Celebrating Short Contemporary Series

The Get Lost in a Story crew sends our CONGRATULATIONS to the Short Contemporary Series Finalists

Day Leclaire
Book Nine: Gabe and Kat

All his life, Gabe Moretti has denied his Dante heritage–but when he meets Kat Malloy, his late wife’s cousin, the Dante Inferno cannot be ignored.

He tells himself it’s only business–her hand in exchange for a necklace his mother created. But when one touch leads to another–and a kiss leads to more– Gabe realizes he’s in over his head. Because Kat has secrets he needs to uncover. And now he’ll have to do the one thing he’s sworn never to do–go to his Dante relatives to find out the truth about this powerful passion….

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Robin Perini
Unjust accusations shattered Blake Redmond's big-city police career—and destroyed everything around him. Now, all this sheriff lives for is keeping watch over his small Texas town…until Amanda Hawthorne and her five-year-old son come fleeing out of a snowstorm with killers on their trail. 

The terror Blake sees in the young boy's eyes makes Blake swear to protect him and his injured mother. But winning Amanda's trust is as difficult as resisting the passion drawing him to this beautiful, determined woman. With their every move thwarted and time running out, the only way Blake can clear his name and save this little family is to confront his own dangerous past—no matter what the cost.

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Christine Rimmer
Texas Cowboy Lassos Runaway Bride?

Look out ladies: there's another Traub bachelor in town! Jason "Jace" Traub is every bit as gorgeous as his sexy twin brother, but rumor has it he is even more marriage-shy. There's not a woman alive who could make this restless rancher settle down.... 

Yet insiders whisper that Jace has been talking wedding plans with Jocelyn Bennings, the chestnut-haired beauty who ran out on her own wedding just days ago! Could the confirmed bachelor really be hooking up with heartbroken, headstrong Joss? Stay tuned, loyal readers, to find out if their marriage of convenience runs amuck-or if lasting passion will finally rope in the last single maverick!

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Lilian Darcy
First Book of the McKinley Medics Trilogy

When Alicia McKinley agreed to a whirlwind Las Vegas wedding, she'd been swept away by the sheer romance of it all. How could she not say "I do" to Michael James McKinley, the gorgeous doctor who offered her everything she'd ever dreamed of? Still, after years of coming in second to MJ's career, it was time to say "I don't" to the workaholic husband who took her totally for granted.

But MJ is not a man who gives up without a fight. He and Alicia might not have a perfect marriage, but now that he knows what is on the line, he is determined to risk everything—including his heart—for a second chance with his wife!

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Sarah Morgan

Private Lives of Public Playboys Book 1

Money, charm and sensual skills don't make up for a heart colder than ice...

Wild parties, wanton women, relentless work-nothing helps tycoon L ucas Jackson escape his dark and haunting past. Arriving at his rural castle in a snarling snowstorm, he craves only complete isolation.... But it seems oblivion can take an unexpected and highly intoxicating form!

Personally delivering the vital file left on her boss's desk, secretary Emma Gray starts to seriously regret her dutiful overtime mission. She never expected the dark side of the usually controlled Lucas could generate such a primitive, powerful-and entirely inappropriate-reaction.

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Loreth Anne White

Sahara Kings

Off the cliffs of Brittany, danger awaits. To Bella DiCaprio, the windswept island offers hope. The story that cost her a prestigious reporting job has brought her here, where a mysterious recluse holds the key to a horrific bombing….

For Sheik Tariq Al Arif, the grief is still fresh. That tragedy took not only his career as a lifesaving surgeon but also his fiancée. Only here, walking the windswept cliffs by the haunted abbey, does he begin to feel alive again. And when the American beauty shows up on the storm-ravaged island off the coast of France, he knows their passion is dangerous.

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Susan Meier

The CEO's Second Chance

Max Montgomery had it all—charm, good looks and a career as CEO of the family business. Marriage to Kate Hunter was the icing on the cake. Until a devastating family secret sent his world—and then his marriage— crashing down around him….

Years later, Max is accidentally reunited with Kate, who also has a secret—the daughter he’s never met! Bonding with adorable Trisha may come naturally, but with the shadows of the past still haunting him, recapturing the heart of the woman he’s never stopped loving is quite a different matter….

