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Folks, please help me welcome a new friend (okay, not quite new anymore, but still), Sabrina Garie! You're going to love her and her work!

Sabrina Garie is on a journey to create the most kick-ass heroine romance fiction has ever known and the hero who can take her. A believer that big, audacious goals spice up life, she relies on coffee, red wine and laughter to make those goals (and her characters) come alive. When not at the computer, she wrangles vegetables and extra helpings of homework into her fashion-loving progeny, kowtows to a fat cat and reads, a lot. Since it is more fun to travel in packs, come along for the ride.

Always read the fine print when swearing an eternal oath to gods and guardians…

Beholden by the sacred vows of her coven, fire witch Calista Reid agrees to temporarily mate with shifter Cullen McMahan to fulfill a mission assigned by the guardians. When tall, dark and damaged arrives on her doorstep, generating enough heat to scorch a fire witch, Calista finds herself drawn to his battle-hardened body and broken soul. His pain speaks to her own deep-rooted isolation and the intensity of his hunger slakes her passion like no other.

Cullen, scarred by a past that left him an indentured soldier to the guardians, resents yet another hump-on-command assignment…until he encounters the compassionate, fearless, incendiary redhead who detonates his body and reawakens the emotions sacrifice and loss had suppressed. But Cullen harbors a terrible secret—one that reaches back into Calista’s troubled childhood and threatens the foundation of their growing bond.

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Sometimes the greatest obstacles to love are the walls that guard your own heart…

Chamber of Commerce CEO and single mother Jocelyn Wade plays to win—in the boardroom, at local politics and for her daughter.   With an overloaded life and a heart scarred shut, she does not do relationships, ever. Until Jared Wyatt, the hot out-of-town fling she can’t seem to forget, swaggers into her life with a different agenda—making Jocelyn his own.

Surviving a shattered marriage, Jared had sworn off women until a night of unparalleled passion with Jocelyn reawakens needs he thought long gone. When a new job as high school athletic director lands him in Jocelyn’s town, where sports and business rule, he must stay one move ahead of her in the game to win her body and heart.

After rancorous local politics upends their game board, they both must learn to trust again or lose a second chance at love.


ALEXA: Whats the first book you remember reading? 
SABRINA: Encyclopedia Brown, a childrens book series about a boy detective who figured out mysteries. They were written in a way so that readers could play a long and figure it out. Each volume had several stories to dig in to. Looking for clues got me so drawn into the story, I felt like I was part of the book. I also got a real kick out of figuring out the mystery. That book taught me several thingsthat books are friends, that I was smart, and figuring stuff out was fun. It tricked me into loving reading and learning. I have such fond memories of those books that I still buy it for kids as a gift.

ALEXA: Whats your favorite fairy tale?
SABRINA: Beauty and the Beast.  It teaches us so many good things; 1) That the true nature of love lies in the realm of the heart and soul; 2) The limitations of seeing the world predominantly through the eye; 3) The power of redemption and forgiveness; 4) A need for reflection–how sometimes we have to step outside a situation to see it clearly, as Beauty did when she has to leave the Beast; and 5) The power of unconditional love and loyalty. 

ALEXA:  What's your favorite movie of all time?
SABRINA: One of best films about love ever made—Casablanca. 

The world hangs in a balance. World War II is in full blaze.

Through Rick and Ilsa, we see and feel the sacrifices that people, flawed and beaten up, are willing to make for love.  Casablanca is love at its most unselfish and most painful.  It makes us see that sometimes the price of love is the ability to say good bye, to let go for a greater good. Sad, yes, but it is the difference between unconditional and selfish love.

ALEXA:  Who's your favorite villain?
SABRINA: Hands down, Hans Gruber, played to perfection by Alan Rickman, in the film Die Hard.  When he glides off the elevator in a custom-tailored, Savile Row suit, followed by a horde of to-die-for bad boys masquerading as terrorists to execute the ultimate burglary, Hans had me at: “I could talk about men’s fashion and industrialization all day but I’m afraid work must intrude.” The British accent upped him on the hot scale, and had him serving up dialogue in a way that made me swoon.

Witty, sophisticated, brilliant, and ruthless penchant for killing innocent people, he wrangled his pack as a true leader, stayed firm to his goals, perverse as they might be, and maintained a veneer of politeness when dealing with the hostages (even though he did ultimately plan on killing them all). Not a hair or etiquette out of place. But what really made Hans accessible was Alan Rickman’s performance—he kept Hans human. And that is why he nailed the character.

ALEXA: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroines role?
SABRINA: When Im reading, never. My tendency is create a new character whole cloth and insert myself in the narrative. That way I can observe and push the story the around, but still keep the protagonists intact. However, when I write, I always put myself in the heroines shoes. Thats how I figure out who she isby spending time in her head and heart. The truth is I add a little piece of myself into each female lead I write.

ALEXA: Whats the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
SABRINA: Cry, yes really. I think it stems from both a sense of completionthe emotions related to that just spill overand a sense of loss because I am putting something that has been an important part of my daily life away and I will never deal with it again in the same way.

ALEXA:  What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
SABRINA: The dream of writingof actually finishing something and having others read it, hopefully like it. So many times over the past couple of decades Ive tried to write. I have drawers full of half written plays, detailed story ideas with folders of research to support it, childrens books jazzed up with clip art and stapled together so I could read them to my daughter, and years of receipts from all the writing classes Ive taken.  In the last two years, for the first time, Ive set goals, built a routine, and now Ive got one published, a second one accepted, and several in progress.

ALEXA:  Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?
SABRINA:  Coffee, white. I can’t seem to get by without it.  I tried to give it up, several times, but…

ALEXA:  Which era would you least like to have lived in, fashion-wise and why? Most?
SABRINA: Mostthe 1960s and later. If I had my druthers, I would live my life in blue jeans. Least, everything before women could wear jeans.

ALEXA: Will you have a drawing from those leaving a comment?
SABRINA: Yes, Prize: Ecopy of the book.

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  1. Alexa, Thanks for hosting me today. I'm so glad to be here. Love the photos, the book cover brings back so many memories and you can never go wrong with Alan Rickman.


  2. Thank YOU for sharing a bit of your world with us!

    1. I'm so happy to be here. Thanks for having me Alexa.

  3. I adore Beauty & the Beast!! Robin McKinley's version was a huge influence on me - the first 'modern' version of a fairy tale I remember reading and getting fairy tales could be set anytime (and then so could magic, and witches and... :-) )

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Encyclopedia Brown?! My word, I remember those, too!! I was a Nancy Drew girl myself from a young age (five, I think)...but I remember EB, too!!

    Lovely interview...always fun to learn more about you!

  5. And yet more evidence that you guys are the best group of writer friends ever. :) I love the same stuff.....LOL

    Hi Sabrina! (You know how much I love Fires of Justice) and I really love Ms. Alexa's books too. :)

  6. Couldn't agree more. Jen, Sarah and Ellie are the best ever. Thanks for visiting gals. Alexa can join in the group hug.

  7. Heehee! Thank you for the kind words, Jennifer! And thanks for including me in the group hug, Sabrina!

  8. And the winner of the free ebook using rafflecopter is Carolline Greene. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the book. Thanks to everyone for dropping by and participating.

  9. Always good to read another interview with Sabrina... (the better to stalk her with!)
    I wish you both all the best.

  10. Yahhh!!! Thank you for the giveaway! I hope everyone has a great weekend!