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Jordan McAllister dreams of becoming a popular sports columnist but gets stuck in a po-dunk town writing personal ads for a small time newspaper. When she's offered a chance to fill in for a local food critic off on sick leave, she jumps at the chance rationalizing that it's one step closer to her dream. When a dead body is found underneath her apartment stairwell with her name and number along with it, she becomes the prime suspect, as well as the main course on the murder menu.

Jordan dropped her review on Dwayne Egan’s desk and stepped back to await her fate. She’d spent the entire morning researching foie gras on the Internet and had come away outraged and ready to make a stand on the issue.

That was before Egan grabbed the report and lowered his eyes to read, and all her bravado dissipated. Shifting nervously and second-guessing herself, she tapped out the melody of a rock song along the side of her slacks with her fingers.

Too late to change her mind as Egan motioned for her to sit.

She eased into the chair behind her, eyes fixed on the editor while he finished the first page and flipped to the second. Her nerves were like aliens ready to burst through her skin.

“You actually ate this?” he asked, finally glancing at her over the top of his silver-rimmed reading glasses.

“Yes and no,” she replied. “Mostly, no.”

Egan had already turned back to the report, re-reading the first page. “And this is how they get the duck liver?”

Her eyes lit up. Maybe he wouldn’t scream at her after all. “Yes sir. They force-feed the animals to fatten them up.” She paused, remembering how the pictures had sickened her, how seeing the tubes shoved down their throats had nearly made her gag. “The ducks are kept in tight cages so they can’t exercise or even move around.”

“Geez! And they’re serving this right here in Ranchero?”

“Yes,” she answered quickly. “At a price that would water your eyes.” She stopped, not sure she wanted to remind him how much she’d charged on the company card.

Egan dropped the report on his desk and leaned back in the chair, hands behind his head, making his ears protrude even more. “This is going to ruffle a few feathers at Longhorn Prime Rib.” He grinned, obviously pleased with his play on words.

Jordan shifted in the chair. “I was totally complimentary about the restaurant in general.” She thought about the Chocolate Decadence Cake that had doubled as breakfast that morning. “The desserts were phenomenal and the service – fantastic.”

Egan studied her face, his head tilted as if in deep thought. “I had you pegged for a simple meat and potatoes girl. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you’d order this when you’re obviously so outraged at how they get it.”

Here it is! This was where she’d have to admit she was clueless when it came to fancy food. This was where he’d realize what a big mistake he’d made giving her the job. “The waiter recommended it. Said it was imported from Canada. Since I knew it was too expensive to ever try on my own, I went with it.”

“I still find it hard to believe you’d even order the dish, knowing how you feel about it.”
“I thought it was chicken,” she blurted, looking away for a moment, imagining the pink slip falling from this week’s pay envelope.

Egan threw back his head and laughed. And continued to laugh until Jordan finally gave in and smiled.

“So, let’s see,” he began when he was finally able to speak. “I have a culinary expert who has no idea what she orders at restaurants.” He slapped the desk. “That’s rich. Loretta would never see the humor in that, of course, nor would she be caught dead ordering anything but a thick, juicy steak.” He leaned forward and lowered his voice. “And just between you and me, she wouldn’t know foie gras from chicken piccata, either, even if it bit her on her overpaid butt.”

“I’m sorry, sir. Maybe you should give this job to someone else.”

His eyes bored into her. “Are you joking? This is going to grab the attention of every animal lover in Ranchero who probably has never even looked at Loretta’s column before.” He slid the papers across the desk. “Take this down to the copy room ASAP. I want it in tonight’s edition.”

Stunned, Jordan grabbed the report and headed for the door.

“Oh, and McAllister?”

She whirled around, expecting her little bubble of excitement to burst like a piñata at a birthday party with eight year old boys on a sugar high.

“From now on, you’ll do a bi-weekly column with recipes and food information. Fancy food like this. A couple of exposés would be great.” He rubbed his hands together. “If my gut is right, with the exception of the restaurant owner, the good citizens of this fine town are going to love you.”

“What about the Personals?”

He smiled. “Look at this as a freelance opportunity,” he said. “And the Personals as your day job. Now go.”

Jordan wondered how he could say that with a straight face, but she was too excited to care. She hurried out the door, surprised to see Jackie Frazier smiling. She’d obviously been eavesdropping. She imagined her, as Roseanne Roseannadanna saying, “It’s always something,” and she smiled back.

Who knew fatty duck liver could wipe the sarcasm off the secretary’s face and maybe even jump-start her career?

was raised in a small town in Ohio, number eight of nine children. She graduated from nursing school and worked as a registered nurse for many years. When she could no longer ignore the characters talking in her head (no, she’s not on medication), she went back to school and got a professional arts degree. Then she started her first novel. After chasing the romance genre for way too many years, she gave in to her love of mysteries, but she still sneaks a lot of romance into her stories.

