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Folks, please welcome the authors on the Winter in July Blog Hop! Each of us has a book set in winter and we thought it would be a great way to celebrate the summer with a cool story. Although, these romances are hot, hot, hot so maybe it wasn't the best idea? Oh well! No matter!

Today the authors have been interviewed so you get a chance to get to know us a bit better.

GLIAS: What's your favorite type of book to read and why?
Lisa Fox: I’m a huge fan of horror stories. I love to be scared. I love to wonder what is lurking in the dark and under my bed.
Alexa Bourne: I love romantic suspense stories. I love to see the bad guys get what’s coming to them and to see ordinary people rise up to courageous and brave.
Catherine Peace: I love science fiction, always have, always will. I’ve had a deep obsession with outer space since I decided to be an astronaut at the age of seven, and anything that had to do with it. Needless to say, my head’s been in the clouds ever since.
Taryn Kincaid: Love historical romances, the first books that got me hooked on reading romance. Up until one day lying on a beach in Jamaica, and glancing at a book my friend had left open on the towel…I was an English major and strictly read classics! Now, I also love sexy paranormals. Totally smitten by the paranormal romance goddesses, J.R. Ward, Nalini Singh and Kresley Cole.
Eva LeFoy: Oh that’s a tough one. The first thing that pops into my mind is Science Fiction. Not romance mind you, but more like a Star Trek novel. I also love hot historical romance. Not that those two things go together …
Emily Cale: This depends on the day. Of course I am a big romance fan and read a lot of both sweet and erotic romance. I am also a big fan of mysteries, both cozies and thrillers (but nothing with a lot of gore *eyes Lisa*)

GLIAS: Who is your favorite author and why?
Lisa: Stephen King. Because he is made of everything awesome.
Alexa: Oooh, do I really have to pick just 1? Okay, if I HAVE to choose…Laura Griffin because her stories have just the right mix of romance and suspense.
Catherine: Anne Rice, hands down. I love the way she writes—so fluid and poetic and beautiful. Interview with the Vampire is the first book I remember falling madly and deeply in love with. Taryn: See above. Don’t make me choose. I might hurt myself. Or you.
Eva: Honestly I can go from Barbara Kingsolver to Sherrilyn Kenyon to Jack McDevitt to Lisa Marie Rice so easily that it’s not even funny. There’s a different author for every mood. My brain also loves non-fiction, and currently my favorite non-fiction author is Mary Roach, who wrote the book, “Stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers.” It’s an interesting look into what happens to your body when you give it to medical science.
Emily: I’ve been reading a lot of Kathy Reichs lately. I like the way her stories unfold so effortlessly and always keep the reader guessing.
GLIAS: What's your favorite thing about being an author and why?
Lisa: There are so many great things about being an author. I love the process of writing even when it is difficult and frustrating. I love the anxiety of submitting, the joy of getting that acceptance letter. Getting cover art is always amazing. And then finally, getting to share the story with others and knowing they’ve enjoyed it. Nothing compares to that.
Alexa: I love watching a story unfold before my very eyes. Yes, sometimes it’s so very difficult and I want to pull out my hair, but when it all falls into place it’s just as magical as Santa and the North Pole!
Catherine: The covers? :D Okay, apart from the covers, I think my favorite part of being an author is “meeting” all these new and diverse characters and getting to write their stories because no one else ever could.
Taryn: That would be the tons of money pouring into my coffers [kept hidden in an undisclosed underground vault] on a daily basis. Oh. Wait. I was having a fantasy there for a minute. I would have to say, getting a new cover! I have been astoundingly lucky so far. Whenever I get the email, I hold my breath, click and wait anxiously for the download. Upload. And then it’s Whooooooeeeeeee!  Gorgeous HOTness!
Eva: It’s fun to come up with new ideas and see if you can constantly improve your writing. It’s fun to try new things.
Emily: I get paid to make stuff up. I was already doing that (my mom says I have an overactive imagination), but now I get to say it is my job.

GLIAS: Who is your celebrity crush and why?
Lisa: Hugh Jackman. I don’t think that requires any further explanation, do you?
Alexa: Matt Damon. He’s an awesome actor and he seems to be a genuinely good guy.
Catherine: Chris Evans. I think he might love science fiction as much as I do. I fell head over heels for him when Not Another Teen Movie came out. Though I hated the movie at the time, he made a lasting impression on me. And then When he played Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movie, I was sold. That is some gorgeous man right there. Plus, he’s a talented singer, has a great relationship with his mom, and has a wicked sense of humor. There’s really nothing the man can’t do.
Taryn: Joe Manganiello. I admit. I’m totally shallow. Pretty face and smokin’ bod.  Oh, come on. Tell me you would not buy a crap ton of Magnum Gold ice cream from this man?
Eva: Well there are several. Right now though, I’m willing to fight to the death over Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion in Game of Thrones.
Emily: Channing Tatum. I don’t think I need to explain that.

