Get Lost in a Story Readers, today we’re privileged to welcome Nonfiction Guru and Bestselling Fiction Author Mary Buckham to the blog.  

About Invisible Magic: 

Hidden from a world unaware of magic, a recently and only partially trained group of operatives know as the Invisible recruits are the only ones willing to stand between mankind and those powerful preternatural factions seeking to change the balalnce of power and gain world domination.

Alex Noziak, part witch, part shaman, anticipate facing dangerous preternaturals out for blood . . . not fashion week. But when the rookie agent is sent undercover to find out who, or what, is behind a series of world-wide thefts of top-secret intelligence, Alex tangles with the Seekers.

Seekers hunt gifted human individuals like Alex and her squad whose rare powers can keep the balance between human and nonhuman squarely on the side of the humans. Her simple assignment turns into a battle of survival for everyone involved when she crosses, Bran, a mysterious warlock, who might be her only ally or worst enemy.

To save the innocent, Alex must call upon her untested abilities, but at what cost?


And now, let's get to know Mary Buckham:
DONNELL:  Hi, Mary:  Welcome!  Now I’m not up on preternaturals, so please explain to me what a part witch and a part Shaman is, explain Alex’s  extraordinary powers, and then let’s get to what readers really care about.  Do you have any invisible powers?

MARY:  My kids think I have invisible powers. One tweak of an eyebrow and they know to jump! As for Alex being a witch, especially a Celtic witch, she is born to magic as opposed to a Wiccan who can learn magic. However in Alex’s situation she might have been witch-born but because of her family dynamics (her witch mother abandoned her family when Alex was young) Alex didn’t have a lot of training regarding her magic. So she’s an untrained witch with shamanistic abilities, which means she can cross from the physical world into the spirit realm, which sometimes can help her but sometimes adds more challenges to her already complicated life.  She’s wary of her witch abilities even as she’s thrown into situation where she’s forced to use magic to save lives around her, including her own.

DONNELL:  Your blurb has conflict written all over it.  Now, I know you, and you don’t strike me as a woman who likes conflict in her personal life.  So tell me, how  being the nice person that you are, do you manage conflict in your stories?

MARY:  LOL! Conflict drives the drama of a story and raises story questions. Readers of commercial fiction read to have questions raised and answered, so the more conflict in a story the faster a story can be paced. Many readers have told me I write paranormal thrillers because of the pacing and the fact they can’t put the book down while they’re reading.

DONNELL:   Your schedule once upon a time was intense—maybe as intense as Invisible Power.  So here’s two-part question.  When do you find time to write? And where will we find you when you do it?  (E.G. your favorite spot to write).

MARY: No writer is given extra time so to find the time to write one must be willing to give up time for other things. My house is not pristine, I kill plants regularly because I forget to water them, and once I taught my hubby how to cook I bagged that function. J I have taught myself to write anywhere I have a few minutes—as a passenger in the car, on ferries, on planes. When I’m at home I write in my bedroom as when I started writing I had five children under the age of eight and the only place I found any private time was the bedroom or the bathroom. For some reason writing in the bathroom never took so it’s been the bedroom for years.

DONNELL:  Does one of your invisible powers prevent Writer’s Block?  Just askin’.  Do you get it?  How do you handle it?

MARY: I get physically exhausted which forces me to slow down or stop but I don’t get writer’s block. I don’t have time to get blocked. <G> I focus on what is working in a story, or give myself permission to start a new story, play with different stories, or just have fun with the process. If I’m stymied for a bit I also know it’s simply a speed bump and not a block.

DONNELL:  All people with unseen powers need sustenance.  So, what’s in your refrigerator right now?

MARY:  I think it’s in that room called a kitchen but I’m in that room so rarely I don’t know for sure J. Basic requirements though are chocolate, coffee and red wine. Not necessarily in that order.
DONNELL:  You teach both nonfiction classes and write fiction.  So let's put you truly on the spot.  You have to give up one (kind of like your logline (If she wins he'll lose his freedom.  If he wins she'll watch her brother die.)  [insert scary music here.]  Which do you give up?  Nonfiction or fiction? 

MARY: Nonfiction. I’m actually pulling way way back on my teaching schedule (part of that question about how do you find the time). I have enjoyed immensely my years of teaching; the people I’ve met; the travel; the chance to talk story with so many writers at different levels of their writing game, but within six months I won’t be teaching online any more and within a year I won’t be teaching at full day conferences or events. That will allow me time to write more.

DONNELL:  When you’re not teaching or writing, what do you do for fun?

MARY: I collect textiles, ethnographic materials, and folk art, as well as travel, read and, because I live in a stunningly beautiful part of the country I take lots of beach walks along the ocean or mountain hikes.

DONNELL:  What’s the most unusual thing you have in your closet?