She lives north of Dallas with her HS sweetheart hubby. When she’s not writing she spends her time doting on her four wonderful grandchildren. The first book of her Clueless Cook Mystery Series, LIVER LET DIE, marks her debut onto book shelves.

Liz is a fellow chapter mate and I can’t wait to read her books. It’s been a hoot and a pleasure to watch her grow as a writer and get to know her better as a person.

A CLUELESS COOK MYSTERY(Coming July 2012 from Berkley Prime Crime)Jordan finds herself smack in the middle of a cattle theft ring where the “steaks” are high and the cowboys are not what they seem.

(Coming soon to Amazon Digital)
A mix of deceit and lies rocks the world of a dying child, an ex-cop on a mission to clear her dead husband's name and an anesthesiologist who desperately wants out of a loveless marriage. To save her nephew's life, the young widow seduces the doctor accused of murdering his wife. But even as she collects evidence that proves he's the killer, she can't stop her heart from falling for him. Until the game turns DEADLY...

MAIN COURSEANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
LIZ: Not nearly often enough. After I signed a book contract, I plunged into the world of deadlines and had to give up a lot of my reading time. Now, I get so excited when I know I’ll be able to read one of the many books on my TBR pile.

ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading?
LIZ: Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I’m sure there were earlier ones in school, but this is the one that made me want to be a reader and a writer.

ANGI: What’s your favorite “love” word?
LIZ: Te Amo—I know, that’s two, but hubby and I were in HS Spanish together, and we still say this.

ANGI: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?
LIZ: That would have to be my hubby. We’ve been together a lot of years and he still makes me laugh.

ANGI: What’s your favorite fairy tale?

ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
Elliott the Dragon in Pete’s Dragon

ANGI: What turns you off like nothing else?
LIZ: A person using racist jokes to get laughs.

ANGI: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?
LIZ: Not really. I have one for my first book because it’s heart-wrenching in places, but Liver Let Die is a fun read. There is a scene where my heroine hears the JAWS music in her head..da dum..da..dum!

ANGI: Where do you read and how often?
LIZ: Again, I had to give up a lot of my reading time when I got a book contract. I like to read on airplanes and by the pool when I do get the chance.

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
LIZ: A child laughing, especially one of my grandchildren.

ANGI: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
LIZ: Action Adventure, definitely.

ANGI: What was the first story you remember writing?
LIZ: I grew up dreaming about being a nurse and was a late bloomer when it came to writing, so it would have to be my first big book, Shattered Dreams.

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
LIZ: Back Street. I cry every time I watch it.

ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?
LIZ: Dick Dastardly in the old-time movies

ANGI: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroine’s role?
LIZ: If it’s a great book, I get sucked in and do imagine myself as the heroine.

ANGI: Is writing or storytelling easier for you?
LIZ: Storytelling.

ANGI: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
LIZ: I am giving away a really cool Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center as a promotion for LIVER LET DIE’s debut. Check out my website www.liipperman.com for details.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: You’ve been at the writing game for quite a while, Liz. I should be asking how it feels to finally receive that all important confirmation that you’re going to be paid for doing what you love, but… what’s been your favorite part of the exciting first book debut?
LIZ HAS GOTTA ANSWER: You know, I was just talking about this with my sister. My favorite part is the validation that comes with being published. Writers are beaten down so badly, and it feels good to get that pat on the back. That said, there are a lot of good writers who won’t be published because of the state of the industry. I wish I could share this feeling with them. However, now that self-publishing doesn’t carry the stigma it used it, a lot of my friends are going that route—and having some degree of success.

CHEF'S SECRETBERKLEY will send a book to one lucky commenter. We’ll assign everyone a number and use Random.org to pick. Every time you leave a comment, you get a 2nd number assigned.

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LIZ IS CURIOUS: Are you more inclined to try a debut author when you read a blog like this and get to know his/her personality a little, or do you use other criteria, like reviews, covers, first lines, etc.?

I do want to say thanks for having me today. It’s been a pleasure. Readers can contact me at Liz@LizLipperman.com or find out more about me:
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  1. Thanks, Liz and Angi, for a great fun interview. As to your question, Liz, I like to read an excerpt (like the one y'all posted here) to see how I like the author's voice and style. And I'm really looking forward to LIVER LET DIE. :)

  2. Love this post, Liz! I think LIVER LET DIE is going to be to die for. I can't wait to start reading it. I know what a sense of humor you have in person, and I'm sure it will carry over to this book.

