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Katherine Garbera is the USA Today national best-selling author of more than 50 books. Writing is the chief focus of her time after her family and the only thing she likes more than working on her own books is reading and discussing books.  She is a frequent speaker at conferences and loves the opportunity to talk about writing with anyone who'll listen. Katherine lives in the midlands of the UK with her husband, two children and their spoiled rotten miniature dachshund. Email her at kathy@katherinegarbera.com

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Sexy and Single…

And New Zealand billionaire Russell Holloway intends to stay that way, despite appearing on a matchmaking reality TV show. All he wants from his wholesome bachelorette is to whitewash his reputation so he can score the merger of a lifetime. Nothing more...except a few nights’ pleasurable diversion.

New York professional Gail Little goes from reserved to stunning in time for their first date. But when she meets Russell, she knows the matchmaker made a big mistake. The camera may see their instant chemistry, but will Gail allow the perpetual playboy to transform her into his very own plaything…forever?

Today I'm thrilled to introduce fellow Harlequin Desire author Katherine Garbera.  And before we get to the interview i just have to say what a gorgeous cover she has on her May release.  

CAT:  What’s your favorite fairy tale?
KATHERINE:  My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. I've always loved the Disney version of the story and that she is influenced by the books she's read.  The books I read as a young girl really influenced my life. 

CAT:  What’s your favorite cartoon character?
KATHERINE:  I don't have one and I know this makes me weird but my mom didn't let us watch cartoons when I was growing up she always made us play outside!  I do like Hello Kitty! Thought.

CAT:  Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?
KATHERINE:  For my latest release I listened to a lot of Jessie J, Coldplay and my favorite band Dave Matthews Band!

CAT:  What do you do to unwind and relax?
KATHERINE:  Taking long walks with my dog.  Its nice to just be away from everything electronic and enjoy nature.

CAT:  What is your favorite tradition from your childhood that you would love to pass on or did pass on to your children?
KATHERINE:  Celebrating the little things every day.  My mom used to make a contest out of who could get changed out of their school uniform fastest and would give us a prize if we won.  I have done that with my kids.  It just makes each day a little happier.

CAT:  What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
KATHERINE:  The biggest dream that has been realized for me by my writing is the fact that both of my kids believe they can do anything.  I didn't want them growing up thinking their only career path was an office job.

CAT:  Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?
KATHERINE:  Coffee, strong, but with a liberal dash of cream.

What is your favorite TV show?

Katherine is giving a way a $5 Amazon gift-card (an electronic one) to two different commenters.



  1. Katherine, welcome. If you haven't already figured it out, I love the cover of your new book. It has a little Marilyn Monroe 7 year itch going with her skirt and its just so fun and romantic. Congrats on your release. Can't wait to read it.

    My favorite TV show... there are too many to choose from. But right now, I'd have to say Big Bang Theory. It continues to surprise me week after week and that's pretty amazing.

    Thanks for joining us today on GLIAS

  2. Thanks for the interview. Congrats on the new release. I love Hello Kitty. I remember when she was a big thing over 30+ years ago. (loved her then, too).
    My favorite TV show would have to be... gosh, I have to choose one, huh? Okay, I'll say Revenge, or maybe Rizzoli and Isles or maybe Spartacus. Too many to choose from.

  3. Hi Katherine,

    I love your books. My favorite TV show now is Justified. It gets better every year.

  4. Fun interview. My fav shows are Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory, though I also love The Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars. I would go on The Amazing Race if I could.

  5. Very nice interview. I like Law and Order.


  6. Currently my favourite tv show is Missing.

  7. Congrats to Katherine on the new release. I love Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

  8. Welcome to GLIAS Katherine. Your book sounds like a blast!


  9. Hi congratsvon the book whoo,law and order suv, chealsy lately on e,! Channel Ty

  10. This year I'm watching Castle, Bones and Once Upon A Time.


  11. Any winner Ty