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A Novel of the Light Blade, Book 3
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"The third outing in Griffin’s rousing Light Blade series provides readers with a breathtakingly strong and dedicated heroine willing to fight and sacrifice for her people. Griffin keeps the tension running high as the world she created heads ever closer to war. This is a series that is definitely improving with age!" 
4 Stars~~Romantic Times Magazine

"It’s very rare for book to have such a phenomenal world where it engrosses me so completely that I am taken away by it. Hands-down, the world alone is amazing." 
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"A fantastic continuation of a story that has well and truly captured my heart." 
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A Novel of the Light Blade, Book 1

"Peopled with intriguing characters, the world of Vengeance Born is unique and filled with compelling mystery. I'm looking forward to seeing where Kylie Griffin takes that world next." 
~~Nalini Singh, NYTimes best-selling author

Enter a bold new series, the Light Blade, where a longstanding war between the demon and human realms rages. Promising new talent Griffin’s characters face danger and hidden secrets that threaten to change the world as they know it. A terrific debut!
~~RT Magazine

A Novel of the Light Blade, Book 2
"...does a stellar job envisioning her world and its compelling protagonists. Well worth your time!"  
~~RT Magazine

"A battle scarred, noble hero and a valiant heroine caught in a war of deep prejudice make for a powerfully affecting read."
~~Bookaholics Romance Club

"He had a hard life of abuse and condemnation and yet he was a man worthy of love. Is there anything better than that?..."
~~All About Romance


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ANGI: How often to you train for battle?
AREK: Daily. I don’t think I’ve missed more than a dozen days of training since I was ten years old. Na’Reish demons are physically bigger and stronger than a human so you can’t afford to slack off. Before I complete my final journey I intend on taking out as many of bastards as possible, so it’s my duty to be the best warrior I can be.
VARIAN: Training? (arching of one eyebrow) I wouldn’t say my scouts and I trained, not until we came to Sacred Lake. In Na’Reish territory it was more like we learned fast how to fight or we died. Survival is a great motivator when demons and humans want to kill you on sight. Now we’re living at Sacred Lake, and part of the Light Blade patrols, we train with the humans every day.
KALAN: (wry twisting of lips) More often than I like, my duties as the Chosen tend to interfere…there are always Blade Council meetings to attend, delegations and Guild representatives asking you to visit them, patrol reports to read…but I try to make it a point of visiting the training fields every day, even if it’s only for a half hour session.

ANGI: What’s your first thought when seeing the woman you love? 
AREK: My first thought? (soft chuckle) Strong. Imhara’s an incredibly driven woman when she sets her mind on something. If anything gets in the way, she adapts. You only have to look at the decisions she’s made to help her Clan survive to appreciate her courage and determination. Those qualities were some of the first things I came to respect in her, even when I thought she was the enemy.
VARIAN:  (quiet grunt) How amazing it is to be her mate. I mean, I’m not the easiest man to live with. Kymora will tell you I can be surly, stubborn, uncommunicative…(lips twitch then briefly twist in a wry upwards motion)…and that’s on a good day.
Nor am I the most desirable warrior she could have chosen… (thumb traces a jagged scar running from the corner of his eye to his jaw)…but whenever she senses me nearby and turns in my direction, I see the most joyous, heart-warming smile shape her lips…and I know it’s just for me. For me…(shakes head)…I’m Lady blessed…
KALAN: Just how lucky I am to be loved by Annika (tender smile curves lips) and how I intend spending the rest of my life letting her know how much that love is returned.

