Get Lost With Kelley Heckart

Folks, please help me welcome Kelley Heckart to our blog! I'm thrilled with the chance for us to get to know her better!

Kelley writes historical romances with fantasy/paranormal elements. Her stories reflect her passion for ancient and medieval time periods, storytelling and the supernatural. Inspired by the ancient Celts, her tales are filled with fierce warriors, bold women, otherworldly creatures, magic and romance. She can be found online at http://www.kelleyheckart.com/


Their destiny began in the ancient land of Anatolia.

In 1326 BC, Crete is the last remaining sacred place for the Great Goddess, but changes began to threaten the old gods, the Titans. Forced to become an ally to the power hungry Olympian gods, Rhea hangs on to the secret of the star metal, the one key that would make Zeus and the other young gods invincible. When this secret is stolen, Rhea must find the Dactyl and the goddess who betrayed Her before Zeus does.

Becuille is a daughter of Night, a servant of the Great Goddess created to impart Her vengeance on mortal and immortal wrongdoers. Made mortal by Rhea, she is sent to find the ones who betrayed the Great Goddess. In the land of Hatti, she meets a proud and handsome prince. When love binds her to him, her loyalties are torn.

 Callileon, a prince of the Hatti, has closed off his heart to love only to rediscover it in the arms of the mysterious and fiery slave girl he has purchased. He is caught up in a dangerous world of power hungry gods, jealous goddesses and potent magic, which even the Fates cannot steer him away from.

Can two mortals fight the will of the gods?

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Alexa: How often to you get lost in a story?
Kelley: I like to take reading breaks after I finish a story draft. Getting lost in another story helps to clear my head so I can approach my writing with fresh eyes.

Alexa: Whats the first book you remember reading?
Kelley: I started reading at age 4 so my first book was probably See Dick Run or something like that, but the first book I remember reading is Nancy Drew. I also remember reading The Outsiders and Where a Red Fern Grows.

Alexa: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
Kelley: I like a mix of both.

Alexa: What sound or noise do you love?
Kelley: Birdsong. Hearing birds chirping and singing is calming and reminds me of sunshine, flowers and blue sky.

Alexa: What's your favorite movie of all time?
Kelley: Somewhere in Time, a time travel romance with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. Its a beautiful, tragic story.

Alexa: Whats your favorite kind of story to get lost in?
Kelley: I like historical fantasy and traveling to long ago places filled with magic and/or supernatural creatures.

Alexa: Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?
Kelley: Yes. My muse loves Icelandic Metal. LOL For some reason this type of music sets the mood for my historical fantasy stories set in ancient or medieval time periods.

Alexa: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?
Kelley: Id like to visit 5th Century Britain so I could see if there really was a King Arthur.

Alexa: What would you say is your most interesting quirk?
Kelley: I have an obsessive-compulsive urge to straighten things.

Alexa: Which era would you least like to have lived in, fashion-wise and why? Most?
Kelley: The 1980s is my fashion horror and I lived it. LOL The big hair, spandex, shoulder padsyuck. I preferred the 1990s, the grunge look. I wasnt gifted with the fashion gene. Give me a pair of UGG boots, Levis and a casual shirt or flannel and Im happy.

Gotta Ask, Gotta Answer Question:
Alexa: In romance novels, do you prefer happy ever after endings or happy for now endings?
Kelley: One thing that bugs me about some romance novels is the unrealistic endings, when the couple gets married, has babies and everything is perfect. Please, this is where I want to throw the book. I prefer a happy for now ending where the couple end up together, but their future is unknown. That way the readers can envision their own future for the fictional couple.

Alexa: What's up next for you, Kelley?
Kelley: I am working on a 3 book historical fantasy romance series set in ancient Greece-Arcadia. The first book has a forbidden love theme, the second book, a beauty and the beast theme and the third book has a revenge theme. I’m basing the stories on Greek mythology.
In the meantime, I have 2 short stories based on Greek mythology that can be downloaded free from my website in a PDF file.

Thanks so much for joining us today, Kelley! Folks, Kelley has a couple questions for readers, so share your thoughts with us!

1.  What draws you into a story? What throws you out of a story?
2.  A fun question for readers: What is your favorite item of clothing?


  1. Your books look great and I love the covers. Favorite item of clothing? A pair of good fitting jeans, probably because I have an odd body type and it's hard to get the fit just right.

    But I love purses too. Need more.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Kelley! My favorite article of clothing? Probably sweatpants. Sooooooo comfy. In fact, I'm off to change into them now!

  3. Hi Alexa, Thanks for having me at Lost in a Story. I'm also a fan of sweatpants. LOL My favorite item of clothing is my UGG boots.

    Hi Clover, Thanks for taking the time to visit. I have a hard time finding the right jeans, but Levi's seem to fit me best. I have a favorite pair of that are well-worn. :)

  4. Hi Kelley,
    Glad to have you here on GLIAS -- it was so fun to read your interview--you sound like a no-nonsense kind of girl who'd make an awesome friend who brings easy-going fun and great music to a party :-) I am probably the worst fashion-sensed person on the planet. I was such a tomboy growing up that I never got the whole dressing up thing until I was married and dressing my own daughter (who has amazing fashion sense). For me--the most comfy thing I can find to put on in the morning is my favorite! Although, I do really love my hiking boots--they just feel like adventure :-)

  5. Hi Lizbeth, It's great to meet everyone here at GLIAS. I'm the one with no fashion sense in my family. My sister and mom have that gene. My husband makes fun of the clothes I wear at home. I have a cut off pair of sweatpants that he calls my 'Million Dollar Baby' shorts--they are just like the ones Hilary Swank wore as a boxer in that movie. I'm still waiting for What Not to Wear to contact me.
    I just wanted to mention that I am seeing some interesting books on here to put on my TBR list. Thanks again for having me.


  6. Welcome to GLIAS Kelley.

    My favorite item of clothing is my lucky "Tweety" pants. I wear them to write.