What's Up with the Crew?

The Get Lost in a Story authors have been busy! We've got so much going on, we thought it was time to give readers an update. So, without further ado: What's Up with the Get Lost Crew!

Jillian Stone
Last spring, my agent called to tell me that Pocket Star was being reinvented as an e-book line. He asked if I would like to write a Gentlemen of Scotland Yard e-novella to help launch the line. It was one of those offers you can't refuse, but it was also a novella.

In a later call to my editor I said: "I'm not sure I know how to write a novella." There were several detectives I had in mind to write, but they weren't 30,000-40,000 word stories...and so to make a long story short (novella lengthmy editor suggested Scotland Yard's eccentric nerdy crime lab inspector Archibald Bruce.

Long dead silence over the phone. "Archie Bruce?" I groaned. "Gee, Kate, I'm not sure the romance reader is ready for such a wonky hero, and frankly I'm not inspired."

My editor went on to wax poetic on the subject of wonky, nebbishy, nerdy men and how she had just had a conversation with Abby Zidle about how tired they all were of alpha males. A little voice went off in my head that sounded a bit like a crying whimpering banshee: Really? Not sure romance readers ever tire of them. "I'll think about it," I said.

At the time I was in the process of writing a full length book in a month (for another publisher), something I thought was next to impossible until I did it––but that's another juicy blog story for another day. So, during my month in book writing hell, I occasionally had a few milliseconds to think about the e-novella. I asked everyone I knew about writing novella length historical romance and I must say, Tessa Dare was spot on.

Tessa's advice: It's helpful if the hero/heroine have a past so that you can get them–more believably–to a love scene or you can fast forward (some months later) so the love scene becomes a kind of epilogue to the story. 

And here's the amusing part, the more I thought about a wonky forensics detective, the more I began to like the idea. What if he was nerdy with a metro edge? I had always pictured Archie as a young savant, attractive in a disheveled, absentminded professor kind of way, and then Johnny Depp's Ichabod Crane came to mind. FYI: Johnny Depp is my go-to eccentric male character role model. When in doubt, I ask myself: What would Johnny do?

So, to wrap up this update, the new e-novella is titled: A LESSON IN CHEMISTRY WITH INSPECTOR BRUCE, and it is due to be released November 3rd! Please stop by my website: http://jillianstone.com for the blurb!

Simone St. James
It's been a few months now since my debut, THE HAUNTING OF MADDY CLARE, was released, and the response has been terrific. The reviews have been favorable, but by far my favorite part of the process has been the emails I get from readers, telling me how much they loved the book. I never get tired of those!

My second novel, another 1920s ghost story, is AN INQUIRY INTO LOVE AND DEATH, releasing March 5, 2013.

In 1920′s England , a young woman searches for the truth behind her uncle’s mysterious death in a town haunted by a restless ghost… 

Oxford student Jillian Leigh works day and night to keep up with her studies—so to leave at the beginning of the term is next to impossible. But after her uncle Toby, a renowned ghost hunter, is killed in a fall off a cliff, she must drive to the seaside village of Rothewell to pack up his belongings.

Almost immediately, unsettling incidents—a book left in a cold stove, a gate swinging open on its own—escalate into terrifying events that convince Jillian an angry spirit is trying to enter the house. Is it Walking John, the two-hundred-year-old ghost who haunts Blood Moon Bay ? And who besides the ghost is roaming the local woods at night? If Toby uncovered something sinister, was his death no accident?

The arrival of handsome Scotland Yard inspector Drew Merriken, a former RAF pilot with mysteries of his own, leaves Jillian with more questions than answers—and with the added complication of a powerful, mutual attraction. Even as she suspects someone will do anything to hide the truth, she begins to discover spine-chilling secrets that lie deep within Rothewell…and at the very heart of who she is.

And here is the beautiful cover!  I am completely in love with it.

In other great news, my publisher has contracted me for two more books, so I will have releases in 2014 and 2015! And now, I have to get back to work writing them....


Angi Morgan
Hey everybody! Thanks to Simone for spurring us all to give an update. Things have been so busy around GLIAS that we haven't shared with each other about our books (LOL), so it's great fun reading everyone's updates. 

