Dare to Believe with L. A. Sartor

Get Lost in a Story Readers: Donnell here. Today, I'm  excited to introduce to you, L. A. Sartor. L.A. is an award-winning screenwriter, who also writes fantastic novels. I know because I just finished, Dare to Believe, and loved it. Without further ado, let's get to know L.A. Sartor.
Dare to Believe

The Pulitzer prize winning writer …

Catherine Hemstead Malloy had it all – riches, glamour and happiness – or so it seemed. When her husband dies in an accident, she discovers she never really had anything at all. Now with nothing but a dismal bank account and her precious daughter, Cate fights to rebuild her life—until her daughter is kidnapped. Cate has no money, no resources – why would someone target her child?

And the knight in shining armor …

Jason St. Pierre doesn't think of himself as a knight, just a man who does what must be done, lives by his rules and damn the consequences.  He'll move heaven and earth to protect the innocent, and his heart—he loved once and lost and won't risk it again, especially to Cate Hemstead.

Together …

Their reunion pits them against a kidnapper who is always one step ahead and takes them on a hunt from the majestic mountains of Colorado to the idyllic beaches of Hawaii.  Can they solve the who-dunnit turned why-dunnit kidnapping in time to save Cate's daughter?

What readers are saying:

I really enjoyed this debut novel by L.A. Sartor. On a beautiful sunny day at Santa Monica Beach...I sat down on my beach chair with my kindle and figured I'd read a chapter and then go boogie boarding. Forget that...I didn't want to put it down....and 2 hours later..including the chapter tease for the next book...I'm ready for more. I look forward to Sartor's next book.

"Ms. Sartor splashes action and suspense across a backdrop of rugged mountains and tropical paradise in a panicked search for a little girl kidnapped for reasons deeper than anyone suspects. An adventure filled with twists and turns, Dare To Believe will keep you turning the page until every secret is revealed."
~ Audra Harders, author of Rocky Mountain Hero

Donnell, thank you so much for having me here today.  It's an honor, I'm amongst great company at Get Lost in a Story!

My pleasure, L.A.  Ready to have some fun?

DONNELL:   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

L.A.: Hmmm, if I couldn't live in Boulder, CO my hometown, it would have to be near a beach.  I grew up close to beach and I miss it so much.  I gotta have my beach time.

DONNELL:  What’s your favorite room in your house?

L.A.:  The bathroom?  I think, mull, ponder and come up with solutions while in the shower!  Does that count?  If not, probably the kitchen, or the living room in the winter with a view of the snow, or maybe my office?  I love my house, can you tell?

DONNELL:  You’re having a dinner party.  What character from your novel do you hope doesn’t show up? Why?

L.A.:  Helene.  She's a bitch and she'd hate the way I entertain.  Not up to her standards, I'm sure.  But I bet I have more fun at my parties than she does.

DONNELL:  What character would you invite and why?

L.A.  Gus.  I love Gus, he's funny and I feel like he's 'ohana—family.  He makes me laugh, even now after getting to know him so well.

DONNELL:  Can you swim?

L.A.:  Growing up near a beach?  You bet.  I love the water. 

DONNELL:  Coffee, tea or other? 

L.A.:  Coffee, tons of it.  And the other, wine, scotch, a great Margarita.

DONNELL:  What’s in your refrigerator right now?

L.A.: Steak, wine, snap peas, fresh corn and cukes from the garden…and chocolate, dark, dreamy chocolate.

DONNELL:  Do you remember your favorite joke from childhood?

L.A.:  No.  I have a horrible memory for jokes.  I never, ever remember the punch line correctly.

DONNELL:  When writing, do you listen to music? 

L.A.: Sometimes, but I was a music major, so tend to focus on the music, not my writing.  However, if I need mood setting music, I have  a few songs specific to each novel that help me get into the frame of mind I need to write that scene.  Propel me onward.

DONNELL:  Are you superstitious?

L.A.:  Yes.  Why do you ask?  Should I worry?  Huh?

DONNELL:  Someone has cut you off in the checkout line.  How do you handle it?

L.A.:  Usually I frown to myself, and think they're a jerk.  But I tell them to go right ahead.  Then smile, it catches them off guard. Kill the suckers with kindness.

DONNELL:  Dog or cat person or something else?

L.A.:  Cat.

DONNELL:  What’s the most unusual thing in your closet?

L.A.: You don't want to know.  Nah, nothing really.  I'm pretty tame.

