Get Lost in A Heart that Dares with Jill Limber

A Heart That Dares

Jill Limber 
Boroughs Publishing Group

Amanda Giles, an unconventional and free-spirited young artist, has to fulfill a deathbed promise to her brother before she can take up her life as a Bohemian in New York. She finds herself swept up in the perilous life of an undercover espionage agent for the Army of the North with handsome young Army Captain. Daniel McGrath. Daniel knows his preoccupation with the woman posing as his wife puts them both in grave danger, but he finds Amanda has no intention of abandoning their mission. As the danger increases, Daniel's most vital objective is to secure a future for himself and the woman he loves.

An Interview with Jill Limber

Jill Limber, a native of Southern California, lives in San Diego with her husband and a trio of dogs. She has been writing romance for twenty years. As a child, some of her tall tales got her in trouble, but now, thankfully, she get paid for them. One of her favorite pastimes is to gather friends and family for good food, conversation and plenty of laughter.

Jillian: How often to you get lost in a story? 
Jill: If the writing is good it happens every time, and I consider good books gifts. You know, the stories that you are up reading at three in the morning even when you have to go to work the next day? Pure pleasure.
Jillian: What’s the first book you remember reading? 
Jill: I have read everything I could get my hands on since I learned to read at age six, but the book that had the greatest impact on me was Gone With The Wind. I read that when I was twelve and fell in love with romance. It changed my life. 
Jillian: What turns you off like nothing else? 
Jill: Mean people. I have a very live-and-let-live philosophy about life and mean people make me crazy.
Jillian: Where do you read and how often? 
Jill: Every day. I love to read.
Jillian: What sound or noise do you love? 
Jill: A giggling child. I love to hear children having fun. There is such a pure joy to that sound.
Jillian: Describe your favorite kind of hero to read/write? 
Jill: I adore a really competent man—you know, the guy who can do anything and do it well. Very big turn-on for me. 
Jillian: Be honest, when reading 1st person...do you miss the hero’s POV? 
Jill: Absolutely. I think it is very hard to write a romance in first person and pull it off.
Jillian: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?   
Jill: I’d go back to 1861 and walk in the front door of the White House and ask to talk to Abraham Lincoln. According to history he was that accessible. I’d ask him why he is willing to sacrifice the country to uphold the union. I’d love to know what his reasoning was and how hard it was for him to make that decision.

Jill has a question for fans and readers: Who is your favorite romance hero, and if you could go on a date with him, where would you choose to go? I'm giving away a digital copy of A Heart that Dares to a lucky commenter chosen at random. Good luck!

Jill's books are available at Boroughs Publishing Group at boroughspublishinggroup.com and Amazon. Website: JillLimber.com
 Twitter: @Jill_Limber


  1. Hi Jill and Jillian!

    I'd have to say my favorite fictional hero has been Rhett Butler for as long as I can remember. Of course, he wasn't a romance hero, per se. But still, a romantic figure in a great novel. I'd be hard pressed topick a favorite from romance novels. I think my favorite is the one I'm currently reading about on any given day. :)

    Great interview!

  2. This shows the geeky side to me, but Captain Mal Reynolds of Firefly. He's just so witty, a complete scoundrel, yet totally honorable.

    1. Gotta agree with you, Clover. Love MAL !!

  3. Great interview, Jill! There are so many wonderful romance heroes out there, I could pick a different favorite every day and never run out. My favorite hero of all time would be from one of my two favorite books of all time: James from Karen Ranney's The Irresistable MacRae.

  4. Jill, the story sounds fascinating and one I'd love to read (I love spy stories), but is that guy on the cover the hero or her father?

  5. HI JILL !
    Too many heroes to choose from. I think I love the one I'm with at the time. Sort of lovin' my own fictional Texas Ranger right now (always good when you're writing 60,000 words about them). But I'm also lovin' the hubby who took three days and drove 1100+ miles so I could get a better grasp on the countryside that I was writing about. Gotta love him for that. Of course, he did get two really good days of hiking in.

  6. Welcome to GLIAS Jill, I'm so happy to host you today!

    My favorite heroes lately are sexy geeks and antiheroes! They are so much to fun to read and write!

    Can't wait to get lost in A HEART THAT DARES! ;)

  7. Great interview Jill!!! I'm nto a fan of mean people either! LOL

    Gosh I have so many love affairs with romance heroes it's tough to pick!

    Maybe Lancelot from Camelot... I love King Arthur too though! Best love triangle ever! LOL

    Lisa :)

  8. Very fun interview. My favorite hero is Declan from Immortals After Dark and we'd go sightseeing in Ireland.


  9. Hi Jill! Great interview, I love your live-and-let-live philosophy. I, too, am having a hard time choosing just one romance hero ... we're all so fickle! I just finished reading Nora Robert's Witness and Brooke was pretty awesome. However, I know he'll only hold my heart until I pick up a new book.


  10. Great interview! It would have to be Rhett Butler for me and I would go any where he wanted to go.