Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing New GLIAS Crew Member - Lizbeth Selvig

The pup isn't mine - he's now a racing sled dog in Alaska!
Hi GLIAS readers!
I’m so excited to be joining the crew here at Get Lost in a Story. These ladies are not only my peers and friends, they’re also my inspirations. And they have such a great understanding of what’s most important to both readers AND writers, and that is getting lost in a great story!

Here, then, is my story--my way of saying hi, and preparing to share tons of great stories with you.

Me with my three brothers. I was Mama Liz - cuz I was bossy.
I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota with three brothers and no sisters, which definitely shaped my personality. My girlfriends were great, but I was much more excited to be the only female allowed into the neighborhood Boys Only club. Girlie stuff (with exception of the occasional Barbie play date) was a waste of time. Baseball, climbing trees, begging my parents for a horse, and avoiding wearing dresses at all costs were the things I did for fun. 

Finally, one day, after years of my understanding mother putting up with me wishing I’d been born a guy, because they had more adventures, I looked at a picture of Paul McCartney--and fell in love. Like a doggone proper girl.   

I’ve always loved to write – I made up stories from the time I was very young. After the momentous Paul epiphany, all my written tales were romances. At first, they were romances about Davy Jones and Bobby Sherman, Neil Diamond and Paul.  Then I discovered my own characters, and writing became more than a bedtime activity, it became a passion.
Today I still live in Minnesota with my wonderful husband of 37 years and a hyperactive border collie who loves to herd lake waves, bicycle riders, birds and the neighbor’s cat. I’ve worked as a journalist and editor, and I have two talented children: an equine veterinarian daughter and a talented musician son who both married wonderful spouses. They’ve blessed us with grandchildren of the four-legged variety—nearly twenty of them. If you’d like to see my brag book, click here.

In 2010 I entered and won RWA’s Golden Heart® contest with a contemporary romance, called SONGBIRD.  In 2011 it was sold to Avon Books and retitled THE RANCHER AND THE ROCK STAR, which pretty much perfectly describes the story and is not only the title of my first book, but of my life’s dream.

So, now that I’ve introduced myself, let me introduce you to my book:

I tried to create the kind of book I’ve always loved to read: a rich, layered story about people who feel real to me, complex characters who don't pass through the pages in an eyeblink. I love funny characters, but I also love emotional characters.
Some of the funny details you’ll find in TRATRS are my favorite parts of the book. A campfire that sizzles in more ways than one. A big, loveable dog, a cat named Bird, and two wacky cockatiels who play a much bigger role than you’d think. There’s a small town, a big Midwestern storm and Love Potion No. 9 – which I bet you didn’t know was hot chocolate.

But, of course, there’s also Gray, my handsome rock star hero and Abby his strong, determined, stubborn heroine. They share enough emotion to keep even me happy!

To the world, Gray Covey is a rock superstar. But to his runaway son he’s simply the father who never has any time for him. To prove that he’s more than his rock star lifestyle for the next few weeks Gray must put aside his fame and become … a farmhand?

Abby Stadtler has built the perfect, quiet life for herself. Neat and orderly is the name of the game for her and her beloved farm. When Gray shows up on her doorstep, looking like he stepped straight off the front cover of a magazine, she is determined that he won’t upset her routine.

But what neither counts on is the love that springs up between them. Abby knows that life on a ranch in Minnesota can never compete with an exciting world tour. But for Gray, it’s time to decide what’s really important in life. With Abby’s help, will he be able to decide, once and for all, that love and family are the answer?

Join me tomorrow for the tale of how this story came to be, how it got its title and whether or not I know the rock star on the cover. I’ll also share a couple of excerpts. Meanwhile, today I’d love to know what kind of story you most love to get lost in and who your favorite authors are.

Thanks, everybody, for welcoming me to Get Lost in a Story!  And please come visit me online
at my website, on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, or send me an e-mail. I love to hear from friends old and new!

THE RANCHER AND THE ROCK STAR is available in paperback and for all e-readers at Barnes & Noble, AmazonSony e-store, Indie Bound and from AvonImpulse


Donnell said...

So excited, Liz, that you've joined us. I'm so behind I think I'm ahead, but I already own The Rancher and the Rockstar, and it's rising high on my TBR list. Also, I can think of a great prize that would knock 'em out of the part. A lifesize poster of your book cover! Whew! Did you have any say in it or did you just smile when Avon sent it your way? So great to have you with us!

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Welcome, Liz - I have a crush on Paul McCartney too. Can't wait to read your book.

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Donnell,
I'm serious when I say I'm so excited to be part of this group. You guys just plain rock! And the talent . . . !

Thanks so much for the compliment on the cover -- guess what? Tomorrow I have the entire saga of the cover's evolution for you! I did just smile when I saw it -- because as you'll see I totally didn't expect him! Life size poster huh? What an awesome idea -- I have an 8x10 staring at me . . .

