Get Lost with YA Author S. B. Alexander

GLIAS Readers, today we welcome Young Adult Author S. B. Alexander.  I don’t know about you, but after reading this blurb, I’ve decided, I haven’t a problem in the world.  Doesn’t it sound like a great, suspenseful read?  Please join me in welcoming Susan Alexander.  


Sixteen-year-old Jo Mason is lost in a world where traipsing from one foster home to another is normal. She hates her life, she hates school and on most days, she hates living. If it weren’t for her twin brother Sam, she might already be dead.

Her normal world shifts one hundred and eighty degrees when she discovers her own blood tastes like candy and her eyes change colors like a mood ring. On top of that, her eyesight seems to be failing when she spies an otherworldly man, sporting bloodstained canines, who is trying to strangle a cop. The developments are shrouded when Sam goes missing between Anger Management class and History class.

She’s called to the principal’s office to meet Lieutenant Webb London, a Navy SEAL who is part of a secret team of natural-born vampires. His mission is to protect the twins from an evil cartel, but he’s too late. With Jo now under his protection, his team searches for Sam.

However, finding and rescuing Sam from the evil cartel may be the easy part. Jo learns she carries a dormant vampire gene that, if activated, could save him. As her normal world fades even more, pushing her closer to the edge of humanity, Jo must decide if her human life is more important than her twin brother.

With time as her enemy, she struggles to make a life-changing decision for both her and Sam.

Sounds like an amazing story, Susan, shall we begin?
DONNELL:  Welcome.  Why Y.A.  What made you focus on young adult to write your first novel?

S.B. The young adult genre has always been appealing to me. It’s a time in life that’s exciting, frustrating and challenging. As a former high school teacher, I loved watching and helping students grow and learn in every facet of life. But the amazing and rewarding part has always been how the innocence of youth matures into a young adult by the decisions they make.

DONNELL:  You live in California.  Is that home?  If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be?

S.B: This is a great two-part question, and one that I’m addressing in my second book in the series. I’ve lived in many places since I was barely walking. Growing up in foster care, trudging from one home to the other has taught me that home can be anywhere. In my heart, home is a sense of family, which right now is in California. While California is a beautiful state, it’s not my favorite place on earth. In fact, I’m former military so I’ve moved around the country quite a bit and have traveled extensively. I’ve always been drawn to the island of Kauai. The place gives me a sense of peace.

DONNELL:  What authors have influenced you in your writing?

S.B.:  Three authors that have made an impact on me were Shirley Jackson, Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King. I’ll never forget reading the “Shining,” and how that scared the beetle juice out of me. But I loved how Stephen King told a story. I loved how Edgar Allen Poe kept you in suspense from the first sentence to the last. Then Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery” was incredible.

DONNELL:  Where will we find you when you’re not at the keyboard?

S.B.:  These days if I’m not working my full-time job or writing, I try to get out and play golf.

DONNELL:  Do you believe in vampires?

S.B: To me vampires are about power, strength and their unique abilities. With that said, I believe that everyone has a little bit of vampire in them. It’s how a human chooses to use it. In addition, there are humans walking this earth that have incredible instincts and intuition. Some even have the ability to see into the future. Or maybe their dreams tell them things.

DONNELL:  What’s in your refrigerator right now?

S.B.: Blood. No just kidding!  But I do have Bloody Mary mix.

DONNELL:  Tennis shoes, Hiking Boots or High Heels

S.B.: While I own a ton of high heels that I never where, I’m usually in tennis shoes or flip-flops.

DONNELL:  Most unusual thing you have in your closet?

S.B:  Baseball cards. I love baseball. I grew up playing it. I love watching it, and I love collecting cards.

DONNELL:  If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be?

S.B.: I’m a tomboy and with my love for baseball it would be Terry Francona the former manager for the Red Sox. He did an incredible job with the Red Sox. Under his management they won two World Series. He was a great manager, coach and thinker. I would love to pick his brain. Yes, I’m a diehard Red Sox fan.
Great answers, Susan.  Now it’s your turn, time to ask the Readers a question. 
S.B. ALEXANDER:  How would you describe your first kiss using three adjectives?

Readers, don't forget, On the Edge of Humanity e-book will be free to download from Amazon on March 15 and 16th.

Links and contact information

FB: sbalexander.authorpage

 S.B. Alexander's next book in the series “On the Edge of Eternity” will be out in late summer.

 Can't wait to read it, S.B.  Thanks for joining us today.  ~ Donnell

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  1. Ha! First Kiss. Okay, I'll confess. I was 12, and I STILL remember the guy's name. We were at Skateland. Three Adjectives. Awkward, Dry and Quick :) Welcome. S.B. So excited that you're debut novel has been released. It sounds terrific.

  2. Can't wait to download this one. First kiss? eye-opening...emotional...wet
    Congrats on your release!

  3. Sadly, the first 2 words that comes to mind are AWKWARD and SHY. :) But it was also sweet (in its own way)...

  4. Yeah - awkward, wet, disappointing!

    1. Nan, did you kiss the same guy I did? :)

    2. I remember the boy well. And, it was Wet, Wonderful and Tingly. Oh my!

  5. What does it say about mine that I can't remember it? Sheesh, probably that I'm getting old. I was an awkward kid so I'm guessing it was that!

    Great interview. The book sounds like a must read.