Jan Hudson Gets Lost in a Story

Today it is my pleasure to bring Jan Hudson to our blog! Jan is a member of my local writers' group and has been an inspiration to me since I joined. I had the opportunity to room with her at a conference once and it is one of my favorite memories. She's talented, she's funny and she pretty much knows everybody who's anybody in the publishing world! Plus, she even kissed Elvis! Thanks for joining me, Jan, and being my very first interviewee! Now, let's get down to the important stuff.

A fifth generation Texan, Jan Hudson is the author of over thirty romance and romantic suspense novels (including a couple of 1880s Texas historicals) and has won numerous awards and accolades, including the Golden Heart and the coveted RITA Award by the Romance Writers of America. She writes the kind of fast-paced stories she loves to read: those laced with humor, fantasy, and adventure, with bold characters who reach beyond the mundane and celebrate life. She had currently taken a break from writing to e-publish many of her favorite backlist titles.

As Dr. Janece O. Hudson, she is a former licensed psychologist, college teacher, and hypnotist. She's considered an expert in the field of dreams and has written a non-fiction book, "Into Your Dreams" about learning to interpret your unique dream symbols.

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ALEXA: How often do you get lost in a story?
JAN:     Frequently. If Im loving a book, the real world disappears and I get so engrossed in the story that my husband has to yell to get my attention. Even then it takes a few seconds to leave the fantasy world and rejoin reality.

ALEXA: What's the first book you remember reading? 
JAN:     In first grade: Dick and Jane. And I loved their dog Spot. (Named my first dog Spot after him.) 

ALEXA What's your favorite fairy tale? 
JAN:     Snow White

ALEXA: What's your favorite cartoon character? 
JAN:     Tweetie Bird

ALEXA:   What turns you off like nothing else? 
JAN:     Bigots and bullies and abusers

ALEXA: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you've met? 
JAN:     My husband and father, of course.

ALEXA What sound or noise do you love? 
JAN:     The sound of quarters in a Vegas jackpot, a waterfall, doves, a childs laughter.

ALEXA: Die Hard or Die Harder? 
JAN:     Die Hard

ALEXA What was the first story you remember writing? 
JAN:     An adaptation of Little Women into a play for my friends to perform.

ALEXA Who's your favorite villain? 
JAN:     Hannibal Lecter. Hes wonderfully terrible!

ALEXA What is your biggest vice? 
JAN:     Chocolate

ALEXAHow is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day? 
JAN:     Its sort of like being a gynecologist or a urologist; you get used to it.

ALEXA: What do you do to unwind and relax? 
JAN:     Read, of course.

ALEXA Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it? 
JAN:     Both. Strong iced tea w/Splenda; plain decaf Folgers w/Splenda.

ALEXA: If you were a t-shirt, what color would you be and why? 
JAN:     Id be a tie-dye of rainbow colors. I love bright colors; theyre happy and energetic and strong. If I had to be one color, Id have a hard time choosing among red, royal blue, purple, or turquoise. Im bold and strong.

ALEXAWhat's up next for you?
JAN:       Next I plan a trilogy with the Berringer brothers (twin Texas Rangers and their older brother). Again, Ill be drawing from my backlist of classic Bantam Loveswepts, which will be updated and revised to have a bit more suspense in them. Big and Bright will be the first.

Thanks, Jan, for hanging out with us today! Folks, Jan is offering a $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card for one lucky commenter! (Winner's choice) To learn more about Jan and her books, visit her on Facebook or her own website, or find her on Twitter @janecehudson.

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  1. Jan, another Folger lover. I feel like I've found a coffee sister! In these days of lattes, capachinos, and mochas, poor Folgers has sadly fallen out of favor. Always Friday sounds fun and amazing. Can't wait to read it. :)

  2. What fun questions and answers!

    My maw maw was an instant Maxwell House drinker - she'd make mine with lots of sugar and cream! Can't drink it now though *laugh* I'm spoiled with Deep Creek Blend roasted whole beans ground every morning in the pot! :-D

  3. What a fun interview, Jan. Your books sound wonderful. Great job, Alexa!

  4. Wonderful interview. Love your books, Jan--both your fiction and the book on dreams!

  5. Jan, you look so professional in your head-shot but now I am picturing you in tie-dye and hip huggers! What a great idea to update and re-release your backlist!

  6. "Thanks for all your comments!" she said between sips of Folger's decaf. (I'm a night owl and haven't been up long. It's raining here and makes for cozy sleeping. Plus, I was having an interesting dream about a wedding. Hmmm.)

  7. Love to hear about you! I'm so excited about your reissuing books--and agree about chocolate and hating bullies and bigots but I'm too cheap to play the slots.

    1. Jane, you won the random number drawing! I'll be contacting you to find out your preference of B&N or Amazon gift card. Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by with your comment.

      Jan Hudson

  8. Very fun interview. Sounds like a good book.


  9. Hi Jan, so good to have you here with us on GLIAS. I can't wait to pick up "Always Friday," it sounds like such a fun and unusual read. I adore quirky characters! I wish you tons of luck with this book and with all your back list releases too -- so glad you were here today!

  10. I'm excited for The Right Moves! Jan, thanks again for being my 1st interviewee. But I gotta tell you, I still want to hear the story about you and Elvis!

  11. I enjoyed the interview and the chance to learn about Jan Hudson and her work. I'm looking forward to checking out her books.

  12. Great interview. Wonderful books. And one smart and funny author! Jan was my mentor and helped me get my first book published. All her books have a touch of southern sassy charm that just make the fun, feel-good reads.

    Christie Craig

  13. Good to hear from more of you. I've been out on an adventure this afternoon. Don't you love adventures and meeting interesting people?

    I just realized how very succinct (and boring) some of my answers were to Alexa's questions. But then, aren't you glad I didn't go on...and on...and on? LOL


  14. Congrats on the books, great interview, tybfor the giveaway , very accomplished resume

  15. All, thanks for your comments and support! Jane Myers Perrine won the gift card in a random number drawing. I'll be contacting her about her win.

    Warmest wishes.
    Jan Hudson

  16. I always sigh when writers say chocolate is their biggest vice--since I don't care for chocolate at all. My love is peanut butter fudge! Or just about anything peanut buttery!

  17. Michele, I'm there with you on the peanut buttery stuff! Although, I do love chocolate also...or both together. I'm hungry!