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Tammy! It's so great of you to stop by and it's even better because we share THE crush! I am a die-hard fan--even now that Paul is pushing 70. I guess nobody who knows about my many rock star crushes is surprised at the subject of this book. I sure hope you enjoy it and let me know if you do! Thanks!

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Sounds like a wonderful book.. Driven people need to step back and realize what is important and sometimes they never do. I've worked with Type A people and you do just want to smack them & let them know that you can never regain that family time.

Kim Sanders said...

Hi Liz.I am so impressed at all the GLIAS authors, and you sound like a great new member.

I was a big fan of Davy Jones as a kid. Of course, in my head, he was much taller. Love the name "Gray" for so many reasons. Can't wait to read your book.

Angi Morgan said...


Welcome my sister-from-another-mother!


LizbethSelvig said...

Hi GirlyGirl! I hope you enjoy the book if you get the chance to read it. I couldn't agree more about overly-driven people. I have some of them in my family (I'm very thankful my DH is not one of them -- he has just the right amount of drive!) and you're right, sometimes a boot to the head is very hard to resist! Thanks so much for stopping by!

LizbethSelvig said...

Aw, Kim, that's so nice of you to say. I hope I do them proud! As for Davy -- well, let's just say he gave Paul a run for his money! I was so sad when he passed away -- a little love from my past was gone. And, I'm only 5'1 so he was jockey-sized and still okay for me :-P

I'm glad you like Gray's name -- someday you can secretly tell me why!!! Thanks so much for coming by today.

LizbethSelvig said...

Hee hee, Angi - soooo true! And I'm very glad to be here!

Jae Awkins said...

Liz - am reading TRATRS & LOVE it so far!

A girlfriend & I dressed up like Paul & John. ..and lip synced in 8th grade for a church social talent show! (talk about scandalous - but what are great memories made of anyway? ;o)

Miss you here in Alaska - when are you coming back for a visit? ;o)

LizbethSelvig said...

Oh my gosh, Jae, you did that too? We didn't do the church part (I did that with a Neil Diamond song for an actual service once -- that didn't go over all that well either) but lip syncing was a huge favorite past time! I'm proud of you!!

As for Alaska, I'm coming as soon as I can -- I'd come today if it were possible. I miss you too!

Gjillian said...

Welcome Liz! Glad to have you on board!

Jennifer said...

Hi Liz! And all the other GLIS-ers -- what a great group you have here! I adored The Rancher and the Rockstar. Fantastic book. And Sir Paul -- oh yes, count me in on that fan club. I had a crush on all the Beatles, but he was king. ;-) Congratulations on joining this fabulous blog!

Barbara Longley said...

Cute picture of you and your brothers. I have two sisters, and two brothers, so I could go girlie or boyish at any time. :0) The link didn't work on the mfw post, but I knew how to get here. Good for you! Being part of a group blog is great.

Lena Diaz said...

So cool to see you with this wonderful group of authors. Congratulations on joining GLIAS and on your Avon release

LizbethSelvig said...

Thanks so much, Gjillian! It's like getting to play with my heroes! Thanks for inviting me.

LizbethSelvig said...

Thanks for coming by Jennifer -- and I'm so happy you love the story. But, you'll be joining us soon to talk about YOUR wonderful books too -- stay tuned everyone for the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel :-)

LizbethSelvig said...

Hey Barbara - thanks so much for finding your way here despite the techno issues (I think they're fixed now)! I used to want a sister so badly; it was only when I was older and realized how spoiled I got to be being the only girl that I was glad. Still, a little balance to all the testosterone might have made my life a little more, well, balanced!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hey Lena! Thanks for the wishes -- and I need to shout out here: I'm on chapter six of "Simon Says Die" -- and you have another Avon winner there too! Love it! I'm so glad you stopped by. See you in Anaheim.

Nancy Holland said...

Hi, Liz! Had to stop by, even if I'm a bit late. So glad you'll be a regular here. And love the story and the pics.

LizbethSelvig said...

You're not late, Nancy! I'll be playing the room all weekend! Thanks and huge, huge hugs for all the support you always give me!

Alexa said...

Hello, Liz! Welcome to GLIAS! I'm happy to have another newbie on here now besides me!

Deede Cohen said...

Just discovered your group blog and saw that you've written (and published) and your novel sounds fascinating. That is just great, and a hearty congratulations from a southeastern lady. Have never been to Minnesota, but would love to feel the cold there some time, as well as just experience your part of the country. I love most genres - as you said you'd like to know what ppl read - and will often just stroll the library aisles, scanning books for one I'd like to dive into a bit more. ANYway, I think most ppl in here are old friends and then I dropped in - a complete stranger, lol. Best wishes and much further success to you!
Over and out,
Deede Cohen

bn100 said...

I enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing more about the book.

Keely Thrall said...

Liz! Great intro to GLIAS's readership! I loved learning a bit more about your writing journey. Can't wait to see where you go from here!