Get Lost in Temptation with Avery Flynn

Get Lost in a Story readers, please welcome Avery Flynn, author of steamy romance with a mysterious twist, also self-proclaimed writer, smart ass and lover of chocolate.

About Avery's Temptation series. . .
Temptation Creek (Book 1, Layton Family series)

Claire Layton expects the usual busy Saturday night at Harvest Bistro to be killer on her stilletto shod feet. She never imagines there’d be an actual murderer on the loose at her restaurant in rural Dry Creek, Nebraska. But when she discovers a customer dead in a dumpster, the killer demands she find the victim’s phone and flash drive or face fatal consequenses.

Jake Warrick, a cocky and mind-numbingly hot private investigator, becomes Claire’s unlikely ally in the search. Jake just wants to solve the case and get out of this hick town, but the diminutive and curvaceous Claire turns his plan upside down as they uncover a more complex crime than they ever imagined. The two bicker and banter like Tracy and Hepburn caught in a whirlwind of intense sexual attraction as they try to find the killer before it’s too late.

Seduction Creek (Book 2, Layton Family series)

"I do believe I can arrest you for looking at someone like that. You've got to be breaking some indecency laws."

Taking a deep breath, she recovered her bearings. Mostly. "You're out of your jurisdiction, sheriff."

Dry Creek County Sheriff Hank Layton is the stuff of dreams. Nasty, steamy, delicious fantasies that leave Beth Martinez weak-kneed and desperately wanting the man she can never have.

Hank can’t stop thinking about Beth to the point where he’s afraid of becoming permanently bowlegged. And even though the sexual tension between them is thick enough to trip over, she runs every time he chases.

But when a mysterious developer forces her neighbors off their land, Beth becomes the one person standing between the scoundrel and millions of dollars. Only Hank can help her uncover the truth. Together they risk their lives exposing decades-old secrets and learn that everything is not as it seems in their rural Nebraska town.

Reviews for Temptation Creek and Seduction Creek:


Temptation Creek Excerpt (book one in the Layton Family series). I’m happy to give away a signed print copy of Temptation Creek, open internationally.

DONNELL:  Avery, Welcome to Get Lost in a Story.   I neglected one very important question.... is your hair REALLY blue???    You write romantic suspense.  So tell us about the most suspenseful room in your house, and why.
AVERY: First off, thanks so much for having me! Now to the scary room .... Do the kids’ rooms count, because those are scary! I have a nine-year-old daughter who has her own room in the basement. I’ve yet to figure out where the funky smell is coming from and what kind of creature lives in there who can’t close a closet door.

DONNELL:  If you’re not writing, where should we look for you?

AVERY: Oh my God, I just realized I never leave my house. That is so sad. Ummm. Give me a minute ... OK, I have a great set of friends and we get together quite often to dish the dirt and dance

DONNELL:  Are there themes in your books?  Have you noticed a pattern?

AVERY: The Layton Family series, which takes place in Dry Creek, Nebraska, are all about family and coming into your own in your family. In the first book, Temptation Creek, Claire, the youngest, has to show her loving - if overbearing - family that she can stand on her own. In the second book, Seduction Creek, Hank, the eldest, has to figure out what family means to him.  In the third book, Passion Creek, Sam, the Adam Cartwright of the family, is coming to terms with the fact that the man he really is isn’t the same as the man he family thinks he is. Books one and two are out now and I’m putting the finishing touches on book three now.

DONNELL:  What’s in your refrigerator right now?

AVERY:  OK, I just went to the grocery store so there’s a ton in there. Three gallons of milk, grape juice, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, mini-bell peppers, eggs, Girl Scout cookies, about five different kinds of cheese, left over sweet potato tater tots and beer.

DONNELL:  When you write, what do you look for in a hero?  Are your heroes true to real life?

AVERY:    My heroes are like French bread - hard and crusty on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside. Are they true to real life? Hmmm. I think so. You could meet any of the Layton brothers or Jake Warrick out on the street and walk away with your heart beating a little bit faster.

