Rita Henuber

Author Rita Henuber grew up running the beaches of a barrier island on Florida’s east coast. She married a Marine and feels fortunate to have lived many places and traveled to the states and countries she didn’t live. She writes about extraordinary women and the men they love, weaving her experiences into contemporary women’s fiction and suspense thrillers. Under Fire is her first book.


Coast Guard helicopter pilot Olivia Carver is on a very personal mission. Her twin brother, an undercover officer, was murdered by a drug cartel and she won't stop until she finds the man responsible for his death.

In the course of her own investigation, Olivia meets informant Rico Cortes. He's mysterious and sexy and despite her reservations, the two share a night of passion. But Rico turns out to be more than a one-night stand. He's a DEA agent, deep undercover in Miami's drug world, and possibly the one man who can help Olivia find the justice she seeks.

When Rico realizes his cover is blown, he isn't sure whether it was someone in the cartel or an inside agent. Olivia is the only one he can trust and together they venture on a dangerous, rogue mission to infiltrate a drug lord's inner circle...with Olivia as bait.

Check out Olivia’s day at the office http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyxSWupqcRY
DONNELL: Rita, you’re in a helicopter and it’s dropping you at your destination. Where are you going?
RITA: Okay. You’ve outted me. I don’t like helicopters. A chopper ride would have to be very special. The first thing that comes to mind is being in Marine One landing on the White House Lawn.
DONNELL: What/Where’s your favorite room in your house?
RITA: This is a difficult one. My home is U-shaped with an enclosed pool in the center of the U. All the rooms have floor to ceiling glass doors/windows and look out to the pool. All but the bedrooms are totally open and I feel like I’m outside no matter where I am. So, short answer is everywhere.
DONNELL: Have you ever written a character who wasn’t meant to be a hero but he wouldn’t go away?
RITA: Not really. I determine my men to be either the hero or the bad guy before I write. I have had two characters get completely away from me. One sorta took over the story. Still shaking my head about that. Another, was going to be a secondary hero. In the second chapter the heroine stood behind me as I wrote telling me what a scum bag he was. Really? Like she couldn’t have told me that before?
DONNELL: Do you read reviews of your books?
RITA: I don’t seek them out but when I come across them I do read. I find them interesting. I mean I can’t change anything so no need to get up tight. I do love it when the reviewer gets so into the characters and writes about them as if they are real. Best ones are the pure readers who email me.
DONNELL: You’re scaling a mountain ledge with jagged rocks and ocean below you. Who do you want with you?
RITA: God and all the archangels. I’m terrified of heights.
DONNELL: What’s in your refrigerator right now?
RITA: Orange juice, milk, left over roasted chicken, fresh green beans, apples, lemons, the usual condiments and five different kinds of hot sauce.
DONNELL: How many shoes do you have in your closet?
RITA: Eeep! 40 pairs. Way too many for someone who is barefoot most of the time. Really need to clean them out.
DONNELL: What was your proudest moment as a writer?
RITA: I have three. Being a Golden Heart® finalists. Securing agent representation and selling. Those events were validation of my work.
DONNELL: What do you do to unwind and relax?
RITA: Sit by the pool and stare into space as I listen to a book. Go down to the dock to watch the sun set and boats go by. Walk the beach.
DONNELL: Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?
RITA: Writers block. You mean when the people in my head won’t talk to me? I discovered they’re mad because I’m making them do something they don’t want to do.
I perceive what most call writer’s block as my subconscious telling me to step back something is wrong with what I’m working on. I step away from the writing and do something else creative. The first time I realized this was a scene in Under Fire. No matter what I did, I couldn’t move forward with it. It simply wasn’t working for me and I was at the point of cutting it completely. It was over 5000 words and going to take some courage. Told myself I’d do it tomorrow and proceeded to do some fun things. Went to the beach, walked and read. Took some pictures and had drinks and dinner with friends. Totally pushed the scene out of my head. Next morning I sat down read the first paragraph and knew instantly what was wrong. Since then I’ve used that tactic several times.
DONNELL: Are you superstitious?
RITA: If you mean the black cat, broken mirror, open umbrellas in the house things, no. I do believe in the positive vibes to the universe thing. Every morning saying what you want. I believe it helps make things happen.
DONNELL: What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing/researching a book?
RITA: That so many weapons can be purchased over the internet.
DONNELL: If you could tell Readers one thing about you, what would it be?
RITA: I LOVE being an author
Rita, thank you. Now it’s your turn to ask your Readers and Fans a Question.
RITA HENUBER: Thank you for having me here today. It’s great to connect with your readers. I’m always interested in knowing what prompts a reader to buy a book. Word of mouth, cover, blurb, first page or all of them?
I’d really love to hear their opinions on VERY strong heroines. My gal is confident, strong willed, good at what she does and completely blindsided when she falls in love. My hero is pretty much the same. But they work. Have you read Under Fire? What do you think of the relationship?
Comments and questions will enter two readers in a drawing to win UNDER FIRE either in a e-book or an audio book.

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  1. Rita!! I hadn't realized Under Fire has been released (Did you play Danger Zone when it happened?). Congratulations, chica.

    As for why do I buy a book - first, if I'm a fan of the author, or if it's part of a series that I've been reading. For new authors, word of mouth is good, or info from an interview or review.