It's been a long wait, but my next release is just around the corner and will be on bookshelves in February. Dangerous Memories practically wrote itself and I have no idea why. Some books are just like that. My husband and I had a lot of fun finding places around Dallas to use.

WORKING COVER--Actual to be released soon
Jolene Atkins’ memories of her mother’s murder twenty years ago are rapidly resurfacing and so are the murderers. Dissatisfied with never knowing the truth, her father is killed while investigating the long forgotten murder, putting Jolene in the dangerous path of the man from her nightmares. The only person who can protect her has been ordered to leave her on her own. Is it really better to remember or should she disappear?

Levi Cooper vowed to protect Jolene. If she doesn’t remember the murderer he can’t officially help, but Levi never breaks a promise. They return to the scene, risking his career and their lives to help her remember, building their own memories.

Can Levi make the ultimate sacrifice and protect Jolene--even if those recovered memories send her into Witness Protection and he loses her forever? ~February 2013

PROTECTING THEIR CHILD will follow in May 2013. I don't have release dates for DOUBLE TAKE & DOUBLE BLIND but they are scheduled for consecutive month releases. I'm very excited about my twin brother heroes and I'm currently writing them with very close approaching deadlines. So I better get back to work. Thanks so much for your support. ~Angi     Connect with Angi.

Alexa Bourne
Hello, hello! I, too, have been busy working since my debut, Her Highland Champion, came out in March. I spent most of the summer writing, and so far in October I've been focusing on promotion. On November 6th, my 2nd UK story, Fractured Paradise, will be released. Yay! This one is very special to me because it's a contemporary romantic suspense novella set in my mother's hometown of Sunderland, England. Here's the blurb:

Technical analyst for the International Protective Network, Rachel Grant arrives in Sunderland intent on tidying up her grandmother’s cottage, but the disaster she discovers requires more than a gentle sweep of a dust rag. Determined to please the most important person in her life, she trades her computer keyboard for a hammer and nails to make the repairs. She doesn’t count on the chilly reception from the locals who want to claim Nan’s home as their own.

Tour guide Aidan Camden wants to buy the cottage. He’s determined to acquire the property no matter how attractive he finds the current occupant. However, when tragedy strikes, throwing them both into a tailspin, he discovers he wants more than the house. He longs for the sexy American as well. Can Aidan put his own ghosts to rest in time to save the woman who’s claimed his heart?

Over the weekend, I received the mock-up of the cover for the next book, Simple Treasures (coming in December), but I can't share it yet. This is another romantic suspense novella, and this one set is in Edinburgh, Scotland around New Year's Eve. I don't have a release date yet, but here's the unofficial blurb for it:

Take-charge bodyguard Colin Munro believes working for the International Protective Network will be the perfect occupation for him. Unfortunately, his trial assignment is protecting a woman who has no intention of blindly following orders. Aye, he’ll bring the bonnie lass in line because there’s no way he’ll allow her to ruin his chance of securing his dream job.

Physically and emotionally scarred during her stint as a U.S. soldier, Joanna Grainger wants nothing more than to enjoy life. New Year's Eve in Edinburgh marks the beginning of her transformation. But when she witnesses a crime no one believes occurred, her plans come to a screeching halt. To make matters worse, her sexy but headstrong bodyguard has no compassion for her or the victim.

As danger hunts them during one of the busiest time of the year, Joanna must convince Colin she's a worthy partner. But first, can she convince herself?

I'm also waiting to hear from two other manuscripts I've submitted, I'm working on my very first historical (short story) and I'm gearing up for National Novel Writing Month, where I'll be writing the rough draft of my next full-length romantic suspense novel, Stripped.

Today is also my birthday! So I'm celebrating with friends, family and a contest. From commenters here and commenters on my own blog, I'll be drawing 1 winner to receive a birthday present!