DONNELL:  Finish this story in a short paragraph.  Your heroine has entered a bank, where she discovers that everyone inside has been taken hostage.  She’s right by the door, all she would have to do is slip back outside.  What does she do?

AVERY:    The three-man stick up team argued in front of the counter, never noticing her entrance. Josie sank down to her stomach next to the guard as if she’d been there the whole time. Judging by the blood matting his temple, he’d put up a fight. And lost. Even though her fingers were shaky and her palm clammy, she managed to slide her cell phone out of her back pocket and pushed it along the tile floor closer to her mouth. She kept her gaze locked on the masked men, shielded the phone from view with one hand and punched in nine-one-one. Unable to hear the emergency operator, she began to give details in a way that, if overheard, would be mistaken for a prayer.

“Dear Lord, please forgive these three bank robbers at Dry Creek Federal and Trust on Main Street for holding twenty people hostage. I know they have knocked the guard unconscious and are heavily armed, but please Lord let them see the error of their ways.”

DONNELL:  Excellent solution!  What was your favorite subject in school?

AVERY:  I had an amazing American history teacher in high school, Mr. Largo. I learned so much in his classes.

DONNELL:    Do you listen to music when you’re writing?

AVERY:  If I’m home alone, no. If I have to block out the three kids and the husband playing kitchen hockey a few feet away, then yes. :)

DONNELL:  If you could visit with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be, and what might you chat about?

AVERY: Wow, there are a ton of options with that question but honestly, I’d skip all the famous people and go find my dad. He died when I was six and I’d just love to get to have a grown up conversation with him, show him pictures of his grandchildren and have him call me Little Bit one more time.

DONNELL:  I think I'd go with your answer too.  My condolensces, Avery.


AVERY: My latest heroine, Josie, has several tattoos. If you had to get a tattoo - or were lucky enough to get another - what would you get and where?


The name Avery Flynn is a pseudonym for the author who, at least for now, prefers to remain behind the scenes.  She believes having Avery as her alter ego is a very good thing because, as she says, “Pen name Avery is way cooler than me. Her favorite color is hot pink. She drinks single malt scotch on the rocks. She loves the Argentinean tango and stays at Iceland’s Ice Hotel.”
Author Avery has been writing since she was a child and her father gave her a baby blue Brother typewriter. She couldn’t read but nonetheless wrote numerous stories about her stuffed animals in gibberish. She hasn’t stopped since, though she maintains that her spelling has gotten much better and she now prefers to write in English.
Today she’s enjoying her own happily ever after with her dashing husband, three crazy kids and two arthritic dogs.  She dreams of one day having a floor-to-ceiling library à la Beauty and the Beast and is working to perfect the coffee IV drip.
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  1. Hi Avery & Donnell! Great interview!

    On the your dad answer...totally with you. I had mine longer, but that's who I'd choose too.


    P.S. Leave me out of the drawing!

    1. Thanks, Rashda, I agree, I'd love to talk to my dad too. Hugs to both of you.

  2. Helloooo, Avery!

    And all along I thought all we had in common was the Kiss of Death! LOL

    First, a big SNORT over Hank becoming permanently bowlegged. Second, if you can set steamy stories in Nebraska, I have courage I can sell my Manitoba prairie paranormal. Thank you for the early morning validation.

    Third, I'd pick my grandfather. There is a treasure trove of stories from when he and his family fled Russia c. 1917. I'd always wanted to sit down and have a private chat, but living in different cities, and all the relatives around when we did meet, never gave me the opportunity. I kick myself that I never made that opportunity happen.

    You'll need my email when I win. (pick me, random.org, pick me!):

    sherry dot isaac at yahoo dot com

  3. Ha! Manitoba for the win! You know, I don't think I've ever read a romance based in Canada. That is awful! Book recommendations please!

