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Mia Marlowe writes adventurous, sensual historical romance with a sparkle of magic for Kensington and Sourcebooks. Her work was featured in the Best of 2010 edition of PEOPLE magazine and one of her books is on display at the Museum of London Docklands alongside Johnny Depp and Errol Flynn memorabilia. She loves to travel and it's a good thing because she and her DH have lived in 9 different states, 4 different time zones. She reguards her frequent moves as extended vacations on which she drags along all her stuff. She currently makes her home in the heart of New England.


One night, one waltz, one kiss and life is never the same...

Nobody misses Lord and Lady Hartwell's Christmas Ball, but they all go for different reasons. When Lady Sybil runs off with an Italian portrait painter, her bastard half-sister Jane Tate goes in her place. Lord Eddleton plans on proposing to "Sybil" under the mistletoe. Lady Darvish is on the hunt for her fifth husband.And Ian Michael MacGarrett, the head groom with more than horseflesh on his mind, is determined to show Jane that love doesn't have to pretend.

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1. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Mia: First of all, thank you for having me here today, Heather. My favorite movie depends on my mood. If I want a thinking movie, I love BLOOD DIAMOND with Leonardo di Caprio. It's a heartbreaking look at the African diamond trade, tribalism and the redemption possible in a father's unrelenting love. If I want a romantic comedy, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR with Renee Russo and Pierce Brosnan is pure middle-aged joy! If I'm simply feeling silly, I enjoy GALAXY QUEST with Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen.

2. How often to you get lost in a story?

Mia: Every single time. Even if I'm not really excited about a book (i.e. some of the picks for my book club have been appallingly gack-worthy!) I look for a character to root for, someone whose life I can try on for a while. If I can do that, even books I wouldn't have chosen come alive in the private theatre in my head.

3. What’s the first book you remember reading?

Mia: I know this isn't the first book I read, but this one really made an impression on me because it opened my mind to the idea of paranormal events. It was A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeline L'Engle. Despite the dismal first line--honest to Pete, she started with "It was a dark and stormy night."--the story opened a new world for me.

4. Where do you read and how often?

Mia: A year ago I'd never have believed it, but I'm addicted to reading on my phone. I have a Kindle app and the reason I love it is because wherever I am, I have a book to read. And my library fits neatly into my pocket.

5. Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?

Mia: I always choose a movie score for each of my stories. First, it doesn't have lyrics to distract me. Then there's a wide emotional range in a score and when the manuscript comes back months later for revisions, all I have to do is put on the music and I'm mentally back in that specific fictional world.

6. Who’s your favorite villain?

Mia: Boromir from Lord of the Rings. Even though he tries to steal the ring, he has a good motivation for his bad behavior and Tolkien very thoughtfully redeemed him by letting him die in defense of Frodo and the Ring. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that he was played by the drool-worthy Sean Bean.

7. Which era would you most like to have lived in, fashion-wise and why?

Mia: After visiting the National Gallery in London and seeing the full-figured Peter Paul Rubens paintings, I realized I missed the time period when my shape was fashionable by about 400 years. I so would have been a super model then!

8. Dog person or cat person?

Mia: Over the years I've had lots of different pets--dogs, cats, horses, fish, tadpoles and one gerbil I thought would never die. But I have to say I love my dogs the best. It's hard to beat that unconditional devotion. Here's a picture of my current pack: Mack the Wonderdog (we wonder what kind of terrier he is) and Prince Harry. They are both rescue dogs and are great writing buddies.

Heather: OMG, I noticed on your website that you are a classically trained soprano, and once shared a stage with Placido Domingo! I’m so jealous… (not of the Placido Domingo part, but of the voice! I love opera, but when I try to sing my favorite arias, it’s scary…even the cat runs and hides). When you look back at your musical career, could you tell us your favorite role or experience?