MARY: A collection of Ethiopian headrests, mud cloth from Mali, Japanese kimonos from the 20s and 30s and a suitcase that’s always packed so I can travel on a moment’s notice.

DONNELL:  Last Question.  If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be?

MARY: I have an ancestor who was accused of witchcraft twice in the early days of Massachusetts.  She was one of the wealthiest women in the Colonies but still found herself imprisoned. I’d love to talk with her, see what gave her strength and how such charges changed her life.

MARY’S QUESTION FOR READERS.  What was a favorite book you read as a child?

Book Giveaway:  I’d be delighted to give away 2 books – either digital (worldwide) or paperback (if in the US or Canada) of INVISIBLE MAGIC Book 1 in the Invisible Recruit Series.

Mary's Links and contact information. 


INVISIBLE MAGIC: Book 1 Alex Noziak (available now)

INVISIBLE PRISON: Alex Noziak novella (available now e-format only)

INVISIBLE DUTY: Alex Noziak novella (Coming May 2013 e-format only)

INVISIBLE POWER: Book 2 Alex Noziak (coming June 2013)

Non-fiction books:



(both available now in Kindle format)

Thanks Donnell for hosting me!!
My pleasure, Mary!

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  1. Good morning, Mary! Welcome to Get Lost in a Story. I can't name a specific book per se, but I can tell you my favorite series. Nancy Drew.

    Now I have another question for you: What does one do with an Ethiopian headress?

  2. Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree series. I loved all her books as a young kid.

  3. The world of Og. I thought that it was so funny.

  4. James and the giant peach

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. Hi Donnell and thank you so much for having me as your guest today. It's a true honor! I should have figured you for a Nancy Drew kind of gal. I read Trixie Beldon so often the covers fell off :-) As for Ethiopian headdresses it's like collecting a combination clothing/textile/ethnographical glimpse into a world that's fast disappearing. I think our culture helps define us and when we are removed from that culture, or that culture is changed there is inherent tension which makes for great stories!

  6. Hi Linda and thank you for stopping by today. I don't think I've read Enid Blyton but it sounds like so much fun. It's never too late to pick up a good book!

    Thank you again ~~ Mary B :-)

  7. Hi May and welcome. The World of Og? Another book to add to my TBR list as anything that still brings a smile of fun is a winner in my book. Thanks for swinging by today!

    Cheers ~~ Mary B :-)

  8. bn100 ~ oh, I loved that book! Great choice and thanks for sharing and taking the time to post!

    Cheers ~~ Mary B :-)

  9. Wonderful interview, Donnell!! Of course it helps to have someone like Mary who is one of the most interesting people I know. So glad she's writing the Invisible Recruit series and love that Invisible Power is coming soon!! My favorite book as a little kid was Cinderalla, thus my love of romance and HEA was born. :)

    1. Dianna, yes, Mary makes interviewing easy ;) Cant' wait to read her Invisible series. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. This was a wonderful interview, Mary! I grew up in Alaska and my mom read "Mama, do you love me?" quite often. I still have the book on my bookshelf all these years later. :D

  11. LOL! Dianna I would never have pegged you as a Cinderella fan - not unless she went out and grabbed Prince Charming by the lapels as he took his sweet time tracking her down, and offing her yucky step-relatives in a myriad of fun way. It's why your RS stories are so great. No demure damsel waiting to be rescued!!

    Thanks for buzzing by and sharing. You rock!

    ~~ Mary B :-)

  12. Hi Jessica ~ what a wonderful book and an even better memory! Did you know there is a series of plush dolls based on that series? I could see re-reading the book while hugging the doll. Too fun!
    Thanks for popping in and sharing!

    Cheers ~~ Mary B :-)

    1. I didn't know they had plush dolls! I might have to go buy them so I can cuddle them while I re-read the book! Thanks!

  13. A favorite of mine was The Little House on the Prairie books.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  14. Hi Maureen ~~ oh, I loved those too! They struck such a cord and it was way too easy to get lost in the world of Laura Ingal Wilder. Great choice!

    Thanks for swinging by and sharing ~~ Mary B :-)

  15. Jessica ~ while you're enjoying the dolls and re-reading the books know that I'll be envious :-)

    Cheers ~~ Mary B :-)

    Thanks for hanging with us today.

  17. Angi ~ you're very welcome. Appreciate the opportunity to talk books and hang out with cool folks! Thanks Donnell so much for inviting me.
    Till next time our paths cross, happy writing and reading!

    Cheers ~~ Mary B :-)

  18. The book I always remember reading as a child that I loved was A Wrinkle in Time. I encouraged my son to read it when he was young too because I just had to share the love.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

    Mary chose THREE winners either digital (worldwide) or paperback (if in the US or Canada) of INVISIBLE MAGIC Book 1 in the Invisible Recruit Series.

    Jessica Mobbs
    Maureen and
    Barbara Barbed1951 @ aol . com