Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get Lost in Jill Limber's Newest Release, Loving Mick

Loving Mick is the first novella in the New Years Eve Club series from Boroughs Publishing Group. 

Loving Mick                        Jill Limber

Betrayed and abandoned by a cheating husband, Jessie wants nothing more than a fling with the handsome cop. Mick thinks Jessie's plan is a fine idea, until he falls in love and wants forever. Will Mick be able to convince Jessie to play for keeps?

Jessie had never been bold when it came to men, but last night, after Mick had kissed her, she’d made a firm decision. Mick was her chosen target. Just the thought of pursuing an affair with him made her feel like a new woman. A new sexy, free woman.

Her BFF Heather had been so right. She needed a fling to jump start her single life. Divorce sex had been Heather's term. And after Mick, who knew? Maybe she’d find another guy and do it again. Maybe she’d become a serial--what? Flinger? Was that even a word? She grinned. It was now.

Just so our blog readers can keep this interview straight, I'm Jillian Stone, blog hostess to our lovely and mega-talented guest author, Jill Limber. 

Jill has been writing for years. While creating stories she is kept company by three dogs, and occasionally a husband who has to be convinced that a trip to Home Depot is not the highlight of her day, nor does she want to go deep sea fishing. As a child she got in trouble for her tall tales. Now she gets paid for them.

Jillian: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
Jill: Cinderella, hand down. I love the rags to riches aspect of that particular fairy tale, although Prince Charming needs some work. The poor guy doesn’t even have a name, just a title. But maybe that is part of his appeal. I can make him anyone I want him to be.
Jillian: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
Jill: Roadrunner. He just beep-beeps his way past Wiley Coyote every time, no matter how much work Wiley puts into his plan. Roadrunner always wins, and even though I know what’s going to happen, it still makes me laugh every time.
Jillian: What was the first story you remember writing?
Jill: I was about eight and was ‘in detention’ in my bedroom on a beautiful summer afternoon for an infraction I don’t even recall now. The story was about a wicked, very ugly step-mother who locked a beautiful princess away in a tower bedroom to keep her from having any fun. Looking back, the inspiration was pretty clear.
Jillian: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
Jill: It’s an old one. High Road to China with Tom Selleck and Bess Armstrong. He is a down-on-his-luck pilot with an attitude and a drinking problem, and she is a snooty heiress searching over two continents for her father. I don’t think it made much at the box office, but it was pure romance and adventure from start to finish. The conflict between the two characters was high for the entire film as they moved toward each other, both becoming better people. Set in the early twenties, just after WWI, the costumes were amazing, and the story had suspense, humor and action.
Jillian: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
Jill: Thank you. I appreciate every one of them. Writing is my creative outlet and it is so gratifying to know I can share my work with my fans. I treasure every person who has ever told me they like what I write.
Jillian: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
Jill: I always think of the opening scene in Romancing the Stone, when Joan Wilder—Kathleen Turner—finishes her book and types ‘The End’. As she cries over the manuscript she exclaims how good it is. I never feel that way—but I have the fantasy that some day I will.
Jillian: What do you do to unwind and relax?
Jill: I cook. I especially like to bake, but any cooking works for me. I’ve always loved to create in the kitchen. Even the grocery shopping and cleaning up relax me. Weird way to lower the blood pressure, but my family enjoys it.

Jill has a question she'd like to ask our readers: What is the one trait your hero has to have to make him a keeper in your mind?
Jill has three ebook copies of Loving Mick to giveaway to three commenters chosen by randomizer. Please leave your email address along with your comment.

Keep up with Jill on Facebook, The New Years Eve Club, Twitter: Jill_Limber, and the Boroughs Publishing Group website.

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Angi Morgan said...

Welcome to GLIAS, Jill !! Always great to see your smiling face.

The heroine has to become the #1 most important thing to him, protecting her (doesn't matter from what) with all he's got.

Kim said...

Same with real life, the ability to make me laugh.

Jackie Leigh Allen said...

I like a guy who's smart. Of course it's nice if he thinks I'm smart, too.

Terry Irene Blain said...

I like a guy who accepts the heroine just as she is. And making her laugh is always good.

Lisa Kessler said...

Hi Jill -

I can't imagine you in detention! LOL

I love the cover and I'm so excited about your release!!!


Lisa :)

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

A sense of humor is always a must for me!

bn100 said...