Cat Schield

My 4th book with Harlequin Desire hits the shelves in November.  The Rogue's Fortune is the 5th book in the Highest Bidder continuity.  I was very excited to work with 5 other fabulous Desire authors on this series.  My hero is Roark Black a billionaire adventurer who needs event planner Elizabeth Minerva to pretend to be his fiancee for a few months while he works to save his family's auction house.  I had such fun writing about these characters.

In June I was offered a four book deal with Desire that will keep me busy.  3 of the books are set in Las Vegas about three half sisters and the sexy men who steal their hearts.  I recently spent a few days in Sin City doing some research.  I can't wait until the end of 2013 when I get to introduce everyone to the Fontaine sisters.

Heather Snow 

But take a look at her beautiful releases.

More on Heather.

Lizbeth Selvig

Since the release of my debut novel "The Rancher and the Rock Star" I've been busy working on book number two in what will be a series set in and around the small Minnesota town of Kennison Falls. I have no release date for you, but I do know Avon wants the series, and I'm hoping to have more news within the next six weeks. The working title for the new book is "The Horsewoman's Hero," and I think it'll be a fun sequel to "Rancher." It will feature feisty heroine Jill Carpenter, a vet student who quits school to pursue her Olympic dream, and her super-sexy hero Chase Preston, a wounded crusader with a vintage motorcycle and a tragic secret he refuses to tell anyone. A few favorites from "Rancher" will likely show up, plus there's a cast of new characters including a Clydesdale named Gypsy and a crotchety farmer with a shotgun! Stay tuned for more updates!

Meanwhile, "The Rancher and the Rock Star" continues to garner new fans, and I'm thrilled. I'd love it if new readers would visit my website http://www.lizbethselvig.com and leave a guestbook comment. I invite you, too, to come and like my facebook author page: http://www.lizbethselvigauthor. I have plans soon to start a quarterly newsletter and I'm looking for lots of readers who'll share fun and news with me. Thanks for supporting us all here at GLIAS. Happy reading o all our supporters and fans!

Susan M. Boyer
It's been three weeks today since Lowcountry Boil's release. I'm thrilled with the reviews so far--here are a few:

“Plenty of secrets, long-simmering feuds, and greedy ventures make for a captivating read…Boyer’s chick lit PI debut charmingly showcases South Carolina island culture.” — Library Journal

“Humor, a little romance, a charming location, and an intelligent detective with a few idiosyncrasies. Top it off with a murder mystery with a host of suspects. Lowcountry Boil might be Susan M. Boyer’s first mystery, but it’s an outstanding debut. Here’s hoping Liz Talbot mysteries become a staple in the mystery field.” – Lesa Holstine, Lesa’s Book Critiques

 “Lowcountry Boil offered an intriguing mystery and a unresolved romance which should keep enthusiasts of both genres happy and eager to read the next book in the series.... The book was a page turner full of southern charm. I gobbled it up quickly and I can’t wait to read the sequel." -- Lynn Farris, Examiner.com

I've just returned from Bouchercon, the world's biggest mystery convention, which was in Cleveland this year. It was a thrill to participate in the New Author Coffee Hour and the signing afterwards with the rest of the Class of 2012 - 2013. But the biggest thrill of the convention was talking one-on-one to readers. A librarian made my day--okay, my year--when she told me that her library had just gotten Lowcountry Boil in, and she was reading it and really liked it.

I'm working hard on Liz Talbot's next adventure, which we hope will be out in the spring.

Donnell Ann Bell

Hello All!  My latest news is that my second release and single title Romantic Suspense from Bell Bridge books will be out in January, 2013.  It surrounds my writing theme “SUSPENSE TOO CLOSE TO HOME," the setting is Albuquerque, New Mexico, the state in which I was raised. 

This book is my 2010 Golden Heart finaling novel, DEADLY RECALL.  (I await news as to if Bell Bridge Books will keep that title.)
Seventeen years ago, Eden Moran blocked out a murder.  Heaven help her, she’s about to remember.

