Mr. Detective: Why are you so sexy, sexy and full of awesome sauce? Are you the hottest hero of all?

#1 Phillip Marlow, Private Eye
If you're a fan of Hollywood Noir films, this one is a classic! It has all the elements of a great romantic suspense novel plus Bogie and Bacall, the Brad and Angelina of their day!

We call him sleuth, detective, investigator, private eye, snoop, gumshoe, dick, P.I. and he just might be our favorite hero!

What is it about these men? Certainly they are wicked smart, and who doesn't find a brilliant mind sexy? They are also Dudley do-righters. Dashing heroes who are maybe a bit...untamed? Men with a dark past, who are softies at heart??? Hmm, there are so many reasons we love them, perhaps we should share our thoughts,

Hi everyone, I'm Jillian Stone and I am co-hosting today with Romantic Suspense writer, Donnell Ann Bell. Donnell's debut novel, THE PAST CAME HUNTING will be available to order through Bell Bridge Books website and her hero Lt. Joe Crandall is the inspiration for today's blog contest. We're wrapping up an exciting week of promotion for Donnell with a lighthearted celebration of famous detectives (novels, film, TV) and I must warn you–reader feedback is required!

All right ladies, besides Lieutenant Joe Crandall, hero of The Past Came Hunting, who is the secret sleuth of your heart? Could it be...?

#2 Rick Deckard, Blade Runner.

The quintessential loner cop from the future, and a favorite book. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick.

Do you go for the independent type, the wisecracking private eye, or the amateur sleuth? Perhaps the brainy scientific type has more appeal, like a forensics investigator or criminologist consultant? Then there is tried and true police detective like, Lt. Joe Crandall!

So here's our wrap-up contest question of the week: Could detectives be the most desirable heroes of all?

Yes, we want to hear from you, our Get Lost in a Story readers! To help you out, we have included film clips, and graphic reminders of some of the most popular sleuths from novels, film, cable and network television. Which one of these fine specimens of deductive reasoning and physical prowess to do you prefer? We've selected seven detectives, chosen from different 'detective subgenres' representing past, present and future. Please take a read through and vote your favorite sleuth!

#3 David Addison the fast-talking, fun-loving private eye from Moonlighting. Who out there old enough to watch this mid-eighties TV show did not appreciate the comedy and the sexual tension between Maddy and David?

#4 Mike Logan, the short-fused Sergeant Detective of Law & Order. Arguably better known as his alter ego, Mr. Big of Sex and the City, Chris Noth played the kind of detective you want to take home, but not necessarily to meet mom and dad!

#5 Captain John Brook. And look whose back again? Harrison Ford in the role of the tough Philadelphia cop in Witness.

A quiet, powerful thriller with steamy elements, involving a pretty Amish widow and her son who inadvertently witnesses a murder.

#6 Thomas Magnum, Private Investigator.

It was between Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. and Hawaii Five-O. But the 70's TV show with Jack Lord, is complicated by a new 2011 Hawaii Five-O with an all new cast we don't know.

So we thought it was about time for a hot torso shot!

No self-respecting sleuthing contest would be complete without a Holmesian homage.

#7 Sherlock Holmes, Master Sleuth

Ah, but which Mr. Holmes is your favorite? Basil Rathbone? Christopher Plummer? Or the blockbuster action movie Sherlock portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr.? And have you seen the modern day Holmes of Masterpiece Theater? The new Sherlock is written by the Dr. Who writing team of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, and played by an actor with the Harry Potterish name of Benedict Cumberbatch! Perhaps the best Holmes of all will always be the original Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and pictured in the mind's eye!

If, by chance, we have failed to include your one true favorite gumshoe of all time, do not despair!

Alas, we could not feature all the handsome and heroic detectives in this blog–there are so many good ones! So please do share your main man sleuth with us, whether he be Inspector Clouseau or Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme.

This is a write-in contest! Do not hesitate to put a word in for the brainy, brawny crime solver of your heart.

