Get Lost in a Story Welcomes Back Anne Marie Becker

Get Lost in a Story Readers, it's always a thrill for the Get Lost crew to welcome back our Golden Heart sister, Anne Marie Becker.  She has a new release that's part of her Mindhunters series -- Let's find out all about it...and more about Anne Marie . . .

(the Mindhunters series, Book 3)

(ISBN: 9781426895883)

A dedicated profiler. Dr. Holt Patterson has thrown himself into his work since his wife's death, and his relationship with his young son, Theo, is suffering. He's caught in an impossible choice—how can he make the world a safer place for his son without sacrificing valuable family time?


An unrequited love. Sara Burns, the director at Theo's prestigious academy, once loved Holt Patterson, but he was her best friend's husband. Now a decade has passed, and Sara realizes that her feelings are just as strong—but how can she act on them without betraying her friend's memory?


A terrifying killer. A violent man develops an interest in Sara, and sends a body instead of flowers to get her attention. Holt is determined to keep her safe. But the killer is much closer than they expect…




Frustrated by a futile search for justice for his murdered teenage daughter, wealthy Chicago businessman Damian Manchester founded a private organization that hunts serial killers like the one who kidnapped and killed Samantha twenty years ago. 


At the Society for the Study of the Aberrant Mind (a.k.a., SSAM) Damian brings together some of the best minds in the business to track the monsters of society, and prevent further crimes through awareness and community outreach programs.  His team is privately funded and has the flexibility to pursue cases that stump the police or have run cold.  With expertise in  profiling (mindhunting), personal security, psychology, law enforcement, weaponry, and investigative techniques, the employees of SSAM come together to suit the needs of each case, and to find justice for victims of brutal crimes.

DONNELL:  Welcome back to Get Lost in a Story, Anne Marie, It’s your release day!  Tell us, do the jitters ever go away?

 ANNE MARIE:  Never! But for me, they’ve become jitters of a different kind. Now, the releases kind of sneak up on me because I’m busy writing the next book (or the book after that), but it’s still a thrill.

DONNELL:    I love the idea behind the Mindhunters series.  Do such agencies actually exist to your knowledge and what inspired this idea?

ANNE MARIE:    The Mindhunters series revolves around a fictional private agency named the Society for the Study of the Aberrant Mind – which happens to have the acronym “SSAM” and is pronounced “Sam.” The founder’s daughter Sam was a victim of a serial killer, so I liked how that played out on several levels. But the initial kernel of an idea came from a documentary I saw about the Vidocq Society, an exclusive organization dedicated to resolving unsolved murder investigations. I was fascinated by the concept of bringing together experts from various backgrounds and experiences to help in these cases, and SSAM was born.

DONNELL:  You’ve won a few awards in creating these characters.  Want to tell our readers about them?

ANNE MARIE: Only Fear, the first book in the series, won a Golden Heart® for Best Romantic Suspense. Avenging Angel (Book 2) received several great reviews, including a starred review in Library Journal (where I was compared to Mary Burton and Mariah Stewart) and a 4 ½ star Top Pick from Romantic Times. It also came in second in the NERFA (The National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award) and third in the 2013 IDAs (International Digital Awards).

DONNELL:  Enough about the story, let’s get to what readers really want to know.  What’s in your refrigerator right now?

ANNE MARIE: …You’re making me hungry! LOL There are several types of fruit—melon, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries—because, thankfully, my kids love fruit. There are also hot dogs because they love those, too, and you have to balance the good with the bad, right? ;) But my new favorite is the spicy pineapple salsa. I pour some of that over a bit of cream cheese and add some crackers for a quick snack.

DONNELL:   You live in one of my favorite parts of the world -- beautiful Arizona.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be, and why?

ANNE MARIE:  I absolutely love the mountain town where I live now, but I’m a beach gal at heart. I was born in Hawaii, and being barefoot all day, every day, would be heaven. The sound of ocean waves is my favorite sound in the world. So, in answer to your question…some beach, somewhere. J

DONNELL:  You write suspense.  What’s the most suspenseful thing that’s ever happened to you?  What inspires you to write this particular genre?

ANNE MARIE:  When I was a high school counselor, I had a security guard show up in my office asking about one of my students who had a particular love of guns, and was known to doodle and draw them during classes. The guard became worried after the student left campus (unauthorized) and wondered if he was going to come back with a gun. He didn’t, thank goodness, but it was a scary situation.