Nine-year-old Eden Moran thought she was saying good-bye to her mentor that fateful day in St. Patrick’s.  She had no idea she’d witness the nun’s demise, or that her child’s mind would compensate.  Now seventeen years later, Albuquerque cops have unearthed human remains, and the evidence points to Eden as being the key to solving Sister Beatrice’s murder.  When a hell-bent cop applies pressure, Eden stands firm.  She doesn’t remember the woman.  Unfortunately for Eden, Sister Beatrice’s killer will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.  ~ Coming January 2013

Next I have just turned in my third suspense to Bell Bridge Books, working title BETRAYED.  Very excited about this book as it’s a mother/daughter reunion story and the setting is Denver, following again all the places I’ve lived in my life and my SUSPENSE TOO CLOSE TO HOME theme.  ~ Coming, Late 2013

Maureen McGowan

The release date for DEVIANTS is fast approaching as is my deadline for the second book in The Dust Chronicles trilogy. The second book now has a title and a release date. COMPLIANCE will be released May 21, 2013.

I'm doing a book launch party for DEVIANTS in Toronto on October 27, 2012 and if you're in the Toronto area, or can get here: You're Invited!

When: October 27, 2012
Where: The Rivoli, 334 Queen St. West, Toronto
Time:  3-6 pm

The reviews for DEVIANTS are starting to come in and *knock on wood* so far they're good!

#1 NYT Bestselling author, Kelley Armstrong said, "A deliciously dark, harrowing world, brightened by dazzling characters and sparkling prose."

And even Kirkus Reviews, the world's toughest book critics since 1933, liked the book! Apparently I keep the suspense throbbing! And the book is exciting and interesting.

You can pre-order DEVIANTS now in hardcover, audio and kindle formats. Note: you don't need to own a kindle to read a kindle format book. There are kindle apps for smart phones, tablets, Windows and Macs.

Here are a few places where you can order DEVIANTS (also available in most Amazon stores globally):
Barnes & Noble   Amazon US  Amazon Canada  Amazon UK  Chapters/Indigo  IndieBound

To celebrate the upcoming release, I'm doing a Goodreads giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Deviants by Maureen McGowan     


by Maureen McGowan

Giveaway ends November 09, 2012.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.           
Enter to win
Finally, I'll be participating in a Pre-Halloween Bash at the Chapters in Guelph this coming Saturday! Here is a hilarious promo-video for the event. It's sure to be fun!

Thank you readers for supporting our guests and our authors.  We hope you enjoy the interviews and guests spots we bring you, and that you'll check back often!
~The Get Lost Crew!

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  1. It's very exciting seeing all the new releases coming.

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  2. I agree Angi. I'm surrounded by excellence... And did you take a look at Maureen's video? Hysterical!

  3. It's so amazing to be a tiny little cog in the writing machine you ladies have created! And the video: "Whether you're ghost walkin', zombie walkin', or Christopher Walkin . . ." Spewed my coffee, I did! Can't wait for all these amazing releases. And, Maureen, I LOVE Guelph--we went there often when we lived in Toronto a gazillion years ago. DD looked at U of Guelph fairly seriously when she was searching out schools. I WISH I could come to the party!! Thanks for the chance to see all these updates, girls!

    1. Liz, I have to hear about the Whale stew you made the other day. That sounds like a blog in itself!

    2. How cool that you've been to Guelph, Liz! One of my sister's went to U of Guelph and I went to Waterloo... and had to drive through Guelph to get from my parent's house to University.

      I ended up part of the event at that bookstore almost by accident... I picked up an author friend, Eileen Cook, at that store, when she was doing a bunch of school visits in Southern Ontario back in the spring. Eileen and I introduced ourselves to the guy who does the events at that store and he invited me to take part in the Halloween event. I think I might be going back there after DEVIANTS comes out too. I hope so. I couldn't get over that video!

    3. Donnell - Isn't that recipe a hoot! It came from the back of a crazy menu in Soldatna, Alaska and is working its way through a tiny segment of the Internet sphere. It made me laugh so hard -- as soon as I find a gas storage tank and a whale, I'm makin' it for sure :-)

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      I'll keep following you and if I get back up that way to visit--I'll make sure it's when you're in Guelph for a "do." How fun would THAT be??

  4. Thanks for all the updates from the Get Lost Crew. You all have been very busy, and you're a great group of wonderful and fun writers.

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