    Strong heroines rock! Provided they stay strong and don't do something stupid that makes them need rescuing. :)

  2. I like what you do to unwind and relax, Rita. Can I come do that with you? :) Great book!!

  3. Thanks for coming by and sharing what leads you to buy a book Abigail. I’m pretty much the same way.
    Yes I frequently play Danger Zone. When I read the first chapter to a book club I had it playing for background music. Fun.

  4. Okay guys blogger is not letting me play today so it looks like I'll have to be ANONYMOUS

  5. Maureen you can come ANYTIME!

  6. Good morning, Rita! Thanks for joining us on GLIAS! I haven't had the pleasure of reading Under Fire yet. I'll remedy that fact soon. I like strong women in fiction, however, I do not want them to be a man. I want them to use their women's power and brains to match/outwit/and fall in love. Does this make sense? :) Wish I could see your house sounds lovely!

  7. My heroine Olivia is a woman in the Coast Guard. She does what many consider to be a man’s job. A helicopter pilot. She can hold her own yet be that woman. And believe me she doesn’t hesitate to be who she is on any level.

  8. Good morning and welcome to GLIAS, Rita. UNDER FIRE sounds like a great book. Love the female chopper pilot heroine.

    I think women want stronger heroines...and wish the publishing would catch up with us.


  9. Very cool! I'm trying to publish a Coastie novel partially set in the Keys, but it's shipboard, not helo. Good to see Coastie fiction getting some publishing love! It really is a dynamic service and you can't beat the Keys for a colorful setting. Will have to check this out....

  10. Thanks Angi.
    Out and about when I talk to people about my book they are all interested in the stronger heroine. It has no age boundary. The TSTL heroine is upsetting to today’s readers. It can be a helicopter pilot or the widowed mom of five kids caring for aging parents. Readers want her smart. Flawed but capable.

  11. Bill,
    Wishing you great success. I will share some buzz I’ve heard. Publishers are looking for some strong military heroes other than Navy SEALs. It seems Coast Guard stories are garnering some interest. The CG is what I call the quiet service. So few people know about them. They have their own ‘special forces’ division and those guys are tough. I write about strong heroines and the Coast Guard is the only service to have women in EVERY job.

  12. I like that you're "Anonymous" today, Rita - kind of adds an extra mysterious dimension to the post. ;)

    And I love that you're using the Coast Guard as a backdrop. I have two brothers-in-law who served in that branch.

  13. Anne Marie,
    Yeahpers! That's my new name Anony Mous
    Coasties are hot! Do your BIL’s have tats? I was recently told Coasties have the more tattoos than the other services.

  14. Re: tats... Oh, yes. One has his entire back covered. Still a work in progress coloring it in. The other has some on his arms. He works in law enforcement now.

  15. Anne Marie
    Thanks. Tats are a mystery to me. I wouldn’t endure that pain. They look great when you are a 20-30 year old in great shape. But what will they look like when you’re 70?

  16. Rita,

    Your book sounds great. Most of my book purchases are author driven.


  17. Tammy,
    Thank you
    I have favorite authors I follow also. Ones that won't disappointed.
    I love finding new authors too. It's like finding a treasure.

  18. Hey Rita,
    I read a book generally because I know the author, like now or I hear about it from a friend or online or I loved a book by the author and want to read more of their work. Under Fire is a hold on to the edge of your seat suspense and a HOT, HOT romance. I loved the book and can't wait to read more of your KA heroines!

  19. Hi Barbara. Thanks soooo much for the compliment. I’m really glad you enjoyed Under Fire. I’m working on more for you to read.

  20. Rita, congratulations on the release of your book. I haven't read "Under Fire" yet but I am looking forward to it. I heard about your book on Lori Wilde's blog, whom I believe taught a writing class you were in. She writes wonderful stories so I know your story is going to rock.

    I really like strong heroines. I like them to be strong and willful but also have vulnerabilities. I like when they face their fears, overcome obstacles, and to see them grow. I feel the same about heroes. Wishing your book a lot of success.

  21. Yes I was in Lori’s class. I decided to write a book and saw, quite by chance, her Beginning Romance Writing class. So I took it. In fact I took it twice. I’m a slow learner. Without Lori this book wouldn’t be. She made me dig deeper every day
    Yes I was in Lori’s class. I decided to write a book and saw, quite by chance, her Beginning Romance Writing class. So I took it. In fact I took it twice. I’m a slow learner. Without Lori this book wouldn’t be. She made me dig deeper every day
    You like strong heroines? You’ll love Olivia.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  22. I love your book, Rita, and can't wait for the next!


  23. I find books and new authors through Amazon. I have a Kindle, so whenever I'm buying a book, I look at the other books Amazon recommends. I'll look at the reviews and sometimes Amazon has the first chapter for free. I'll have to check out your book. Lori Wilde's "Love's Tender Fury " was one of the best romances ever!

    You are so lucky to have someone like Lori Wilde! My sister's writing a book and she says she doesn't know what she'd do without her best friend Carol. She says she probably would have quit by now if not for Carol. I can see how important it is to have someone to support and encourage you!

    Michelle Lyons

  24. Hi Michelle. Thanks for stopping by and sharing how you pick out books. I LOVE Amazon’s free read also.
    I don’t think there is an author out there that hasn’t wanted to quit or wonders what the heck they are doing this for. It comes with the territory. Please tell Carol the difference between a published author and an unpublished one is the published one didn’t give up. Never give up.

  25. I just love Audio Books, so I'd love to win your story and discover a new author!