ANGI: Can you tell us about a true hero you’ve met?
AREK: (blue gaze turns inward a moment and mouth pulls downward) A few months ago Na’Reish slavers attacked and razed a small crofters’ settlement near the border. Several villagers were taken. I was part of a patrol sent to rescue them. But it turned out the raiding party wasn’t alone and I ended up captured in the melee. One of the farmers, a young man called Yenass, knew I’d be killed on sight if the Na’Reish saw me in my armor and wearing my Lady’s amulet. The Na’Reish had set their Vorc loose to track us down. Yenass told me I was of no use to them dead, so he traded clothes with me just before the Vorc attacked…(eyes close briefly)…he sacrificed his life for mine so that I could try and help the other crofters when the time was right.
VARIAN:  I doubt she’d agree with me, but Hesia, the human slave who helped the Na’Chi survive, is a true hero. For twenty years she smuggled half-blood children born to human slaves outside the Gannec Fortress. She risked her life every time she brought us food and supplies. She also taught us to dream of a better life and gave us the courage to reach for it when the time came.
KALAN: Commander Yevni, the Light Blade’s Master of Arms. He’s been the head of the Light Blade training program for the last thirty years. Every warrior who passes through the ranks, and survive each patrol, owe their lives to his knowledge, dedication and skill.

ANGI: What’s your favorite weapon of choice?
AREK: A strong, fire-tempered sword. Nothing beats a well-made blade. The weight, the length, the sound it makes as it cuts through the air…a deadly weapon in the right hands.
VARIAN: When you’ve spent most of your life hiding from your enemies, combat tends to be up close and personal. Vicious in nature. So I prefer a dagger. Time is crucial. Cutting an intruders throat from behind with a sword is unwieldy. A dagger is quiet. Swift. (Gives a wicked grin.) Much more efficient.
KALAN: I have to agree with Arek. Light Blades are physically outmatched in strength and size against the Na’Reish so we’re taught to use our Gift through a sword. We can project energy through any blade – a rare few, like Arek, can direct it through flesh to flesh contact – but we need every advantage the sword can give us in a battle against them.

ANGI: What’s your favorite “love” word?
AREK:(shares a look with the other two warriors. Kalan smiles. Varian’s mouth flattens, his brow creases.) Umm, you sure like to ask the hard questions, Angi. I’m going to have to think about that one…anyone else want to answer this first?
KALAN: (snorting a laugh) Arek, you can’t be at a loss for words. I distinctly remember one young lady you charmed with “love” words at The Traveller Rest that night we broke curfew to wander the Night Markets.
AREK: (eyebrows raise) Lady’s Breath, Kalan, that was over fifteen years ago! How can you remember that particular night so clearly?
KALAN: (grinning) You were both headed upstairs to “chat” in her room within ten minutes of meeting. I was in awe of that feat and am still wondering just what you said to her to convince her so quickly.
AREK: A gentleman never gossips…(here he levels a narrow-eyed look at Kalan)…and Imhara better not hear about that night, or any other night we spent wandering the Night Markets, my friend. She’s staked her claim on me and I’d rather not spend the rest of my life chained to her bed.
VARIAN:  (blinks and stares at both men) She has shackles attached to her bed?
KALAN:(bursting into laughter) Hasn’t Arek ever told you how he and Imhara first met? (The Na’Chi shakes his head.) He woke bound hand and foot to her bed…
AREK:(interrupting in a dry tone of voice) And you call yourself my best friend? (Glances to the Na’Chi) Varian, I’ll fill you in later. Angi, I think we’d better move onto the next question. Please.

ANGI: Who is the last Na’Reish demon you'd like to tangle with?
AREK: (grunts) The Kaal Clan aside, why would I want to avoid fighting demons, Angi? They prey on us. They want to enslave or kill those we love. We kill them. Simple.
VARIAN:  Succinct answer but well put, Arek. Kalan?
KALAN: (grimacing) Savyr. The demon king. He’s one power-hungry bastard. Ambitious. Cunning.
AREK: Cruel, too. (hands fist, gaze grows cold)
VARIAN:  (when Angi looks puzzled by Arek’s icy response) Savyr raped his mother.
AREK: To avenge his son’s death at the hands of my grandfather. (mouth tightens) Savyr kidnapped my mother and raped her until she fell pregnant with Annika.
KALAN: Annika is my wife, and Arek’s half-sister.
AREK: Savyr physically and mentally abused Annika all her life, until she escaped him by coming here.
KALAN: While I’d cross blades with Savyr if I had to, he’s one I’d think twice about challenging. He hasn’t been Na’Rei for nearly thirty years without surviving more than a few assassination attempts or emerging victorious from several leadership challenges.
VARIAN:  His ledger of offences will be repaid. (Voice deepens with lethal promise) One day.
KALAN & AREK: (grimly together) Lady willing.

