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Birthday Special: 13 Must-Read Books for the 13th of August


I am so excited about today’s post.  A few of my favorite author friends—authors I adore, by the way—have teamed up to gift me with the hottest info about their most recent books. I’ve compiled them into a list of late summer must-reads. Some I’ve been lucky enough to read already, some are on my TBR pile, and some are soon-to-be-released. There are a dozen of them here. Read to the end to find out how YOU can help me make it a Baker’s Dozen, i.e., THIRTEEN on the THIRTEENTH, by adding one of your favorite books to the list.

Oh, and read the greetings—I have VERY smart, clever friends who make me smile.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your stories with me!

JENNIFER BERNARD - How To Tame a Wild Fireman

"My dear friend, I wish you a fabulous birthday filled with good company, lots of cake, and, if anything goes wrong with those birthday candles, extra-hot firemen! Love you!”

The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel have a rebel among them, and there's only one woman who can put his flames out.

Firefighter Patrick "Psycho" Callahan earns his nickname every day. Fast, fit, and a furious worker, he thrives on the danger which helps him forget a near-tragedy that changed his life forever. But when his off-duty carousing gets out of hand, Patrick is sent back to Loveless, Nevada, where the wildfire threatening his hometown has nothing on sizzling Dr. Lara Nelson.

Lara would rather be thought of as the physician who returned to Loveless than as the misfit brought up at a hippie New Age commune. But right now she's focused on her job at hand, patching up injured firemen...until the past hits her in the hard-muscled, blue-eyed form of Patrick Callahan. Now, the embers of their decade-old attraction have ignited into a full-on inferno, as the bad-boy firefighter and the good doctor take a walk on the wild side they'll never forget.
(RELEASE DATE: Sept. 24, 2013 - Preorder at B&N, Amazon, and Kindle)

EMMA CANE-A Wedding in Valentine
"Happy Birthday, Lizbeth! Remember, for today only, you can eat three square meals of dessert."

Bridesmaid Heather Armstrong finds that weddings make for the perfect romance in the novella, A WEDDING IN VALENTINE. She arrives for Nate and Emily's big weekend, only to discover that one of the ushers is the man she had a close encounter with when they were trapped by a blizzard seven months before--and he's the bride's brother!

LENA DIAZ - Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead
“Liz you are such a ROCKSTAR! The kind of person who would open her heart to a STRANGER, or be a RANCHER for RESCUE horses. May you have a Happily Ever After kind of birthday!"

What she doesn't remember . . . will KILL her.
One by one the letters arrive at the FBI office in Savannah, Georgia. Inside, each bears a name--a victim of a twisted crime--and the sing-song phrase . . . Ashes, ashes, they all fall dead. Special Agent Tessa James becomes obsessed with finding the killer whose victims are crying out to her for justice.

When sexy, brilliant consultant, Matt Buchanan, is paired with Tessa to discover who's sending the "Ashes" letters, he discovers a serial arsonist is leaving nothing but murder in his wake. Inexplicably, the clues point to Tessa herself, forcing her to realize if she can't remember the forgotten years of her past, the name on the next letter will be hers. 
(RELEASE DATE: September 10, 2013:  Preorder at Amazon, B&N)

BARBARA LONGLEY - A Change of Heart
Happy 29th anniversary of your 29th birthday, Liz! :0) That's gotta be like a special anniversary, right?  Here's wishing you all the best! I'm so excited about your upcoming release, RESCUED BY A STRANGER, which I have already preordered. Happy BEOLDER day!"

Cory Marcel worked tirelessly over eight grueling years to develop a successful military career. After her commanding officer violently assaulted her, she lost everything—especially her trust in people. Despite the emotional damage threatening to sink her, Cory agrees to accept a new job at a furniture store in Perfect—a job that could offer the fragile brunette the chance to start over.
Ted Lovejoy cofounded Langford & Lovejoy Heritage Furniture, but lately he feels like an outsider in his own business. When he meets Cory, Ted realizes his company can do more than just build furniture—it can also help rebuild lives. He longs to help Cory recover from her pain, yet every time he gets too close to her heart, she pushes him away.
While Cory can’t resist her attraction to Ted, she fears the demons haunting her will drag down both of them. Could this kind, soft-spoken man help her finally bury the past…and unlock a future full of hope and happiness?
(RELEASE DATE: November 26, 2013: preorder at Amazon)

MAXINE MANSFIELD w/Leeky Shortz - Taken By the Passion
"What the purple oozing pustules on the backside of a naky troll troubadour singing for his supper in the center of town square do ya make of that? It's already ya birthday... again? My how time flies when ya are being naughty... I mean nice. And, let me just say, ya don't even look anywhere close ta... ummm... I mean have a good one, ya deserve it my friend!"-- Leeky Shortz (Liz's note: Leeky is the "star" of this book--even though the heroine is my namesake!)

Lizbeth wasn't given a choice whom to marry. She'd been betrothed to the, stubborn, arrogant, egotistical, Adan Hammerstrike, barbarian prince, heir to the throne of Alaria, and...and...murderer, since the day she'd been born. But, did that mean she wasn't entitled to follow her own dreams? Especially if those dreams could keep those she cared for safe? And so what if Adan had grown from the troll of a little boy he'd been into a ridiculously handsome, sexy man. Her heart could resist him, couldn't it?