DONNELL:  If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be, and what would you talk about?

L.A. Geez, really?  How long do I have… I'd like to ask my father what it's like up there. I'd like to ask Cleopatra what really happened and what it was like to be the most beautiful woman in the world. I'd like to ask Stephen Spielberg to read my script Stone of Heaven and then talk to me about it, really talk to me.  And I'd like to talk to H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burrows about how they saw so far into the future, maybe they were time travelers!

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN, L.A.  Here’s your chance to ask readers a question.  READERS, L.A. WILL BE GIVING AWAY A DIGITAL COPY OF DARE TO BELIEVE. 

L.A.:  I'm hard at work finishing my next book Stone of Heaven, it's an action adventure script that I'm turning into a novel, because, frankly I love the story (are you reading this, Steven Spielberg?)  But it's light on the romance.  Here's the question:  Can you as a reader deal with a hero who might have had a thing with the twin sister of the heroine? 

I'd love to hear from you. 


L.A. SARTOR was born in Germany and was very lucky to be adopted by an American couple. They lived in Germany for several years, then moved to California and later Colorado. Her parents encouraged her to be creative and nurtured her “Lessie do it” attitude.
She started writing around the age of 4 when she dictated stories to her mother, who patiently wrote them down while L.A. illustrated them. (She generously describes the scribbles she made as “illustrations.”)

After college she moved to Los Angeles but was lured back to Colorado with the promise of managing a new business. There she worked for many years alongside her mother, designing and crafting beautiful jewelry. The women were chosen by the University of Colorado to create their Ceremonial Mace and Presidential Chain of Office, a wonderful legacy.
L.A. lives in Colorado with her husband, whom she met on a blind date—she can't imagine life without her best friend. She plays in the mountains and travels as much as possible.

Now it’s L.A.'s desire to move onward in her writing career and create stories that translate into adventures on the page with her novels and magic on the screen with her screenplays.

L.A. Sartor's website: www.lasartor.com  Readers can also find Dare to Believe on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and your favorite e-reader. 

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  1. L.A. Thanks for joining us on Get Lost in a Story. I have to tell you, I was totally engrossed in Dare to Believe. As a parent, I was heartbroken for Cate, and I loved the depths she would go to for the return of her daughter. Loved her relationship with Jason! Well done, girl.

    Looking forward to your next book.

  2. Hi Donnell,
    Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the Get Lost In A Story,I loved the questions you asked :)

    And thank you for the kind words for Dare To Believe, coming from you it's high praise as I admire your writing so much!!!

    Stone of Heaven is coming out in Dec. It's an action adventure ( as I mentioned above ) and it's been a blast to write.


  3. Holy Cow those are really interesting questions, Donnell!
    And equally interesting answers, Leslie. Very interesting! I didn't know you were a music major. What made you pursue a career in writing vs music?
    I loved Gus too.
    And I DO want to know what is the most unusual thing in your closet--unless it's x-rated, then you can pass on sharing .

    Hmmm would I crush on a guy who I think MIGHT have a thing for my sister??? I wouldn't WANT to for sure. I don't like competition-esp. if my sister wants him--and I don't share well--won't share my guy. B-u-t I've found that I have little control over who I'm attracted to. Chemistry when combined with a great personality is a powerful thing.

    So as a reader, I wouldn't find it off-putting unless the sister wants the guy--then it'd make me a little less able to like the heroine. Sounds fascinating. Can't wait to read it as I loved Dare to Believe!

  4. Hi Leslie Ann and Donnell! Great interview! Hmm...I think I'm in the same camp as Theresa. I wouldn't mind if the relationship were truly over with the twin, and both sisters were okay with the it.

    Sounds like a great read!

  5. Hi T,
    Music major...I have a fear of performing, and I didn't want to teach, so music was out. I didn't get the fear of performing until college. Odd. Before that, I was a ham.

    Thanks for the answer on the relationship question! Now you'll have to read Stone of Heaven to see:) Nah, seriously, your answer helped clarify some points for me.


  6. Susan,
    Thanks for visiting today. Good point. Both sisters have to be okay with it and that's the question one sister will be iffy about, BUT not for the reason you might think. Ah ah, another good point to add. Thanks for making me think harder :)


  7. Hi Leslie Ann. I loved the interview. As to your questions, I can totally understand the hero having had a fling with the twin of the heroine as long as he thought she was the heroine. If he was in love with the sister, it would suck that he's coming on to the heroine. He has to have always wanted the heroine for it to work.

