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A Liz Talbot Mystery
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Private Investigator Liz Talbot is a modern Southern belle: she blesses hearts and takes names. She carries her Sig 9 in her Kate Spade handbag, and her golden retriever, Rhett, rides shotgun in her hybrid Escape. When her grandmother is murdered, Liz high-tails it back to her South Carolina island home to find the killer. She’s fit to be tied when her police-chief brother shuts her out of the investigation, so she opens her own. Then her long-dead best friend pops in and things really get complicated. When more folks start turning up dead in this small seaside town, Liz must use more than just her wits and charm to keep her family safe, chase down clues from the hereafter, and catch a psychopath before he catches her.
Susan M. Boyer has been making up stories her whole life. She tags along with her husband on business trips whenever she can because hotels are great places to write: fresh coffee all day and cookies at 4 p.m. They have a home in Greenville, SC, which they occasionally visit. Susan’s short fiction has appeared in moonShine Review, Spinetingler Magazine, Relief Journal, The Petigru Review, and Catfish Stew. Her debut novel, LOWCOUNTRY BOIL, is a 2012 RWA Golden Heart® finalist and a 2012 Daphne du Maurier award recipient.
ANGI: Okay, Liz. I was told by a little birdy that you have an on-going obsession with your college sweetheart. Care to share a little more?
LIZ: I declare, I don’t know how these rumors get started. Michael and I are ancient history. He’s married to my cousin Marci. You’ll have to ask him how well that’s worked out. A few gossips from back home like to speculate about why I choose to live in Greenville, four hours away. I assure you, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Michael Devlin.

ANGI: So what about Nate? 
LIZ: Nate? He’s my partner—okay, so he’s also my ex-brother in law, but I don’t hold that against him. He and Scott the Scoundrel are nothing alike. Nate is my best friend.

ANGI: Anyone else in the picture?
LIZ: Not at the moment. I’m focused on my job. Nate and I have worked hard the last few years, and our agency is really taking off. Honestly, I’m too busy to date. My Golden Retriever, Rhett, keeps me company.

ANGI: What’s your favorite song?
LIZ: Anything by Kenny Chesney. But my current favorite is—okay, it’s a tie between I’m Alive (a duet with Dave Matthews) and Seven Days, both from the album, Hemingway’s Whiskey.

ANGI: Do you find time to read and how often?
LIZ: I love to read. When my case load allows, I read every night. I love romances and mysteries. My favorite books are both.

ANGI: What’s the funniest thing RHETT--your shotgun-riding-golden Retriever—has ever done?
LIZ: Well, he’s a constant source of entertainment. But I got the biggest kick out of the time, right before Scott and I separated, when Rhett defended me in an argument by peeing down Scott’s pant leg and all over his Berluti loafers. Rhett was just a puppy. I love that dog.

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
LIZ: Ocean waves crashing on the beach.
ANGI: I just spent a week at the beach and know exactly what you mean. I even recorded a sunset to bring home with me.

ANGI: What is your biggest vice?
LIZ: Mamma’s fried chicken and biscuits with gravy.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK:  What’s your favorite case you’ve ever investigated?
LIZ HAS TO ANSWER:  The most unusual would have to be the time Nate and I were hired to find a trailer missing from a local trailer park. I can’t name names, you understand, but a high-profile client had stashed his mistress in a trailer park. He reasoned it was unlikely he would run into anyone in his social circle there. Also, trailer parks tend to have fewer security cameras than hotels, apartment complexes, or condos. It was a nice trailer park, well kept.

One day his mistress—let’s call her Amber, because it starts with “A”—comes home from her day job and the trailer simply isn’t there. No one saw anything, because everyone else was at work, too. Our client suspected his wife had found him out and had the trailer moved—and likely burned—but he could hardly inquire, and she was behaving normally.

As it turned out, Amber had been previously involved with another gentleman. This genius—let’s call him Genius—had two post-Amber romances in progress. Claimed he loved them all, including Amber, who had broken his heart, et cetera. Bambi (female number two) found out about Candy (female number three). Bambi kicked him out—his primary residence was with her—threw his stuff in the yard and set fire to it. By way of further retaliation, Bambi hid his stash of cocaine. He, in turn, kidnapped her pet yellow-and-white Indian python and was holding it until he got his drugs back.
Genius hid the snake in the trailer after Amber left for work. When he and Bambi agreed on terms, he went back to retrieve said snake—I don’t know the snake’s name—but it wasn’t in the laundry bag Genius used for transport.

Apparently, he was afraid the missing python would harm Amber, and rightly so. Genius couldn’t tell Amber the problem, so he had the trailer hauled away to a remote location. Bambi hired two thugs to rough him up and take the trailer apart to rescue her pet.
We traced them through the haulers who moved the trailer. Candy, who had paid for Genius’s car, found them via GPS tracking. She roughed up Genius some more. He deserved it. 

