We Will Never Forget ~ Ten Years

I will never forget what I was doing on 9-11-2001. My husband woke me with a phone call. He was in California, unable to get the news directly, and everything that happened throughout the day, I had to relay to him.

I dropped my daughter off at school and went to visit with my Great Aunt about our family history. She hadn't turned the news on, I did, we watched the second tower be struck and then knew it wasn't an accident.

Several days after, there was a constant reminder -- no planes in the sky. But this isn't about me or how I spent the day...

I will never forget the honor, the courage, and the sacrifice involved with any part of defending freedom. I will not forget.



  1. At the time we still lived on the West Coast. I was walking in our bedroom taking my husband coffee while he was shaving when I saw it on the news. I remember saying "oh my God", and sitting down and only able to point to the tv when my husband asked me what was wrong. I remember another more selfish fear going though me because at the time my husband worked for the US Marshal Service, and I didn't know if something would happen at the Federal bldg he worked at, especially after the Pentagon was damamged.

  2. Angi - We live in Charlotte, NC. In 2001, we went back to California and flew back home on 9/9/01. On 9/11, I had a dentist appointment that morning and I heard about the first plane hitting World Trade Center in my car as I was driving into work. When I got there, we all watched the news on the TV in our break room with shock and horror. Seeing people jump out of those buildings was the most horrifying thing I have seen on TV Also, .not knowing who was going to be hit next made us all very nervous. I will never forget that day

  3. Angi, I remember awaking to watchg the smoke from the first plane, and thinking what a dreadful accident, then seeing the next plane strike the second tower and the eventual realization that we had experienced our first attack on American soil.

    Along with 3,000 lives, America lost her innocence that day. We must never forget.

  4. I was in high school and remember some of my teachers talking about throughout the day. That afternoon I was at dance team practice and two fighter jets flew over us. I live 45 minutes southwest of New Orleans and they were protecting the port from other threats. It gave us all chills and helped us to realize I freedom and safety!
    God Bless America!