  8. I think you could do so much with the twin story (well,coming from a mystery suspense writer's viewpoint. I mean do we have one good twin and one bad twin. Do we have an antagonist interfering. I think you can write about anything, L.A. done well. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  9. Nice interview. It depends on what kind of thing he had with the sister and how close the relationship was.



  10. Posting for Lisa Potacar who is having trouble :)

    A pleasant surprise, Donnell, that your interview questions focused more on the author. It was great fun getting to know you, Leslie Ann, on a more personal basis. We readers are thankful to your parents for nurturing your creative side. I have Dare to Believe in my possession and next up on my "to-read" shelf. It looks absolutely delicious, and I can't wait to get to it.

    As far as your question goes: First, it would depend upon when that "thing" with my twin and your hero might've happened--before, during, or after I was dating your hero. Mostly, it would depend upon my relationship with my twin as to how I'd feel about your hero.

    I have a close relationship with my twin; we grew up sharing EVERYTHING, including inner thoughts and secrets, and we grew up having a great understanding that our differences attracted us to and made us attractive to our own unique set of friends, boyfriends, significant others, and even family members. So...I'd have a greater problem with my twin than my boyfriend (your hero) if she lacked faith in me to tell me about an attraction between her and my boyfriend before anything got started between them. It's understandable for a guy to be attracted to both twins at once, and I'd probably sympathize with your hero in muddling his way through this confusion.

    BUT...if my twin and I had grown up in an adversarial relationship, then I'd take greater issue with your hero--who'd have to know that my twin might be reeling him in on purpose to compete with or hurt me. Then, I don't think I could buy into reading about a hero so easily duped, unless he was genuinely innocent of my relationship with my twin (which seems doubtful).
    I hope this answers your question--the long way 'round--LOL!

  11. Dare to Believe is a special story. I felt for Cate all the way through. A very nice interview too, Leslie Ann. I think you've started on a wonderful journey, and I hope you enjoy every step of the way. I'm glad you dared to believe.

  12. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for being here. The questions were interesting, weren't they! And thanks for your story input. You're right about the love factor playing an important role.


  13. Hi bn100!
    Thanks, the interview was fun. I chuckled as I answered the questions. And you're right, it absolutely depends on how close the relationship was. I've got to nail that.


  14. Hi Lisa,
    Sorry you had trouble with blog! I learned something about you as well, today! I didn't realize you were a twin. I may pick your brain. Nice observations you made. And I like the fact that you'd have had more issues with your twin if she hadn't told you about the attraction. That really makes Tori mad...at her sister.

    Thanks again for perserving and getting the post out here with Donnell's help.

  15. Hi Leslie Ann and welcome to GLIAS. Hope you've enjoyed your stay here and the best of luck with your books.

    Did you do much traveling to prepare for the location settings? Colorado to Hawaii !! I hope you did !!


  16. Ellis,
    Thank for you saying Dare To Believe is a special story! That is quite a statement.

    This journey is so exciting. It's truly a dream come true. I'm glad I dared to believe as well :)


  17. Hi Angi,
    It's been a blast to be here.

    I went to graduate school in Hawaii and my father had a research station up on top of Mauna Loa, on the big island.

    And Gary and I honeymooned there. He brought all cool weather clothes, not believing it could be so warm in January. The our luggage went to China, so he/we had to buy all new clothes. He's a believer now!


    1. Ha, me thinks you got a special scene based on your honeymoon, LA! :) Thanks for being with us today. I hope you had fun!

    2. Thanks for having me here today. I had a blast. I'll check back for more comments, then Donnell can draw the winner.


  18. Hi Donnell! Hi Leslie!! I can't believe I missed this interview when it first posted! Great questions, and after reading what Leslie has in her refrigerator, I'm coming to raid the chocolate, LOL!

    I think it was Danielle Steele who wrote a book-turned-movie about identical twins changing places with devastating results. I was intrigued and yes, I think I could still love a hero who is attracted to the twin since the identical exterior of a person has nothing to do with the unique interior.

    Loved Dare To Believe. Can't wait for Stone of Heaven!!

    1. Hi Miss Audra! So good to see you here. Raid my fridge anytime. PLEASE save me from chocolate.

      Love the way you put the exterior/interior concept.

      Thanks for the compliment. I can't wait for Stone of Heaven either lol.


  19. The Winner of LA. Sartor's book, DARE TO BELIEVE is Susan Boyer.