The thugs, at our suggestion, put the trailer back together, and Genius had it returned to the trailer park. Unfortunately, Amber declined to reenter the premises knowing a snake had been loose inside. I can’t say I blame her. I purely do not like snakes.

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I get a lot of grief for moving away from my hometown. When I’m honest with myself, I admit I miss it. Do y’all still live where you grew up? If you’ve moved away, do you ever get homesick? 


  1. Angi, thanks so much for having Liz over! She had a great time! :)

  2. Yay!! Glad to see Liz gets to do interviews too!! I think I need a dog like Rhett for when my husband and I get in arguments .. it would be nice to have someone on my side :)

    Great post .. and really wishing I could taste the fried chicken!

    1. Nikki, for you, I get Liz would ship some FedEx. :) Thanks so much for coming by!

    2. BET... I bet she'd ship it. I need more coffee.... :)

  3. Good morning Susan (and Liz). Congratulations on RELEASE DAY !!!

    As for me...I don't miss my small home town at all. I much prefer not driving 20 or 30 miles to see a movie or get a gallon of milk. Don't miss passing hay-bailers or tractors on one lane roads every day. It's great occasionally, but gets old fast.


    1. Thanks, Angi!

      The small town I grew up in was closer to a larger town which had everything we needed, and most of what we wanted. I think driving 20 miles for milk might indeed get old. :)

  4. Love the interview from Liz! Very fun. Good luck on Lowcountry Boil, Susan. It's a fab book and I'm so happy for you!

    1. Thanks so much, Terri! Liz really wants to spend some quality time with Rose Strickland, your fabulous protag! :)

  5. I would love to win! I can't wait to read this one!!!!

    sarah2323 at gmail dot com

    1. Awesome, Sarah! Thank you so much-you are entered in the drawing. :)

  6. Loved the trailer park story. Liz is such a great character and I think she needs to seriously examine Nate from a non-best friend perspective. Just saying.

  7. Ha! Thank you, Larissa. Liz has a very complicated relationship with men. I personally think Nate is excellent romantic material for Liz, but she calls the shots here. I guess we'll see what she decides. :)

  8. I grew up in a small town in Australia. When my parents were alive I would go back often. It was always nice to see old friends again.

    1. Australia, wow! I love going home--I go every chance I get. Thanks so much for visiting today. You are entered in the drawing! :)

  9. Fantastic interview, ladies! This is such a marvelous book!

    To answer Liz's question, I do not still live in my hometown, but halfway across the country from it. I miss the people and the food, but not the traffic or the heat.

    Susan, I can't wait to see which guy Liz picks. I like them both, so it's a win from this reader either way. :)

    There are so many reasons I identified so completely with this novel, but two are mentioned here: I have a dog named Scarlett, and the ringtone on my phone is "Be as You Are." :)

  10. Great post, ladies!

    Congrats on debut day, Susan. Crossing fingers for much success!

  11. Congrats on the book! I don't miss my hometown.


    1. Thank you so much! I'm really glad you're happy where you are! :)

  12. Hi Liz and Susan,
    What an awesome interview. Liz--you sound like you have just an amazing, if complicated, life. Do you ever drive Susan crazy with your stories? Does she ever drive you crazy because she doesn't write them down fast enough? I think it's you two who have the great partnership! Thanks for the fun time! Congrats on your release, and good luck with the book.

    1. Hi Lizbeth! Liz here, yes, Susan drives me crazy because she simply can't keep up.

      Susan: Well, she does have a complicated life--it's hard to keep up with all of her cases AND all the men in her life. :)

      Thanks so much from both of us! :)

  13. Whooohoooooo! Congrats on your release, Susan! Liz seems like tons of complication AND fun!

  14. Congratulations to Liz and Susan on the release of Low Country Boil. :)

  15. Thanks so much, Alexa and Jillian! :)

  16. Wooohooo, what a great interview Angi and Liz! Where was Susan Boyer during this great adventure. Probably doing her nails again. That Liz, what a great protagonist and what a great series Susan Boyer has going! Toasting my coffee cup to many, many sales!!!!

  17. I love southern mysteries. I hope I win! Congratulations on your first book being published, Susan.
    Barb [at] barbgoffman {dot} com

  18. I loved this interview with Liz, love Liz, and LOVE LOWCOUNTRY BOIL!!! Congrats on release day today. I'm off to bed to finish your awesome book :-)

  19. Hi all!

    AceMommy won the drawing, and she has been contacted via email. Thanks everyone for visiting with Lia, Angi, and me on GLIAS!