Any and all comments posted today have a chance to win a DVD of SHERLOCK HOLMES and a signed copy of THE PAST CAME HUNTING. Winning commenter will be picked at random out of a deerstalker hat. Or perhaps a bowler. Or possibly a snap-brim fedora…


  1. Jeremy Brett is my favorite Holmes, although I do have a soft spot for Robert Downey, Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch. The series with Jeremy Brett is one of my favorites.

  2. Even though I greatly admire The Past Came Hunting's Lieutenant Joe Crandall, I must say that I have a thing for Benedict Cumberbatch! Lol!

    Congratulations on your debut release, Donnell!

  3. Good morning, Jillian, thanks for this wonderful blog! Yes, I see your point about Benedict's cumberpatch. You have some fabulous eye candy on this blog. Robert Downey Jr. is a favorite of mine, and who can resist a young Harrison Ford? I used to dream about Tom Selleck when I was pregnant with my son LOL...Probably because I was hooked on Magnum P.I.

    I wish I could put Joe Crandall up there, but he seems to be a figment of my imagination ;)

  4. Great post! I loved Moonlighting. And that picture of Tom Selleck is awesome! Is he actually talking into that phone??

    I love, love Sherlock Holmes. The original written one is best - though I do love Robert Downey's version. I'm going to have to check out this Cumberbatch version.

  5. Holmes without a doubt, but Philip Marlowe comes a close second. As for write-ins, how about Elvis Cole and Joe Pike?

  6. I get a kick out of the little Belgian Poirot of Agatha Christie fame. :) Not a hunk, but clever.

  7. Oh! Tough choice between Magnum P.I. and Sherlock Homes, Robert Downey Jr.-style.

    Nope, nope. I have to go with #7, Sherlock Holmes. He is the man. Dying for the sequel to come out!

    Awesome post, Jillian and it celebrates Donnell's book release so well.

    Don't make me choose. Okay, I can't. Just give me a gumshoe and I'm great. Funny, serious, futuristic, historic, on-the-run or in hiding... I absolutely love 'em all.


  9. Sandra,

    Ah, mes oui, Monsieur Poirot! Those French detectives are clever! They can also be very funny, like my favorite French sleuth, Inspector Clouseau! Lol!

  10. Simone,

    I do believe you'll like Cumberbatch! I have this great quote from him on my website: "I'm not a psychopath, Anderson, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research." Sherlock Holmes

  11. Love that quote, Jillian. There IS a difference! Oh. Peter Sellers! I know Steve Martin did Jacques Clouseau, but I LOVED Peter Seller's version. Great detective :)

    Barbara, of course! Elvis Cole and Joe Pike!

  12. I love this topic. And I have to say the choice was surprisingly easy for me. I love super sexy, super smart heroes. So my choice is Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme. It's so fascinating to watch him figure out a mystery from a set of such ordinary clues.

  13. Oh, wow, Lena, yes. He was awesome in that movie. Also, what about Deja vu where he played Special Agent Doug Carlin.

    Jillian, how come we don't have any pictures of Denzel Washington LOL :)

  14. DAVID ADDISON!!!! Bruce Willis was my first Hollywood Husband and still is! I married him before Demi, he just didn't know it. But our imaginary marriage is still going strong. He's gotten better with age, even sexier bald. And bar none is the sexiest sleuth on the screen. Ha cha friggin' cha!

    Charli Mac

  15. Charli Mac,

    Hahahaahahaaha! Not only did you marry him first, you survived his and Demi's divorce as well!

  16. Lena,

    Love, love Denzel! Lincoln Rhyme has got that smart, handsome, loaded with integrity, kind of appeal!

  17. You mean I have to choose ONE? As a kid I loved anything with James Garner or Jim Hutton (Ellery Queen anyone?). Then it was Remington Steele. Simon and Simon. X-Files. Today it's probably Jethro from NCIS and I miss Grissom on CSI. Novel-wise, I love Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden.

    Congratulations on your release, Donnell! Very exciting times.

    Pam S.

  18. Such tough choices! Harrison Ford...Bruce Willis...Magnum? Oh my. What wonderful choices! I guess I'd have to go with Magnum aka Tom Selleck. I was in love the opening when he lifts his eyebrows and smiles from ear to ear.

