The Hunted Series, book 1
Harlequin Teen
ISBN: 9780373210763

Because of what you are, the Believers will hunt you down.

Voices told Lucas Darby to run. Voices no one else can hear. He's warned his sister not to look for him, but Rayne refuses to let her troubled brother vanish. On her desperate search, she meets Gabriel Stewart, a runaway with mysterious powers and far too many secrets. Rayne can't explain her crazy need to trust the strange yet compelling boy—even though he scares her.

They discover Lucas is running from the Believers, a fanatical church secretly hunting psychic kids—gifted "Indigo" teens feared to be the next evolution of mankind. Now Rayne's only hope is Gabe, who is haunted by an awakening power—a force darker than either of them imagine—that could doom them all.


HarperCollins launched Jordan Dane’s suspense novels back to back in 2008 after the 3-book series sold in auction. Ripped from the headlines, Jordan's gritty plots weave a tapestry of vivid settings, intrigue, and dark humor. Publishers Weekly compared her intense thrillers to Lisa Jackson, Lisa Gardner, and Tami Hoag. This national best-selling, critically acclaimed author’s debut novel NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM was named Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2008. Dane writes her Sweet Justice adult thriller series for HarperCollins. Her young adult novels, IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS and ON A DARK WING, are with Harlequin Teen. Currently, she is writing a new series for Harlequin Teen – THE HUNTED – slated for release in 2012-2013. Formerly an energy sales manager, she now writes full time. Jordan and her husband share their Texas residence with two cats of highborn lineage and two very lucky rescue dogs. 


The real phenomenon of Indigo children drove my Indigo Awakening plot (Book #1 in the HUNTED series), but I super-sized their psychic abilities and wanted them to evolve into more than one simple power per kid. With Indigos sharing a “hive mind,” I thought it might be possible for their abilities to grow and change once they came in contact with each other. So below is a list of psychic abilities that I drew from initially. Imagine what it might feel like to have any one of these abilities.

Since the idea of man’s evolution is a key concept to my story, I wanted some of the powers to start simply, but get complicated as the kids develop to their full potential. Gabriel Stewart is my central character for this metamorphosis, but here is more about the powers I use in the book.

Indigo Children/Indigo Warriors - In my story, for the purposes of fiction, I make Indigo kids more plentiful, with the status of a Crystal child more unique and powerful. Indigos are highly intelligent intuitive teens who “feel” their way through life, trust their instincts above all else, and can often see angels and the dead. Indigos tend to be warriors. They have a fierce fighting spirit and a rebellious nature. They don’t accept things the way they are. They see how things can be. Indigo warriors can also be a little older than teens, those who have come before to pave the way and protect the Indigos who will follow. Gabe’s mother and his uncle Reginald are examples of early Indigo warriors.

Crystal Children – Crystal children are a higher level of power and attainment in the collective than Indigo kids. Only Lucas Darby and Gabriel Stewart reach Crystal child status in Indigo Awakening. They are the elite. Since Lucas is only fifteen-years old when he reaches this level, he becomes the obsession of the Believers. These church fanatics believe his “mutation” is more dangerous. He “turns” too early, so they think that Indigos are evolving more rapidly than they first suspected. They want to get their hands on the boy, to “study” him. Gabriel is eighteen and has been hiding in secret, off the grid, but he is far more powerful than even he imagines. Once he links to the “others” of his kind, he transforms into something amazing. He will be the most dangerous among these kids. In Gabriel, the Believers truly have something to fear.

Individual Indigo Powers – by Character
The Effin brothers are Indigo twins with the ability to attack the hypothalamus gland within the human brain. This gland affects the Four F’s – to feed, to flee, to fear, and to…hook up. As you might imagine, they can make anyone do anything with this ability, even though the twins think of their gift as a funny game. These boys are younger and very peculiar, even among Indigos. They only communicate telepathically, within their immediate hive, and they are most powerful when they are together.

Kendra Walker is an Indigo who is similar to a modern day Joan of Arc. She’s strong and rebellious, driven to protect the Indigos right to live. She has the ability to connect with other indigos, to draw them to her and track them, but only with a limited range and often with one-way communication from her to them. She is a healer and uses herbs and her garden to not only feed her street family, but she also hears the voices of “the others” through her plants, especially as she tends her garden.

Lucas Darby is an evolving Crystal child who has been stunted by his time locked up in a mental hospital. Drugs were used to control him and have taken a toll. His potential is similar to the gifts that Gabriel Stewart has, but Lucas also shows the ability to read other people’s memories. This psychic gift is called Retro-cognition. Crystal children tend to be more benevolent and peace loving by nature and Lucas is no exception. He’s at odds with Kendra’s warrior nature to protect her kind. Once he sees how far the Believers will go to destroy innocent lives, Lucas will be forced to take a stand he’s not prepared for.

Rafael Santana is a street kid who communes with the dead and easily connects into the spirit world. He’s the heart and soul of Kendra’s Indigo family, a simple guy so desperate to have a real family of his own, that he takes on the role of big brother to an abused homeless kid, ten-year old Benny. Although Benny isn’t psychic, these two are inseparable kindred spirits. Rafe is beyond wishing anything for himself, but he doesn’t wallow in self-pity over how his life turned out. Instead he takes on the responsibility of caring for a young boy and no one comes between Rafe and Benny, not even Rafe’s beloved Kendra and her Indigo rebellion.

Gabriel Stewart is the most powerful Crystal child. He thought he was an Indigo, like his British mother, but after he meets Lucas’s sister, Rayne, and links to the collective hive mind through Lucas (another Crystal child), he is gripped by a metamorphosis that he can’t stop. He can connect his consciousness through animals and the dead, but his powers evolve into much more. I can’t say too much about his abilities without giving away strong elements to the story, but Gabe is seriously cool.

