Get Lost With Katy Madison's Historical Zombie Hero!!!

Daphne du Maurier winner (Tainted by Temptation, Avon books) Katy Madison has always loved stories.  As a child she was always lugging around a book.  At the age of eight, after having gone through over a hundred Nancy Drew mysteries, all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books—at least twice—and many others including her full weekly allotment of library books, Katy went to her mother and begged for a new book to read.  Her frustrated mother handed her a romance novel.  Katy fell in love with the genre.  She quickly discovered where her mother hid the rest and began sneaking them out to read.  She cut her eyeteeth on books by Georgetty Heyer and Mary Stewart, not to mention dozens of Barbara Cartland Regency romances. 


Katy writes gothic historical romances and Regency historical romance.  She also writes American-set historical romances for Harlequin under the name Kate Madison and gritty romantic suspense under the name K. T. Madison. 


In celebration of the recent release of her newest gothic historical romance, AWAKENING HIS DUCHESS Katy will give away her award-winning book Tainted by Temptation to one lucky person who leaves a comment. 


In Awakening His Duchess the hero is a little bit different.  I thought I’d give you a little hint about who his is by listening to my hero and heroine talk. 


Yvette:  You know there are a lot of opportunities for people like you. 

Beau:  I have enough to do with the estate.

Yvette:  I was just saying that your condition seems to be in demand lately.  There is a movie with Brad Pitt called World War Z or the another one called Warm Bodies.  Since you have experience in that area, you might want to go to Hollywood.  You have mentioned wanting to travel lately. 

Beau:  What?

Yvette:  Oh and that show, The Walking Dead.

Beau:  For God’s sake, Yvette. I was never dead.

Yvette:  You looked dead. You didn’t have a heartbeat.

Beau: I was poisoned.  I had a heartbeat.  It was just very slow.  I was only buried, never dead. 

Yvette:  You have to admit you were a zombie.

Beau: Not like those Hollywood style zombies.  My flesh has never fallen off, nor do I have any desire to eat brains—human or otherwise. 

Yvette:  Well you do lurch a little when you walk—I wonder if that is common to all zombies.

Beau:  It’s only a little limp.  And I am not a zombie! 

Yvette:  Yes, darling, you are.  That is what the vodou bokors in Saint-Domingue would call you. How else could they have kept you a slave?

Beau:  Lies.  Chains.  Poisonous herbs. 

Yvette:  Exactly. You were a zombie.

Beau:  No one calls it Saint-Domingue any more.  They call it Haiti.  Besides if anyone was a zombie, it was you.

Yvette:  Well, I did feel as if I died, too, when I believed you were dead. 


So, yes my hero was a zombie—but of course not a Hollywood style zombie, but a Hatian vodou-style zombie.  Beau was conceived when I was at a conference and an editor made a reference to a zombie being the next hot hero.  She was joking of course, but once the idea lodged in my brain it wouldn’t let go.  But I promise the word zombie is never used in the book—at least not until the author’s note.  So if you’re interested in a deeply emotion read about resurrection, redemption, and revival of a love that was all but buried and dead, this story is for you. 




Lord Beaumont Havendish has been thought dead for nine long years. However, death would be a relief from his grinding existence as a white slave in the tropical island of Saint-Domingue. At long last revolution gives him a chance to escape, but he’ll never escape the knowledge that the woman he loved sent him into a living hell.


He leaves the tropical sands behind and returns to the gentle shores of England thinking the nightmare is finally behind him, only to find it has only just begun. The traitorous Yvette is comfortably ensconced in his ancestral home, posing as Beau’s bereaved widow. Yet, nothing is what it seems. Yvette is no longer the girl he once adored. She seems more like a ghost than the wicked temptress he believes betrayed him. Can he forgive the past and dare he risk AWAKENING HIS DUCHESS?


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  1. Hi Katy! It's a pleasure to have you (and your characters!) with us at Get Lost in a Story today. And readers, I've had to pleasure of reading this book, and if you like unusual historicals that are edgy and emotional (and quite wonderful!) this is the story for you.

  2. Welcome to GLIAS, Katy. I have to admit that I'm curious how your hero can be a Zombie...


  3. Love the book cover and very interesting description of the story.

    1. The lovely Kim Killion did the cover. She does do great covers, doesn't she?

  4. This sounds intriguing.


  5. Wow! What a tease about your book. You have me interested. Would love to read this one. Just looking at the cover got my interest...smile. Congrats!

  6. I love the banter between them - it's going on my Goodreads list. Oh, and I just started reading Tainted by Temptation and it's fantastic! A cliff, a mysterious fall, and temptation between a governess and her new employer? Yes please!

  7. What a neat concept. :) Love the teaser. :)

    maybe31 at yahoo.com

  8. Wow, what a great post. I think Awakening His Duchess sounds like a fantastic story, with a very interesting premise and I'm looking forward to reading it.

  9. Congrats on your latest release Katy! A zombie for a hero? OMG! Hope there's still enough of the flesh and blood man there to satisfy the heroine :p

    1. Plenty of flesh and blood and none of it rotting or falling off. =)

  10. Congratulations, May. You are our random winner!