Mia: I played a lot of different roles. I know what it's like to cough my life away in a freezing Parisian garret (Mimi from La Boheme). I got a chance to create the role of MaryAnn in a regional premier of Kirk Meecham's Tartuffe with the composer in the audience, which was both scary and gratifying. I've worn a corset and bumroll and sweated bullets over an aria that turns coloraturas' bowels to water (Come Scoglio from Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte). I even did a pants role (a male part written to be played by a woman) when I was in college (Cherubino from The Marriage of Figaro). That was great fun. But I have to say the role I enjoyed most was Rosalinde from Die Fledermaus by Strauss. Not only is the music divine, she is the smartest person on the stage, outwitting her straying husband by seducing him at a masked ball and earning her own HEA!


Sure. All my characters in MY LADY BELOW STAIRS are at a crossroads. Everyone has those sort of defining moments in their lives where a decision will totally change the course of everything that follows. What was YOUR most important crossroad choice? Is there a choice you wish you'd made differently?

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I love connecting with readers. You can find me at Twitter, Facebook and kicking back and putting up my feet at my cyber-home, MiaMarlowe.com . Hope you'll drop by for excerpts, contests and all the latest.

Thanks again for having me here at Get Lost in a Story, Heather!


  1. I love Mia and I love love love the name Ian Michael. I will be adding this book to my collection for sure!

    Patti Paonessa
    musicalfrog at comcast.net

  2. I was so excited I forgot to add my crossroad moment. It would have to be the decision to move from the east coast to the midwest to be with a man I love. We are together 20 years this month!
    Patti P

  3. Congrats to Patti on your 20yr relationship!

    Nice names in a story makes nicer reading yes? I would hate to read a book if the heroines name was .... Maude for example. Or Harriet. Imagining myself cringing everytime the name is mentioned!

    I had so much indecision after finishing high school on what degree to take. I was contemplating taking up nursing at one point which my parents didn't encourage. Now that I am older & hopefully wiser I wish that I'd done more research instead of goinge with what the majority of my peers had done.


  4. The story sounds delicious, Mia!

    Having children was a pretty big crossroads; changes everything, but worth every sleepless night. :)

  5. Welcome to GLIAS, Mia !
    I love this line from your bio: "She reguards her frequent moves as extended vacations on which she drags along all her stuff."

    Great attitude. My husband and I thought about moving...then we put on a "lifetime" roof. I do love the thought of just purging things and not moving again. LOL


  6. Patti--Glad to hear your crossroads moment worked out so well. I've been with my midwestern DH a good long time too. He's definitely a keeper.

  7. Linda, sometimes it takes a while before we learn to trust ourselves enough not to follow our friends.

  8. Gillian--Oh, yes. Kids are a definite crossroads. In our case, we stumbled across the parenting threshold without a conscious decision, but we never say our kids were accidents. We say God planned them.

  9. Angi--Your roof keeps you grounded. Too funny! I actually envy you a bit. I hope we'll eventually find a place we want to make our permanent home, but we've always had itchy feet. If an opportunity presented itself, we were ready to go.

  10. That pic of you should be on one of your covers, beautiful!



  11. Welcome, Mia! I also love that opera pic. Such glamor!

    My crossroad moment was the first time I ever did a face-to-face pitch to an agent. I remember literally sitting there thinking, Can I do this? Yes, I can.

  12. Sheila--Thanks for those very kind words. That was one of my favorite costumes. Of course, the tricorne and knee-britches for the pants role were fun too!

  13. Simone--That's a moment of truth for a lot of us. One thing most unpublished authors don't realize is that what an agent or editor is looking for in that pitch is not just the kernel of your story. More importantly, they want to know if you're someone they can work with.

  14. I have made a few choices in life that I would change now knowing what I know now but we usually don't get that chance. Your book sounds fabulous and I would love to read it.


  15. My cross road was when I had to decide where to work one summer in college - where my long time boyfriend wanted me to work in Philadelphia, or where I wanted to work in Atlanta (I wanted to take a little adventure). By choosing Atlanta, he broke up me.
    lvsgund at gmail.com

  16. Virginia--I think we all have those "wish I had a do-over" moments. One that continues to dog me is when we turned down a chance for my DH to work in England. It was a limited time contract, so we wouldn't have had a definite job waiting back in the States and our children were quite small at the time. If he got the opportunity now, we'd go in a heartbeat.

  17. LilMissMolly--I hope you feel that your choice was the right one. You deserve a guy who respects your ability to you make your own decisions.