ANGI: What is your biggest vice?
AREK: That’s easy. Sex. Give me a bed, a willing woman, preferably Imhara…
VARIAN: (dead-pan) Chains?
AREK: (wry grin) Again, I’m too much of a gentleman to kiss and tell, but she sure makes bed time interesting, Na’Chi.
KALAN: (chuckling and shaking his head at Arek’s response) I think I’ll stick to safer ground and go for a hot bath. It’s something Annika and I have in common.
VARIAN: Sweet-treasures. Kymora introduced me to the honey-filled pastries last Summer’s End Festival. They melt in your mouth and I can’t stop at just one.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: Has anything "tripped you up" while writing in the LIGHT BLADE world?
KYLIE'S GOTTA ANSWER: Oh, yes. Just something small, believe it or not. Funny how a tiny detail can be the biggest gaff out. Originally, when writing the series and casting secondary characters, I decided on the names Zarian and Vaune for two Na’Chi warriors. I eventually swapped the initial letters around to make Varian and Zaune, but in all three books I’ve managed to mix their names up constantly. A pain in the butt when you have to go back and Find & Change each instance and make sure every single one is found. Nothing worse than getting a character’s name wrong!!!

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AREK, VARIAN, KALAN & KYLIE WANT TO KNOW: Is there a weapon you'd like to learn to use? why? Or if you already have learned to use one, which one and why? Have you mastered a martial art and what attracted you to learn it?


  1. I just read Allegiance Sworn and loved it. Have put the other books on my wishlist.
    And I'd love to learn to shoot a crossbow. I tried a normal bow, but being lefthanded that's very difficult with a righthanded bow.


    1. Ahh, wonderful, another satisfied reader - I'm sooooo glad you enjoyed Arek & Imhara's story. It was a challenge but a LOT of fun to write.

      Sullivan, you and I have an interest in archery in common then. I've learned to use a compound bow but would love to learn the crossbow or even a longbow. :-)

      As a kid I'd find a stick and attach a piece of string to it then make arrows and a quiver - never hit anything with it but half the adventure was in making one! LOL

  2. This interview is so entertaining and fun! I always want to learn sword, by learn kendo (japanese sword martial art), but doesn't have time. I do martial art, Tae Kwon Do when I'm in college, 3 years did it and I'm regret to not continue to get my black belt. It also help for me to keep in shape, tho.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)
    sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

    1. Hello, Ren! (waving) So good to see you here.

      Angi had the best interview idea and the questions were fantastic. I had a lot of fun posing them to Arek, Varian and Kalan. :-)

      Oh, I'm envious - Tae Kwon Do. I've always wanted to learn a martial art. I did a short course in self-defense while I was at university but it wasn't the same as pursuing one of the more structured martial arts. I've also learned some Tai Chi, which I suppose has some link to martial arts but again, not quite the same.

      Good luck in the giveaway!

  3. So glad you brought all the guys with you, Kylie. Fun interview!

    1. It took me a bit to convince Varian, and I suspect I have Arek to thank. By the banter in this interview I think there might have been some goading happening behind the scenes...

      Great to see Varian opening up. :-)

  4. I read your first book and love it! :)

    No martial arts for me... Wish that I can do karate though. :)

    1. May, I'm so glad you enjoyed VENGEANCE BORN. Annika's story was such a powerful one. I wrote the first draft pretty quickly.

      No martial arts - not to worry. You and I are in the same boat there. :-)

  5. I love Get Lost In A Story because it introduces me to such wonderful new authors. I've not read one of your books yet Kylie but that is definitely going to change. Your light blade series sounds great.
    We have a couple of swords in the house because my son enjoys practicing with them, but I would love to learn archery. I did a little in high school and scouting but didn't follow through. I too am lefty...smile.
    grandmabkr at yahoo dot com

    1. G'day Brenda, it's exciting when you discover a new author at a blog , isn't it? I've found quite a few that way.

      Ahh, swords, my next love after the bow. I get some strange looks when people peruse my bookshelves. I have plenty of books on weapons across the ages, martial arts, the "forgotten" arts (like thatching/smithing etc, healing & herbs etc.

