Saturday Guest Give Away -- Author Lisa Scott

Get Lost in a Story Readers.  Yes, I know, I know, it's Saturday.  But we opened the GLIAS shop today we have a special treat for you.  Author Lisa Scott stopped by to get us in the holiday spirit!
Get in the holiday spirit with these funny, sweet romantic short stories. Discover the loose thread that connects the stories and ties up in a perfect happy ending, bringing together characters from all the stories. 8,000 to 12,000 words in length each, these fun and sexy shorts are the perfect length for your lunch break. Plus, it's cheaper than dashing off to the coffee shop--with fewer calories.

"Spooked by Love" 
After divorcing her husband, Marnie’s afraid to trust her heart again. Her ex is moving on fine, but she hasn’t even been on her first post-divorce date. She can’t handle another break-up. Then she meets a hot single dad at her daughter’s Halloween party and he’s got his eye on Marnie. The only problem: he claims he’s just out for fun. Is anything scarier than giving romance a second chance?

“Holiday Rush”

A Black Friday shopping-trip-gone-wrong loses Lindy her job, her guy, and her dignity. Then it gets worse—she has no choice but to take a job she loathes. But there’s one bonus in the deal: a seriously hot boss who might help her feel that holiday rush again.

“Missing Christmas”

Is Ginny just homesick, or did she make the mistake of her life? Ginny’s spending her first Christmas away from home, but she’s not feeling the spirit of the season. She moved down south to be with her boyfriend, and now she’s having serious regrets about leaving her family and friends behind. Does new love trump twenty-three years of holiday tradition?

“Tingle All The Way”

Jessica has never bought into the magic of Christmas, but when a mistaken call to 911 ruins the holiday for Morgan, the little girl next door, Jessica will do everything she can to make it up to her—and to Morgan’s hottie uncle. Can Jessica turn her worst Christmas ever into the best one yet?

“Giving Up Guys”

Three friends, one vow, and a drunken toast. These gals are giving up guys for their New Year’s resolution. During the next six weeks, they’ll pursue something besides men—like new hobbies and classes. Good luck with that, ladies.

Lisa!  Love the idea that you burn calories by reading.  What more can we ask for?  Without further ado, Readers, let's get to know Lisa Scott!

 DONNELL:  You obviously love romance in books.   Are you a romantic in real life?

 LISA: My hubby and I had a long distance relationship for several years during and after college, so we were real romantics for a while.  He once drove non-stop from Florida to Maine to surprise me. These days, a romantic gesture is him cleaning the cat box for me—swoon. The man even does the laundry.  (Do you know how hot that is to a forty-something mama?)  But I am in love with the way new love feels, so I have a blast writing these sweet little stories hoping readers sigh and remember how your heart races and your stomach twirls when you first meet that special someone.  I want my readers to fall in love with their sweetie again, or help them hold out hope for the right one to come along.

 DONNELL:  Favorite holiday & do you have a favorite tradition?

 LISA:  I do love Christmas.  There’s magic in the air for weeks.  Here’s one funny tradition in our family.  When my husband was 12, he found a piece of coal by the train tracks.  He kept it in his desk drawer and told himself that one day he would put it in his girlfriend’s stocking as a joke.  Nine years later, he put it in mine.  And he still does it every year, thinking it’s the funniest hoot in town.  I’m honored he saved that coal for me.  (Although coal compressed for millions of years hanging from a necklace would be nice, too, dear.)

DONNELL:  Coffee, tea, something stronger?

LISA:   I’m so boring.  I kicked caffeine (I was a diet Coke hound) and I drink water with a splash of vanilla, or iced tea on occasion. 

DONNELL:  What event in your life are you most proud of?

 LISA:  I was a TV news anchor and I lost my job in 2008.  It was my dream job, but I knew I no longer wanted to be in the industry.  It was one of the worst times of my life, and I was certain my best years were behind me.  I’m proud that I’ve created a new career and a new life for myself and I can honestly say I’m glad for the opportunity to forge a new, exciting path.  Guess you could say I wrote my own happy ending.

 DONNELL:  Are you superstitious?

LISA: No.  (Knocks on wood.)

DONNELL:  What inspires you? 

LISA:  Lots of my stories are inspired by a little nugget from real life.  I wrote “Spooked By Love” in Holiday Flirts! remembering the time I took my then two-year old son for swim lessons, and walked out into the pool area at the Y only to learn parents weren’t supposed to swim with their kids.  I was the only one in a bathing suit.  Fun. And “Holiday Rush” from Holiday Flirts! was inspired by the time I got locked in the outdoor nursery at K-Mart as they were closing up.  Luckily they spotted me jumping up and down waving my arms.

DONNELL:  When you’re not writing, where will we find you?

LISA:  Working as a voice actor in my home studio. Possibly in hip waders cleaning my koi pond.  I’ve also got a big flower garden and it keeps me busy.  TLC could start a new show starring me: The Plant Hoarder.  I’ve always got room for one more… (see the question above.)

DONNELL:  If you could meet anyone, or attend any event, past or present, who/what would it be?

LISA:  I’d love to meet George Washington.  By all accounts, we shouldn’t have won the Revolutionary War.  I’d love to find out where he got his strength from, and what he’d do to fix our country now.  And how real did those wooden teeth look, anyway?  I could find out.

Now it’s Lisa’s turn.  Time to ask the Reader a Question:

 LISA SCOTT WANTS TO KNOW:   What’s the sweetest gift you’ve gotten from a significant other?

 And hey, I’ve got a gift for you.  I really want you to give short stories a try.  Here’s a coupon code for a free copy of my first short story collection: Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories.   Go to smashwords.com and enter code MR85A, then download the format of your choice.  The coupon expires December 1.  (Find out for yourself why it’s got a 5 star rating on itunes, and 4.5 stars on Amazon.) Happy holidays and thanks for hanging out with me today.  Cheers, Donnell!

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  1. Lisa, off to get my free book! Thanks for joining us today. Gosh, I've received so many special things in my lifetime. I always loved grandfather clocks and dreamed of owning one. My husband bought me one on my 34th birthday. It sits proudly in my living room to this very day.

    Thanks for joining us today to talk about your short stories!

  2. Thanks for having me, Donnell! That's a wonderful gift. I don't imagine he wrapped it before giving it to you, did he? :)

    1. No. just had it wheeled in and dropped off with me standing there in stunned silence. :)

  3. Lisa,
    Love what you did with the 'dreaded' blurbs for these 5 fascinating and fun stories! You could teach a class on this topic and have authors, new and not so new, on their knees.

    Remember you well from our KOD days. It's nice to read about your success. This is a fabulous blog. I'll be back again.
    Best to both of you for 2013.
    Kat Henry Doran

    1. So happy you dropped by VK. Yes, Lisa could definitely teach a blurb class, couldn't she?

  4. Thanks Kat and Donnell! I think blurbs come easier for me than most after years of writing teases for TV news. I don't know if I'd be able to explain how I do it. You just get a feel for it. But thanks for the compliments!

  5. Great interview, Lisa and Donnell! Love the litter box thing, Lisa. I've been known to swoon over that myself.

  6. Lisa, thanks for joining us here! Your stories sound fun! And thanks for offering the freebie to the readers.