GLIAS welcomes new blog partner Clover Autrey

Get Lost in a Story Readers, it’s time to get to know our new member.  The Get Lost Crew welcomes the prolific Clover Autrey!

 DONNELL:  Clover, first off, what an unusual name.  So authorial.  Tell us about it if you will.

CLOVER: Clover was my dad’s idea. He heard it in a very old western and fell in love with it. My mom wasn’t all that sure about it so made certain I had a “normal” middle name. Cheryl. I only ever went by it once for a telemarketing job when everyone stopped in the middle of my spiel to ask about my name.

DONNELL:  You’re a member of North Texas Romance Writers of America.  Is that how you know the fabulous Angi Morgan?  And how long have you lived in Texas?

CLOVER: I came to Texas a little over twenty years ago and have been here ever since. Basically my entire adult life has been as a Texan. All my kids and my husband were born here. I’m the oddball out. And yes, I met Angi through RWA. She was our chapter president when I first joined. I love her. Angi is an amazing person.

DONNELL:  You have a critique group called the Cow Town Critique Group.  Cow Town to me means Forth Worth?  Right? Wrong?

CLOVER:  Yep, that’s where the name stems from, although not one of us actually lives in Fort Worth, but in little towns that encircle it.

DONNELL:  I love your tag line, “Romance in the Safety Zone.”  Tell us about your writing and what you want readers to take away from your work?

CLOVER: I simply write what I want to read. I love a lot of action and adventure, and yes, even lust and physical attraction, but I don’t necessarily want to follow characters into their bedrooms. I also want to have books available that I can share with my teenage daughter that aren’t so sweet that there’s not that much to talk about either, hence the tag line. I want readers to know that when they pick up a Clover Autrey book, they’ll have a fun, romantic  read that is safe enough to pass on to their teens or their mothers without a lot of blushing involved.

DONNELL :  How often do you get lost in a story?

CLOVER: Every day. I read for pleasure every day and get involved with the characters so much that I have to follow them through to the end. It’s like breathing.  

DONNELL:  What do you plan to bring to Get Lost in a Story?

CLOVER:  Get Lost in a Story already offers so much . I just hope to find some great, yet lesser known books to highlight and bring to readers’ attention. I’m always looking for new things to read myself and love some “out there” recommendations. I also have a strong affinity for fantasy, paranormal, and young adult and hope to focus strongly on those.

~~ Welcome, welcome, welcome ~~

Thanks for such a warm welcome. Everyone has been great so far.


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    1. Thanks Donnell, and thanks for a great introduction.

  2. Hi Clover!
    I'm so excited to have you here with us. I love your tagline; I love your view on romance and the idea that you can share your stories with younger readers without worry. What a terrific way to introduce women (of all ages) to romance!

  3. Thanks. There's just something about the give and take of romance no matter what age you are and what heat level you're comfortable with.

  4. Hi and welcome to GLIAS, Clover! Love the cover of HIghland Shapeshifter! Jillian

    Thanks for the kind words, Clover. Knowing you has been a wonderful experience.

    FYI everybody, Clover creates her own covers.

  6. YAY, Clover, you're gonna be great.

    And just FYI, I actually do live in Fort Worth. :)

  7. Thanks for the kind welcome everybody!