GLIAS: If you had to choose, who is your favorite one of your characters and why?
Lisa: I can’t choose. That would be like choosing my favorite child. They are special to me, all unique and magnificent. They also all have their flaws and each one has given me their fair share of trouble.
Alexa: If I had to choose I’d choose Meggie MacDougall. She’s the town gossip in my Highland village. (She's not in this book but does have her own!)
Catherine: Tandy from “This Time Next Year.” Even to me, she’s kind of mysterious and has a few secrets of her own. Though she’s not in the book a whole lot, she’s still feisty, funny, and fiercely loyal to Moira. I hope to write her story someday.
Taryn: Can’t choose.  It’s Sophie’s Choice. Maybe Solomon’s. But if we’re talking winter in July, Max Raines, the smokin’ hot fire-sex demon and erotic artist who is the hero of FROST is pretty sizzlin’. Literally.
Eva: Of my already published works, Alyce from No Glass Between Them because of her tenacity and her down-to-Earthness. Of my WIP’s probably the robot with the detachable penis!
Emily: In Two is Twice as Nice, Cara is certainly my favorite character. I think she comes off shy and reserved, but that underneath she is strong and bursting with all sorts of excitement. I hope that her heroes help her figure out how to bring those qualities to the surface.

GLIAS: What is your favorite season and why?
Lisa: I love the summer the best. Warm weather, bright sunshine, men jogging shirtless. What’s not to love?
Alexa: I love fall. It’s cooler and getting close to the holidays. Plus, I grew up in New England and I LOVE the changing of the leaves.
Catherine: Fall. Football starts, the World Series is going on, the leaves are changing, it’s not too cold and not too hot. Life is good in the fall.
Taryn: Fall. Because it’s spoooooooky. And I am a writer of paranormals, after all!

Eva: Fall definitely. I’m a Libra and fall is pretty much my element. I love sweaters and being outside without it being 100 degrees, and overrun with bugs. I’m not a person that tans but I do run, and it’s much nicer to run in the fall with the leaves crinkling underfoot.
Emily: Spring because I’ve been waiting all winter for it to arrive. When it finally does, it feels like a miracle.

GLIAS: What is your favorite type of hero and why?
Lisa: I like all heroes really. I am an equal opportunity kind of girl. They all have great qualities. Alphas and their dominance, betas and their sweetness, bad boys and their attitudes, geeks and their quirkiness – it’s all good to me!
Alexa: I love any type of hero. My only requirement is he’s good to the people around him and to animals. He doesn’t have to be perfect (none of us is, right?), but he does have to be willing to try.
Catherine: Is the sensitive jackass a thing? I have this weakness for cocky guys who have a soft side (*cough* Johnny Storm from the Fantastic 4 movies *cough*). There’s something about breaking down those defenses and getting through the armor of attitude and seeing what’s really underneath.
Taryn: Bad boy alpha with a soft, mushy, nougat center and heart of gold.
Eva: There are so many different kinds it’s hard to pick. The reluctant heroes often make great stories. Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit is a reluctant hero. He certainly denies the initial call to adventure, doesn’t he? But it’s not too far into the story before he begins to change…. I like him because he’s a lot like us.
Emily: The strong, handsome kind? I don’t really have a favorite. I go for both alphas and betas when I am ready and writing. In real life, I fall for the geeks.

GLIAS: What is your favorite part of the writing process and why?
Lisa: I love beginning a new story. It’s like setting out a journey. I love to discover all the new places these people will take me, all the new things I will get to see and learn and experience. The beginning is the best because everything is wide open and fresh - the anxiety and second guessing and dealing with the plot holes hasn’t set in yet and I can just create.
Alexa: I love when the story is just about ready to be turned in to my editor. I get such giddiness and satisfaction when I finally see all the pieces falling into place and making sense.
Catherine: I love building the world and making the rules, creating cultures. To me, it’s the most important part of writing—even more important than characters and plot. It informs every scene, every aspect of character, every bit of a story, and if it’s not right or if something doesn’t work, then it will screw up the rest. A lot of pressure? Maybe. But it’s totally worth it.
Taryn: Seeing what happens. Maybe getting surprise. Well, hell. I’m a reader first, aren’t I?
Eva: Tossing ideas around. Coming up with stories. Hiking is where I do my best story work. It’s a little hard on the calves though I must say.
Emily: The initial stage when I start to write a book that has been swimming around in my head for weeks. It feels like I am getting something out and the possibilities at this point are endless.

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