  4. Hey all! Thanks so much for having me here today. I'm about to get on the road to go to the Washington Romance Writers Retreat so I'll be out of pocket for a while, but will be checking in. So ask any questions and I'll totally make up a story. :)

    PS - About the hair, well, only my stylists knows for sure. :)

  5. Avery, have fun at Washington Romance Writers Retreat! Wait, you said you never leave your house. ;) As for tattoos, I don't have one, and I have so much skin damage from too much New Mexico sun, I'm not about to put anything else on my skin.

    But in my book that comes out in late 2012, my heroine has a very interesting tattoo above her left breast. And my future daughter in law just had one put on the inside of her left wrist. She recently suffered her second break in, where this time, the theifs took her prized quilt her Grandma made for her and her baby jewelry of all things. When her mom asked why she got a tattoo, she said, I wanted something no one could take away from me :(

    Thanks for being with us today Lady in Blue! :)

  6. Hi Avery, hey Donnell!

    I would love to get a tattoo - I even designed my own (I'm a wanna be graphic designer!) - it was the word "eheys" (the Finnish word for "integrity") with a pen coming off the "s" like it was writing the word (for my love of creating stories) intertwined with a sunflower (because sunflower faces turn to follow the course of the sun during the day).

    I would put the tattoo in the proverbial "tramp stamp" spot, because "integrity" comes from having a "backbone."

    Ha! Didn't think you'd get such a detailed answer, I bet! LOL

    Anyway, I don't think I'll ever get it, though, because my man doesn't think they're classy. :(

    You can keep me out of the drawing too because I already have the "VINTAGE" copies (meaning original titles-teehee!) of the first two KICK ASS Layton books! :D

    1. Oh, Misty, I absolutely love your reasoning though... Integrity and backbone. Well done! Hey, they have tatoos that aren't permanent, right?

  7. I'd get a small dragon on the back of my shoulder.
    Thanks for the great interview.
    Congrats on the books.


  8. Avery and Donnell awesome post. Avery's personality makes it feel like I've known her forever. I have her books and believe me when I tell you to buy them. They're great reads.

    I'd pick my son. We lost him way too soon, and I'd love to visit one more time.

    Leave me out of the drawing too! Like I said, I own your books!

  9. Hello! :)

    Sounds like a great book! :) Btw, I also want a library like Belle's in the castle. That's my favorite part of the movie... I was Oooh... Awww... with Belle when I first saw it!

    maybe31 at yahoo.com

  10. nope, nope, nope, no tattoos. My kids rooms are scary too! But your daughter has got to be super brave to have a room in the basement! (we don't have basements in Texas but they sound scary).

  11. Welcome to GLIAS, Avery. Fantastic interview!

    I wouldn't get one. If I had to, it would go on my husband somewhere only I could see it. >>grin<<


  12. I will never get a tattoo. But, your book sound great and I loved the excerpt.

  13. I've always wanted a tattoo, my heroine in book two has lots of them. But if I was brave enough to ever get one it would have a butterfly with my children's name carved into the wings. Avery...you are one of a kind! And yes, I would love to have your book!

    Diane Kratz

  14. Hi Avery and Donnell!

    Great interview! Avery, this sounds like a great series. I always loved Tracy and Hepburn. :) I can't wait to get to know all the folks in Dry Creek, Nebraska.

    A tattoo? My husband would kill me. :)

  15. Very nice interview. I wouldn't get a tattoo. Sounds like it would be painful to get.


  16. Avery, great to see you here! I LOVED your bank robbery solution! LOL! I really want to get a tattoo, something Celtic looking, and I'm thinking it'll be on my arm, up by my shoulder. I've been thinking about it on and off for decades. I should just do it!

  17. Hello again! Well my retreat is over and I got to meet several fellow romantic suspense authors, attend a ton of great courses, dance, sing karaoke, learn about Elizabeth Boyle's panties (funny story), fell in love with Robyn Carr, chatted with Robin Kaye, and had a book signed by Nora Roberts. Can you tell I am such a reading fan girl at heart?


    I love everyone's tattoo ideas. I have two myself and love them. Of course we'll see how awesome they still look when I'm 80 rocking it out at the nursing home. :)

    Thank you again GLIS for having me!