                What inspires me to write in this genre is my love of romance and my love of suspense/thrillers. I grew up reading both…I picked up garage sale Harlequin romances and devoured the ghost story and mystery sections of my local library. I loved Agatha Christie and Stephen King, but also craved happy endings. Romantic suspense is the perfect middle ground for me.

DONNELL: What’s the most unusual thing you have in your house?

ANNE MARIE: Unusual? Hmmm… A water fountain that hangs on the wall, I suppose. Visitors seem to be drawn to it. But someday I want to get a gong. Wouldn’t that be fun? You can’t ignore the commanding sound of a gong. Of course, I’ll have to wait until the kids are older and will use it responsibly…

 DONNELL:  If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be, and why?

ANNE MARIE: Jane Austen. I would love to go bar-hopping with her and discuss life, and books. I think she’d be fun to hang with. I’d also be interested in her take on society.


ANNE MARIE: Well, now I’m wondering what those reading at home have in their homes that’s unusual, too!

Readers, I’ll do a giveaway of one e-book from the Mindhunters series (commenter’s choice). Also, if it’s possible to mention that the first book in the Mindhunters series (ONLY FEAR) is on sale for 99 cents through the end of July, that would be great!

 It's not only possible, let's broadcast.  EXTRA EXTRA, Only Fear is on sell until the end of July.  Get this great read for only .99  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005GFAYXC/?tag=mh0b-20&hvadid=1038167657&ref=pd_sl_1nhglrm767_p

Anne Marie’s CONTACT INFO:

Email: annemariebecker@me.com

Website: www.AnneMarieBecker.com (you can sign up for my newsletter there, too)

Facebook: Anne Marie Becker, Author

Twitter: @annemariebecker
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  1. Welcome back Anne Marie. Well, you turned the tables on us (or at least me). The most unusual thing in my house ... hmmm. I have a kimono that my dad brought back from Okinawa for my mom. Gosh, maybe I should sleep on it. :) Can't wait to read Deadly Bonds.

    1. Thank you for having me today, Donnell! I would love to see a picture of that kimono. ;) Sounds beautiful...was your dad military? Wonder if he and my father were stationed there at the same time? ;)

    2. Anne Marie, my dad was in the Navy... what branch was your father in?

    3. Air Force...I believe he was there around 1969/1970.

    4. Oh, he's young. :) My dad was there in the early 50s :)

  2. Anne Marie beat me to the Tong (pipe shaped version of a gong) that's only used responsibly and Donnell covered the kid-sized silk kimono my husband found at a flea market in Itaewon, Korea (best dress up clothes!) ...

    There is the tea set handed down through his family. Lovely inscription thanking an ancestor for saving the men (and sadly, salvaging a few bodies) when the (Wales) mine collapsed.

    The books sound great, Anne Marie! I already have my very own copy of Only Fear. I'll have to check out Deadly Bonds.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cathy - you really have a Tong? How fabulous! Sounds like you descend from a great family. :)

  3. nothing unusual here

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. Welcome back to GLIAS, Anne Marie !

    The most unusual thing in our home...hmmm...
    a coral cactus.


  5. Thanks, Angi! A coral cactus sounds beautiful. I wish I could see pics of these "oddities"...

  6. I have a Turkish goat skin? My sister and her husband served in [USAF] and it was a gift from them.

    1. Well, that's a new one... What do you do with that, hang it on the wall? Or on the floor like a rug? Curious here! :)

  7. Hmmm... I have some Russian Dolls from my mom when they visited there. That's about it.

    1. Russian dolls are so pretty! I used to have a collection of dolls from various countries in Europe, in costumes that fit the dress of that country. Thanks for stopping by, May!

  8. Had to mull that over. A few years back, my brother decided I collected carousel horse music boxes. (I didn't) Each year on my birthday for five years I've received a different one. Each has a label telling where the original was and what era! They are beautiful and I wouldn't take for them!

    1. They sound beautiful! I collected music boxes when I was younger, too. Thanks for bringing that memory back, Jerrie. :)

  9. "bn100" - congratulations! You've won the drawing for an ebook, and I'll be contacting you soon...