  3. Liz, welcome to Get Lost in a Story. What great answers. I love that you love the sound of your grandchildren's laugh. I've never seen Back Street, and now I have to go look up Te Amo to see what it means. You are a source of new info for me.

    Seriously readers, I've read LIVER LET DIE. You will smile and root for Jordan the entire way. Check out this talented author!

  4. Liz, I'm excited to read this too.

    I've often picked up books by debut authors because of an interview I've read, or if I've enjoyed them on Twitter. I also like to read the excerpt, to make sure it's something I'll enjoy. The author's personality and voice are very important in my selections. :)

  5. Liz, I love learning new things about authors I actually know. These interviews can be revealing. Good job, Angi and Liz!

    Liz, I must admit I don't often read blogs unless I know something about the interviewer or the guest. A good excerpt can push me closer to the buy button.

  6. Angi - great questions!

    Liz - great answers! And in answer to *your* question, a blog post like yours that gives me a "taste" (g) of your writing will hook me.

    If there's no excerpt, I'll tend to try to find an example of the author's writing.


  7. Elizabeth, I like excerpts, too, to get a taste of the author's writing style. I still go to the first page and read the first line. If it's strong enough to hook me, I'm at the checkout counter with it.

    It was good to see you the other day, even though I didn't get to chat much.

  8. Hey, Anita, thanks for those nice words. You'll be heading on a blog tour yourself with the release of Book #2, Embrace the Highland Warrior. Can't wait.

  9. Ah, Donnell, Back Street is one of those great love stories from long ago starring Jon Gavin and Susan Hayward. I have it on VCR and I've kept one VCR player so that I can watch it over and over.

    And Te Amo means I love you--which I do after that nice review of LLD.

  10. Donna is one of the lucky commenters who won a copy of LLD on another blog. Yet, she still follows me around!!

    Last year the Sisters In Crime chapter did a survey on what worked best for promotion. Blogging was way down the list. I disagreed with it then and still do. I can't tell you how many authors I've tried simply because of their guest blogs.

    Thanks for being a loyal "groupie." I promise to return the favor WHEN.....

  11. Hey, Mary, I'm looking forward to returning to your blog--long story!! Anyway, I agree excerpts are helpful, too. I am a big dialogue girl and usually skim long descriptive scenes, so if you want to catch my eye, use one with snappy dialogue as your excerpt.

  12. Hey, Barbara, thanks for commenting. I agree, If I see a comment an author posts on FB or Twitter, I'll Google them to find out more. If they have an excerpt on their website--all the better.

    I would caution those of you who are waiting for that one publisher to "get" you. Be careful about posting uncopyrighted material on the Internet. My agent feels very strongly about this. Use a short blurb to draw them in, but don't give them whole chapters or even whole scenes. You've worked too hard on them.

  13. Love the excerpt, Liz! I'm much more likely to buy a debut author if I know something about them, whether it's from an interview or a blog or a mutual friend, and especially when they display a sense of humor!

  14. Hey, Leigh, thanks for stopping by, and thank heavens you already know me!!

    Most people are leery about spending their hard earned cash on a debut author. I guess what you're saying is that any way a new author can get her name out there with a taste of her writing style works for you. I'd have to agree.

  15. You got it, GF. I'm almost caught up and glowing reviews forthcoming. LIVER LET DIE is well... to die for :) Gonna have to rent Back Street

  16. Hi Liz,

    Great interview and I want to read your book. But, I would let liver die- liver is yuck!

  17. Tammy, my thoughts, exactly. Jordan, my protagonist hates it, too, and the duck liver ends up in her purse. That's when the fun begins!!

    Fingers crossed that you win a copy.

  18. Liz, thanks for stopping by GLIAS Wednesday...sorry I wasn't here to great you (dang doctor's appointments). And then, well, I have to admit I didn't open the laptop once the Rangers were playing (so so sorry --hope you'll forgive me!).

    Excerpt, first page of the book...so I guess that equals a taste of the author's writing. Looked for yours yesterday Liz...none on the shelf. Definitely to be expected in this part of Texas! But I'll get my copy soon.


  19. No problem, Angi. Wasn't that a terrific game yesterday? And I'm being told LLD is on the NEW PAPERBACK rack in the front.

    Thank for hosting me. Let me know who gets the free book.

  20. Usually I discover debut authors from having a cover and blurb capature and hold my interest. I like to balance my reads between new authors versus one I have tried as well as the genres. Although, a log post on them is likely to get me to notice a book a bit more.

  21. Hey, Na, I think you share the opinion of many who commented today. It makes me glad that possibly all my hard work on the blog tour was not a time suck for nothing!!

    Thanks for commenting.


    You've won a copy of LIVER LET DIE. Send us your information via email to GetLostInAStory@gamil.com and I'll get you hooked up with Liz.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog everyone!