Jill Limber said...

Thanks for stopping by! Glad my Author Elf has my back :-)

Jill Limber said...

Thanks to you, Jillian and the rest of the group for hosting me.
As for the hero trait--you are so right. I don't care if it's a spider in the bathroom or a stalker with a gun and a death wish. The hero has to put himself between the danger and the heroine without a second thought--even if she thinks she doesn't need his help!

Jill Limber said...

Kim--thanks for stopping by. Yup--laughter is so important. Today is my wedding anniversary--my guy has been making me laugh and laughing with me for a long time. It is essential to a good relationship.

Maureen said...

The best heroes, to me, are devoted to the heroines.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Jill Limber said...

Smart is always good. If he is smart he'll think you're smart, too :-) I've always thought men who need to be smarter than their partner are very insecure. Not a good trait in a hero!

Jill Limber said...

Smart, funny, fearless--we are building ourselves the perfect man :-)
I agree, Maureen. The hero must be devoted to the heroine. Maybe not at first, but very soon into the story. Some guys are slow starters, or slow to recognize what is right in front of them.

Jill Limber said...

Not so sure about the alpha--fun to read about, but how about in the long term? Warriors, swashbucklers and alpha bad boys might be a little difficult to live with in the long run--but then my husband is definitely not an alpha, so I'm biased :-)

Nan Dixon said...

Sounds likea wonderful book, Jill --
I guess the hero has to have a bit of romance in him. Bring flowers or create a candlelit meal just for the heroine or even just a sweet kiss because of the moonlight touching her cheek.

Teresa Carpenter said...

Yes, even though the women in our series created their big girl's list, they still had to trip over love before they actually found it. But the fall is worth it.

Gjillian said...

Jill, So happy to have you here today with us!

No matter how unlikeable the hero can be at times, deep down, in his secret injured heart, he lu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ves the heroine!

Paula Millhouse said...

Hey Jill and Jillian,

Valiance - in order for the hero to catch my eye, he's got to be committed to a cause, stand up for something, and show that courage with determination.

Great interview here at Get Lost in a Story,


Jill Limber said...

Nan--you're so right. Flowers and a meal by candle light (especially if he cooks it himself!) can really be icing on the cake.
All those special gestures, when guys go out of their way and do it just because they know it will please her, are so important. They all add up to a thoughtful guy, and that says a lot!

Jill Limber said...

But that fall can make the ground look like a very long way down for someone like Jessie in Loving Mick. She was on a scary high place when she met him--and it took her a long time to trust again. Luckily Mick was patient. And persistent :-)

Jill Limber said...

Thanks for having me! Yup--she makes him uncomfortable at the least and crazy at best--because he is falling in love with her and it scares the dickens out of him! And you do so well in your books. LOVE those gentlemen of Scotland Yard! Wrapped things up with Mr. Gunn last night and was really sad to see the story end. That always happens with good books!

Jill Limber said...

Thanks for stopping by. Courage and determination for a cause he believes in is a big yes. Protector of someone or something weaker than himself, for instance. There is a short story, Love at First Snow, on the Boroughs website about a tough but sad hockey player who rescues a Kitten on Christmas Eve. Of course the kitten is saved by the pretty single vet. The description of the tiny stray in the man's big hands had me near tears. Great story.

Gjillian said...

Thanks, Jill. I do enjoy writing the Scotland Yard series, and look forward to writing more of them. Plus...I've got Loving Mick on my Kindle! So many wonderful things to look forward to!

Gjillian said...

Yes! Both my heroes and heroines have to be smart and have an inner moral compass. Even though they may keep it hidden for awhile. A secret to writing an intriguing character is to make them complicated, surprising (sometimes they do something completely out of character) and don't reveal everything at once!

Jillian Leigh said...

Hi, Jill

I agree with all of the above. I like fictional heroes who are smart and witty. They can be dangerous alphas or charming betas. But a man who shares the housework--that's a real hero!

May said...

I like loyalty. :) Thgat's important to me.

Gjillian said...

Congratulations Maureen mce1011 AT aol DOT com, bn100 bn100candg(at)hotmail(dot)com and Kim kvmatlockATgmailDOTcom. You have all won a copy of Loving Mick!

Great interview, Jill, hope to have you back again!

Kim said...

Happy belated wedding anniversary!!!

Kim said...

I LOVE reading about alphas. But my husband is a beta.