Hellboy is featured on the cover of Indigo Awakening and is Gabe Stewart’s ghost dog. He’s a portal to the “other side,” or is he?

In book #2 of the Hunted series – Crystal Fire – more Indigo kids and their powers will be revealed. There is a dark side to having these powers and the Believers tamper with science and human nature to battle something they should respect.

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JORDAN WANTS TO KNOW:  If you could have a secret Indigo power, what would that be?   Have you ever experienced a psychic moment or do you know anyone who is a real psychic?


  1. Welcome to Get Lost in a Story, Jordan. This series sounds fantastic. Love the concept of "Hive" Minds. I've met people who claimed to be pyschic and read my future etc. I've only had one pyschic experience and it's lessened with time but back then... I was dating this boy in high school and he day before I met his brother I dreamt about him -- I'd never seen a picture or had him described to me. But when he walked into the house, he was exactly how I had dreamed him. Very weird.

    1. Hey Donnell. Great to be here. OMG your experience gave me chills. Sooooo cool.

      I had an experience when I was a kid. My mom had asked me to ride with her one night to run an errand. I said yes and went to the car. Once my mom turned on the headlights, I immediately got gripped with a feeling of dread, that if I went with her, we would both die. I got out of the car, made up an excuse and never told her until recently. She came back unharmed from that trip, but I could never explain why it hit me so hard--or why I listened to that inner voice. Maybe there are angels at work. I thought that if I stayed in the car, I might have blocked her view at a critical time. It was the only explanation that made sense, but I've never had anything happen like that again.

      Thanks for stopping by. Happy writing.


    2. I was a young wife, on the verge of divorce, when my cousin, who lived clear across state, decided to come get me to take me home with her. She thought she could change my mind. I had been there a couple of days when she informed me that the next day, she was going to take me to Oklahoma city to a mental hospital. I knew no one in her city, and I was scared. That night, laying in bed, I was crying, praying, begging. Suddenly, I felt if someone was in the room with me. I looked over and there stood my grandmother. I felt so at peace, and fell asleep. the next morning, my cousin informed me that she was taking me home. As she drove away from my house, I called my grandma. As soon as she knew it was me, she said "What was happening last night?" and then named the exact time that she had appeared to me. I knew that the closeness we had always shared was working in those difficult times./ when I was a police dispatcher, I got to the point I could predict what type of shift we would have. The detectives would call on the weekend to see if they should be ready for something to happen. I was right about 90% of the time.

    3. Susan--You never cease to amaze me. What an amazing story. I sometimes think that we are more receptive to these intuitive feelings when we are younger, but you are an example of someone who has kept attuned to that part of your brain. Thanks for sharing your story.

      I hope I get to see you in OK at OWFI in May. I'll be speaking there.

  2. I've never really had anything happen to me but I have a friend who can see....now we had a mare that my husband bred twice, I forget what happened to the first foal I think he aborted then the 2nd one was breech and died and the vets had to pull him out. My husband said thats it....My firend told us NO bred one more time. Said she saw a colt with white on his face. Well now Simon is 4 yrs old and an incredible horse.

    I am a Reiki master, so my ability would be energy healing.

    Last year after my mom passed my oldest daughter and granddaughter find feathers where there shouldn't be any. :) We live in De and had to go to PA for the viewing and funeral so my daughter was gone overnight. when the got home the next day and walked in they found feathers inside by the door. And every now and then there are feathers.

    1. Energy healing would be very cool. I have a girl in my book who is a healer. She hears the voices of other Indigos through her plants and herbs.

      Your story about feathers was so beautiful. I had an experience with my grandad, now that I think of it. I was writing a rough and violent scene where a detective is gunned down in his front yard with his wife watching. Gut wrenching. I ahd been taking a class at my local police dept and we watched a video of a young trooper who got shot dozens of times by a crazed motorist. I will never forget his voice and the sounds. I cried all the way home and finished writing that scene. To distract myself to take a break, I did laundry. While I was in my utility room, I started to speak to my cats and called them Cosas Finas, which in Spanish means 'fine things.' That was the nickname my grandfather used to call us when he was alive. He was the writer in our family, before me. I'm convinced he was with me that day, writing that scene. He helped me get through it. I've since called my corporation - Cosas Finas - after him.

      Thanks for sharing your story. It touched me.

  3. Good Morning, JD !! I hope you have a great time back on GLIAS.

    Love the concept of your series! And my super power? I actually want the ability of transportation... I'd love to never be late anywhere again. Think of how much driving time we'd save.

    1. Hey Angi--Thanks for having me on your blog. Wonderful to be back. In book #2 of this series, I have a boy who is tortured until he finds a way to escape his body and teleport. I researched a horrifying torture technigue used on a terrorist that baggled my mind. Teleporting would definitely be cool, just not the torture part.

      Have a good week, my friend.

  4. This is sounds like a cool series Jordan. As an empath for most of my life I've had numerous instances where my inner voice shouted out and saved me from terrifying situations, death and even a possession. Also having lived in a haunted house for many years, there is something to be said for being able to communicate with the other side. Feel free to contact me if you wish to know more :)


    1. Hey Rachelle--Great to hear from you. Wow, an empath. And I've always been curious about being in a haunted house. I've gone on a few ghost hunts with equipment and a team. Had one thing that spooked me, but I'm not sure if I could handle it if I saw a ghost. I would love to hear more. Maybe we can chat on twitter when you have time and exchg email addys. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your gift.

    2. That's what I thought. Amazing. Hope you'll let me in on this chat. Sounds fascinating!

  5. The ability to see an object and know how and when it was made. Never experienced a psychic moment.


    1. That would be cool. Thanks for your thoughts.

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