On Dec 21, 2012, at 2:12 pm, the sky went dark all over the world...

...and people's lives changed in ways they feared to admit. Thousands died in accidents while others claimed to have seen demons and found themselves locked up in their local psychiatric ward. Scientists explained away the phenomenon, and things seemed to return to normal.

Dark Daze
Ava Delany

After a decade of trying to conceal a power she never expected or wanted, Brie Duval was used to being alone. When life—or more appropriately, a meddling friend, sends her on a blind date with Ian Connors, she discovers she wasn't the only person to gain powers that day.

 They find themselves falling in love while on the run from a creature with eyes that suck in light and a force that controls their wills, but Brie fears their love is a side effect of the menace. In order to survive, they must put aside their fears and embrace the gifts they've fought so hard to deny.

An Interview with Brie Duval and Ian Connor from Dark Daze 
(Taken down by Ava Delany)

Thank you for joining us via the time talker. This futuristic invention is fascinating. Can you tell me some of the other changes we can expect between December 2012 and December 2022? 

Brie: Small changes—like the elimination of folding money in favor of credit and all cars becoming keyless—didn't surprise me, but when the hotels became voice controlled, that took a bit of getting used to.
Ian: I was just relieved when the bathrooms weren't on the new system.
I can imagine. What brought about all these wonderful inventions in such a short time?
Brie: After Dark Day, most people didn't want to talk about the changes, but there were changes. Some people got smarter, some gained physical and mental powers. Even some animals seemed affected.

What is Dark Day?
Brie: The Mayans predicted a big change on December 21, 2012.
Ian: Yeah, if only they'd known how big.
Brie: The world went dark in the afternoon—this inky dark that seemed to suck in all the light. Tens of thousands of people died in accidents. So many people lost family members, like I did . . . I'm sorry but I can't . . .
Ian: It's all right, Brie. Can we move on? Brie's getting upset.

That's okay. We'll move on to something more fun. What's your favorite meal? 
Ian: I'm partial to Bangers and Colcannon. It's a family tradition.
Brie: His Bangers and Colcannon are my new favorite. Probably because it was the first meal we ever made together.
Do you have a favorite cocktail? 
Ian: Anything but beer! I'll be happy if I never see another beer again.
You're obviously not a beer lover. What about coffee? Or do you prefer tea?
Ian: I'm okay with either, but it's all Mocha Lattes for Brie.
Brie: Low fat Mocha Lattes.
Ian: Don't look at me like I forgot your birthday. You don't need low fat lattes. You're beautiful just as you are.

That's sweet. You obviously love each other. Was it love at first sight?
Brie: I think it was, though I thought I couldn't have him because of my secrets.
Ian: I thought the same thing, with so many strange things were happening around me. We were lucky because it turned out we both had secrets and they united us, rather than breaking us apart.

Ooh, secrets! What secrets?
Ian: Secrets are secrets for a reason. I'll say this. Since Dark Day, secrets are paramount. If you go telling everyone everything, you might find yourself in a mental hospital the way so many people did when they claimed animals talked to them or they could read people's thoughts.
Brie: So many people smile and act friendly, but then you look in their eyes and they look terrified.

Aren't these secrets in your book?
Ian: Yes, but that's why we used the time talker to contact a writer earlier in the time stream than we are. We wanted the chance to warn those people who are about to experience Dark Day so that they might be better prepared for what will happen. If we can prepare people for what is to come, it might change the way things are, and we might be able to embrace our secrets, rather than hide them.

Sounds like a heck of a story. Who took it down? 
Ian: I tapped into the computer of a writer named Ava Delany. She listened for hours, and took notes.
Where can readers find more information on her?
She has twitter and facebook accounts, as well as goodreads, but you could check her website for information on our story and several others. www.avadelany.webs.com
Thank you for visiting with us and sharing a little about your story.

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  1. Hi April!

    Congrats on the release of Dark Daze! I have several post apocalyptic favorites, but my latest is The Walking Dead. Because I also love a good Zombie story!

  2. Welcome back to GLIAS April.

    My favorite apocalyptic stories are those rebuilding a modern society and people become inter-dependent on one another again. I loved Jericho. There's another JEREMIAH staring Luke Perry. I actually caught it after it's two years on SCI-FI. Very interesting concept.


  3. Thanks for having me, Jill. It was a fun story to write.

    Thank you too Angi. I love rebuilding stories too. And redemption stories. I love The Stand, by Stephen King. I've probably read it 5 times, and if you know anything about that book, you know that the unabridged version is seriously long. I also love I Am Legend (which is not like the movie) and several others. What can I say? I'm a sucker for that whole end of the world thing.

  4. Hi Ava, congratulations on the release.
    I love post-apocalyptic books, and one of my favorites is a story I remember reading as a teenager - a long time ago - but it made a big impact: The Chrysalids by John Wyndam

  5. Fun interview!! I don't think I've read any post apocalptic books, so I need to pick this one up!

  6. Very nice interview. I like this type of book. I like Article 5.


  7. My favorite post apocolyptic fiction is written by a guy named Bud McFArlane... I think that's his last name. He wrote to a pretty small niche, but it fascinated me. AS far as movies go, I like Indepedence Day, which...might be considered end of times. LOL :D

    Great interview!