  19. I have a soft spot for Phaeton, but since most readers haven't met him yet, I'll choose another.
    I love Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes. He adds a level of vulnerability to the character without losing manliness. I love a man that can whip another man, knowing exactly what he's doing, then turn around and run when time comes (with wit and style of course.) That's a yummy hero, IMO.
    April Dawn

  20. Thank you, Pam S. You have some fantastic recommendations there.

    Anne, I so agree with you on all counts!

  21. April, we're DYING to meet Phaeton. I've read one excerpt and was hooked! Perhaps Jillian would post her lovely cover? :)

  22. Awww April and Donnell you are both so kind to mention bad boy Phaeton!

    I do have both my cover for Mr. Kennedy and Phaeton Black now. So far, I only have permission to show Mr. Kennedy. He is up on Facebook and on my website: http://jillstone.com

    I am waiting to hear when I can share Phaeton Black. I will share as soon as they let me! ;)

  23. Pam,

    Love your detective men! Grissom on CSI and quirky-dark Fox Muldar of X-Files! So many sexy sleuths to choose from!

  24. Hey, nothing kind about it. I love Phaeton! :D Yum
    Can't wait to see the cover. I hope it does him justice.

  25. Love me some Sherlock Holmes! And Robert Downey Jr.... There is just something about him, isn't there? Le sigh.

  26. Okay, my detective may not be visually sexy but he's adorable and sexy smart. Who didn't love Lt 'Frank' Columbo? His depth, smarts and attention to detail hidden under his crumpled, tan, trench coat and bumbling persona.

    Who didn't wait with baited breath for his final: 'Just one more thing . . .

    Donnell Congrats on your release

  27. I love Sherlock and Robert Downey Jr!
    Anything James Bond related is always good. I know he is more spy than detective but who cares!

  28. Oh Margaret! Good one!

    Peter Falk as the gravely voiced, cigar smoking, beater car driving detective. If I remember right, the audience knew who did the crime and the plot tensions converged at Colombo's gottcha moment?!?!

  29. Sherie,

    I'm hoping to do FBI, CIA, MI-5 ad MI-6 secret service men, with my first Scotland Yard novel release! In February, we'll do a yummy secret agent contest! Can't wait! ;)

  30. So many great choices, but it's either Mike Logan (I love Chris Noth in Law and Order) or John Book (Witness is one of my favorite movies and Harrison Ford is so handsome!(

    For Sherlock Holmes, I would say Robert Downey Jr. I also liked Johnny Depp in From Hell. Russell Crowe in L.A Confidential and Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy.

  31. Great choices Tammy! Love your additions of Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe and Dennis Quaid!

  32. I've always liked Tom! Or what about James Garner, The Rockford files?

  33. I am soooo glad I brough Sherlock Holmes with me to watch...definitely jonesing to see it now.

    I love detectives. I love detectives. I love detectives.


  34. I'm with all of you. Detectives rock :) Maybe it's that good versus evil thing!

  35. I loved Peter Falk in Columbo, James Garner in The Rockford Files, and Tom Sellick in Magnum P.I.

  36. I love Richard Castle and Kate Beckett - their chemistry is just fantastic. Nick Fallon is such an underrated actor!

  37. Oy, this is HARD. Harrison Ford usually gets my vote, but I loved Denzel Washington in Deja Vu and I'm looking forward to the next Downey Sherlock Holmes because of how much I enjoyed the first one. Out of all those, the movie I quote the most often is Blade Runner, though, so I guess I'll go with Harrison again. :D
    T.V. wise - I agree with LilMissMolly, the chemistry with Nathan Fillion and Kate Beckett is awesome. Even when the story sells itself short, I could watch the two of them and be happy. Of course, it helps that Nathan's character is a writer and I so get what he's saying half the time. LOL

  38. Ah! You know who I thought of last night. Johnny Depp. In Sleepy Hallow. He was a great Ichobod! Can't believe I didn't remember that sooner. *palmforehead*

  39. nice idea, thanks for sharing...