQ would let me, because the art gallery idea of finding a vampire’s face in paintings from the Renaissance through the Impressionsists, and then seeing that vampire in the doorway, watching my female character was chilling and uber-sensual at the same time. Love that.

And little Veronica Davis, who needs a date so badly that she will rent one from an unusual Los Angeles agency in “Veronica and the Vampire,” captured my heart because haven’t we all been in situations where we’re the one on parade for our families, whether you hear that darned tick of the biological clock, or not? And when you just had to show up somewhere with a date, no matter what?

Well… I hope you’ll come along for this wild ride with me, down a long highway that splits down the middle. Full moons and sexy, charismatic male others who may or may not have fangs, on one side of that road . . . And pink satin stilettos tiptoeing through the shadows toward hunky, sexy male others on the other side.

Welcome to my world! Where sanity is highly overrated, and Muses sing like angels. I am so-o-o happy to be a writer and getting published. I am overjoyed to have Nocturne at my back, and grateful for every story that comes.

I hope you will check these two out, and let me know what you think about parallel worlds living in minds simultaneously. Whether you like to read dark and light.

Thanks for having me today, and I’m here listening.



Jillian's gotta ask, Linda's gotta answer question.

In the world of paranormal dating/escort services, please tell us your future plans! Might there be a full moon agency manned by werewolves or perhaps an online...?

Linda: HA! Great question! The fact is that Veronica and the Vampire is the second book in my “not just another dead-end date” series. Barbie and the Beast (2009) was the first. In that book, Barbie went to a singles party in a graveyard, and did a stint on in the Dating Game. Poor Veronica resorted to an escort service. In future books in this goofy series, you can bet on plenty more unusual ways to find an unusual guy, and that I’ll find them all!

And Linda's got a question for her fans:
If you were looking for an um… unusual “guy” … where would you start? Under a full moon? Near a crypt? In a foreign country?

I’d love to hear what you’d have in mind! I will give a free download of “Veronica and the Vampire” to one lucky commenter who can accept an ebook from Amazon.

Visit Linda at http://www.lindathomas-sundstrom.com/

***Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. If an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.


  1. Linda,

    So glad to have you back with us here at Get Lost in a Story!

    My latest thoughts on finding an unusual "guy" is on Facebook! I'm pretty convinced shapeshifters are into social networking. ;)

  2. Hi Linda and welcome to GLIAS.

    Simple answer: Scotland. I want a Scot descended from the Fae.


  3. Hey, Linda! Very specifically, there's a crypt under a London church that's been converted into a cafe--I'd like to have tea there and meet an "unusual" guy.

  4. Hi Linda! Cannot wait to add these books to my wish list. I love vampires!
    I would look in a foriegn country first. Who doesn't love a man with an accent.

  5. Linda, I love the whimsy of your stories.

    I've been hanging down at the beach on moonless nights looking for a merman - but so far nothing.

  6. HAaaaaa. Love all those ideas so far on finding an "unusual" guy.

    But warning! I'm pretty sure Facebook photos are faked, so if you're looking for a werewolf there, well... good luck with that. I'd ask or before and AFTER photos. You know, one during the day, and one when the full moon is out. I like my Weres dark and fluffy!

    Thanks for stopping by today. YAY !!!


  7. Chris ---- really??? A crypt cafe? I say we go there and check it out. Like - right away! You game?
    What a novel idea (*snort*).

    Thanks for the comment... it has my mind working overtime.


  8. Dear Angi. All I can say about your post is: "ME, TOO !!!"


  9. Hello to Joy - WAVING !! who is trying to get a post up and emailing me about it. I hope your comment makes it, Joy!


  10. Third try (reset my Goggle acct.)

    Wasn't into paranormal until just recently. How about meeting a fellow on a dark and snowy night. His car is stuck on icy pavement in a parking lot, as you pass by. You notice there's no interior light in the vehicle when you reach out and open the side door, but something unexplanable says you must. Joy

  11. Hi, Linda. What an interesting question. I think I'd go to the Marvel Comic universe for Wolverine. ;)

  12. Linda, I love a little eerie, dark, tossed in with whimsy. Your blurb is captivating! Wow, talk about a "bad boy" date. Gosh, if I were going to pick up such a man, I'd probably do it out in a long walk, surrounded by the trees near my home, quite a forested area, where all kinds of creatures can stir. Even in the daytime I imagine things happening. Night tells a completely different story. Thanks for being here today!

  13. Linda and Chris -- I've been to the crypt/cafe and I gotta say there were some really ... interesting customers there. A lot of fun. If you two head back, I'm game to tag along!

    I'd also love to spend some time on the isles of Orkney and Shetland, maybe find that merman Margaret's looking for ... or a selkie perhaps.

    Pam S.

  14. Hi everyone! I just heard from Linda and she asked me to let you all know that because of the power outage in Southern California yesterday, she is still without internet! She will get back to everyone as soon as she gets back on the grid.