  6. I wish I had gotten an invitation to the sexy hero party. Please let me know when you schedule another one. Yum! :)

    I would love to learn how to fight with a sword. It's a lost art and I just think it would be so neat to learn.


    1. Hi Mrs Clare *waving*, welcome to the party!

      What sort of sword would you be interested in learning to use? A rapier? Broadsword? Gladius (Roman gladitor style)? Longsword? Sabre? Modern fencing? Or doesn't matter?

      I love attending reenactments - went to one in York when I was travelling Scotland - and the men were using Scottish Claymores and broadswords. They had someone from the audience come out and try and use a broadsword. They were long and heavy and hard to wield but when they hit they took you out in one go. Amazing.

  7. I came here from a tweet from Erica Hayes and WOW THOSE COVERS ARE GORGEOUS!!
    I always liked to learn bow and arrow but where I live dont have a class!
    So,I'm from Brazil and martial arts are currently hot here and I really like one day to learn Muay-Thai!


    1. Lais, remind me to send Erica some Tim Tams as a thank you for retweeting my tweet! She's such a honey. :-)

      Thank you for the covers compliment. They are awesome, eh? My cover artist is a wizard called Gene Mollica and he's done a superb job designing them. There are so many subtle pieces of the book or characters reflected in them.

      For eg. on the cover of VENGEANCE BORN, can you see the bag around Annika's waist? That's her healers pouch. And on the cover of ALLIANCE FORGED if you look really closely under Varian's right eye you can see his facial scar. Then on ALLEGIANCE SWORN, the armband Arek is wearing and the amulet Imhara has around her neck, both bear the sun image of the Lady (the human's deity) and it's actually the compass rose you see on the map inside AF & AS.

      If you like Gene's work you can see more of it here ww.genemollica.com (and probably recognise other author's covers too).

  8. Omigosh! 3 of Kylie's gorgeous heroes visiting today! *swoons*
    I do a mixed martial art sort-of exercise at the gym called body combat. Not that I'm good at it or look remotely like a bona fide martial art fighter.


    1. Ohh, Linda, body combat sounds like a lot of fun. How long have you been doing it? It doesn't matter if you don't look like a bona fide MA fighter, I'm jealous anyway!!!! LOL

      And being the protective, caring warriors they are, swooning is likely to get you some attention from one of the boys, you realise that don't you? :-)

  9. A bow and arrow because it sounds interesting

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Hello bn100, it's lovely to see a familiar name here (bn's been following my blog tour for a while now).

      It's a lot of fun learning archery. The first time I had a go I made the age old mistake of letting the string hit my forearm and ended up bruised for a solid week!

  10. Just an FYI -- Kylie should be sleeping right now in her part of the world, but I'm certain she'll be chatting later. So keep those comments coming.

    1. Some great comments indeed, Angi - I'm now awake but about to head off to my "other" job - teaching.

      I'll try and pop in during breaks to chat, when I'm not on playground duty, otherwise I'll be back this arvo! :-)

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  12. Great interview... I have experienced some martial art myself. I learn Tae Kwon Do when I was in junior high school and my country traditional martial arts called "Pencak Silat".

    Currently I was trying Body Combat class at the gym, and it was fun!

    I never read your book and seriously love to read one. This book catch me, but guess I have to read the first book first :-)


    1. Hi Adis,

      Thanks for dropping in and sharing. Again let me express my envy that you got to study martial arts :-). You've tried a few too! Awesome. One of the other commenters, Linda, has also tried Body Combat.

      Good luck in the draw! And it would be awesome if this series hooked you, Adis. :-)

  13. Coming in late, but dang, these look like good books!

    1. Hi Clover, thank you! There have been so many compliments about the covers and I'm so grateful to have been paired with Gene Mollica, the artist responsible for creating them.

  14. Lais & Brenda -- CONGRATULATIONS, Kylie will be sharing her books with you !!