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Jessica Hart

"I've Done It!"

Clara is a production assistant for a TV film-making company and she’s got a new project. Romance: Fact or Fiction is make-or-break for Clara’s future, and her first challenge is to get Simon Valentine, financial guru turned prime-time pin-up, to front the program.

But Simon’s got no time for romance, real or fictional, and it’s going to take all Clara’s powers of persuasion, not to mention a broken wrist, to get him on board.

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Congratulations to all the nominees for the RITA® in the
Short Contemporary Series Romance category!
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  1. Congratulations to all of the nominees!!

  2. Congratulations to everyone. And thanks for sharing your books with our readers !!

    My favorite Romantic Comedy is a classic: MY FAVORITE WIFE with Cary Grant. Or the "modern" version with Doris Day & James Garner (Move Over Darling). I love it. Makes me smile just thinking about it.


  3. Thanks to Get Lost in the Story for featuring the RITA books! I'm so thrilled to be shortlisted again this year. Good luck to all :)

  4. Love HQ books. I enjoy the Maverick series and HQ intrigues. Favorite RC Movie......if we are going oldies Pillow Talk is great

  5. Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you for providing us our "escape".

    My favorite romantic comedy is HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS with Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey. It's lighthearted and borders on being crude yet is sweet an endearing.

  6. Good luck, ladies, especially Robin!

  7. Congrats to all the nominee's! love the Maverick series!

  8. What an honor to be part of this list! I'm a huge FANGIRL of all the nominees. Thanks for having us here, Angi. I'm still pinching myself I'm a RITA Nominee.

    Thanks Jen . *Waving*


  9. Thanks so much for the congrats, Angi. It is a huge honor to be here.


  10. Congrats to all the nominees and good luck to you all.

  11. Congrats to those nominated... And favorite romantic comedy - Something Borrowed - The Proposal - Big Fat Greek Wedding..

  12. Very thoughtful of you, Angi, to set up such a wonderful contest on our behalf. It's very much appreciated. And for the winner of my book, Becoming Dante--if they already have it, I'd be happy to offer them the companion book, Forever Dante, which will be out later this summer.

  13. What a great group of novels--I want you ALL to win! Congratulations to all the finalists; I'm looking forward to checking out each and every story. My favorite romantic comedy is "Love Actually." I could watch the scene where Colin Firth's Jamie proposes to Aurelia in broken Portuguese a hundred times and it would still melt my heart.

    1. Snap! I love Jamie and Aurelia's storyline! Thanks for giving me a smile as I'm playing it over in my head!

  14. Congrats to everyone! It's a great list! I read some of the books (not all unfortunately) and they are terrific!

  15. Thanks, Angi and Get Lost in a Story for the congrats--and sponsoring the contest. Thrilled to be a finalist. It's totally fabulous to be in such great company!

  16. Congrats to everyone! All the books sound great!

  17. So many great stories. Congrats to everyone on being a finalist! I've not read all of you but looking forward to try your books...especially the new Intrigue series. Thanks for sharing this awesome group of authors Angi and GLIAS.

  18. My favorite is Sweet Home Alabama

  19. Thanks for having us here. Can't believe it's only just over a week until Rita night. To fellow nominees attending the conference, hope you have a great time!

  20. Whow - some of these authors I know - others I don't. Count me in.
    jrs362 at Hotmail dot com

  21. My favorite romantic comedy is probably The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are such an awesome combination. I can watch that movie over and over and it never gets old!

  22. Leap Year would be my favorite. Such a beautiful love story. Amy Adams is such a terrific actress. Congrats to all the nominees!

  23. Congrats to all of the nominees! Two of my favourite romantic comedies are 10 Things I Hate About You and Pretty Woman.

  24. Wonderful authors and books!

    Favorite romantic comedy:

    CRAZY STUPID LOVE I have never laughed that much while I watched a movie!

  25. The Proposal with Sandra Bullock is the one I think of first, although there are others - older ones: many with Cary Grant: Bringing Up Baby; Houseboat; I Was a Male War Bride; Father Goose. In fact, a lot of the older movies were romantic comedies and I still enjoy seeing them today.