JENNIFER McQUISTON - Summer is For Lovers
"Kind felicitations on the anniversary of your birth, Lady Selvig! May your corset be unnecessary, and may your heroes be devilish rogues who live to please you!"
His heart is unavailable. Luckily, her interest lies in the rest of him . . .
Though she was just a girl when they first met, Caroline Tolbertson's infatuation with David Cameron remains undimmed. Now fate has brought the handsome Scotsman back to Brighton for what promises to be an unforgettable summer. Soon, Caroline will have to choose a husband, but for now she is free to indulge her curiosity in things of a passionate nature.
That is, if David will agree to teach her.
Past mistakes have convinced David he'll make a terrible husband, though he'll gladly help the unconventional Caroline find a suitor. Unfortunately, she has something more scandalous in mind. As the contenders for her hand begin to line up, her future seems assured . . . provided David can do the honorable thing and let them have her.
When a spirited young woman is determined to break Society's rules, all a gentleman can do is lend a hand . . . or more.
(RELEASE DATE: September 24, 2013: Amazon, B&N)

ANGI MORGAN - Protecting Their Child
"Not celebrating your birthday is like eating lunch at the taco factory and ordering lobster. Don’t do it! Celebrate long and often! Love ya’ big time!"

 Protecting Their Child is all that matters. Escaping through the mountains is their only choice. Finding each other again is a slim possibility.
Cord McCrea was the Texas Ranger of her dreams…but their life together ended like a nightmare. They were too proud and stubborn, and there was no repairing the damage done to their family. All Kate Danver McCrea had now was the reminder he'd left growing inside her.
Now the crazed gangster who'd shattered Cord's life was a free man, and he wanted to settle some old scores. Cord would do anything to protect his ex-wife, but once she was safe, they would go their separate ways again. Only, the baby changed everything. If they could survive the perils of a west Texas winter while outmaneuvering danger at every pass, they might have a second chance. Because with a traitor in their midst, they had no one to trust—except each other.

MORGAN Q. O’REILLY - Cowboys Dream Too
"Happy Birthday, Dearest Liz! You’re the writing partner who keeps me rolling even when I think there are no words in my head. At least not good ones that fall into a story. I count your friendship as one of the golden stars in my life. Hope your birthday is fantastic! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Love ‘n hugs."

He searched the world over for the woman who's headlined in his dreams for years. The last place he expected to find her was beside a Vegas pool.
Gray Dunbar gave up his place on the family’s successful ranch to search for the unknown woman who’s been haunting his dreams forever. The last place he expected to find her was on his way back home.
Overworked CFO Reed O’Brien wants nothing to do with the non-professional overtures her boss is suggesting will save his dying company. The strong handsome cowboy named Gray, however, is the perfect antidote to her stress and overwork—until she discovers he is her boss’s former partner and arch rival.
When the trio is thrown together at the Dunbar ranch, the war is on – for the future of the company, for the success of the ranch, and for the heart of a woman with big dreams. And Gray’s only hope is that his dream is too powerful for any of them, especially Reed, to ignore.

NAOMI STONE - Wonder Guy
"If I discovered a magic lamp and the genie granted me one wish, naturally I'd wish you a Happy Birthday!"

 Greg Roberts doesn’t know he has it in him to be a hero -- until his fairy godmother comes along and makes him a superhero – purportedly just to impress Gloria, the girl next door. Gloria thinks of Greg as a lifelong friend, but plans to marry someone else -- a nice stable guy who'll rescue her from her troubled home. Greg must win her love before she makes this the biggest mistake of her life. But the fairy godmothers have an agenda of their own and an enemy who will threaten Gloria and wreak magical havoc on the quiet city of Minneapolis before all is done. If Greg can win Gloria’s love it may prove the key to much more than their personal happiness.

CANDIS TERRY - Anything But Sweet
"Happy Birthday my wonderful friend! And remember age is all in your mind. The trick is to keep it from creeping down into your body. Raising a chocolate martini in your honor. Go forth and party!"

He's stubborn and thoroughly male . . . 
If Charlotte Brooks thinks she and her TV makeover show can turn Reno Wilder's hometown upside-down, he'll be happy to prove her wrong. The ex-Marine has seen too much turmoil and he likes Sweet, Texas, just the way it is. Traditional. Familiar. A little dull. Everything Charli isn't. But instead of backing off from his scowls like everyone else, Charli digs in her skyscraper heels. She's tenacious and wickedly tempting . . . Reno Wilder is a one-man unwelcoming committee, but Charli isn't budging. It's clear the gorgeous cowboy needs an overhaul just as much as Sweet. Someone needs to break him out of that gruff shell and show him how fun and rewarding a little change can be. They're about to find that love is anything but predictable.

JODY VITEK - Rescue Me
“'I Need You,' 'In My Life' 'Girl,' 'Here, There and Everywhere.' 'Girl,' may your life be on 'The Long and Winding Road' and 'Tell Me What You See.' Wishing my dear, Beatle-crazy friend a very Happy Birthday! Jody 'P.S. I Love You.'"

Can Catherine accept the consequences of a great-aunt's dying wish without losing her heart or independence?
Taking in stray, injured or needy animals, veterinarian doctor Catherine Mornelli opens the Four Hooves and Paws Rescue program. But the land where the animals are kept is being sold. She approaches her Great-Aunt Elaine about possibly using her barn. However, visiting her aunt and checking out the barn also means seeing her ex-boyfriend.
Josef Garrison farms land that once belonged to his family for generations but went to his neighbor Elaine after his great-grandfather lost it in a poker game to Catherine’s great-grandfather. When Catherine returns, he sees a way to win back her heart and the land at the same time.
(RELEASE DATE: September, 2013) For more information visit Jody's website.

KAY THOMAS - Hard Target

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." - Mark Twain. Wishing you wrinkles! : )  Kay

HARD TARGET is the first of a new three-book romantic suspense series coming from Avon Impulse in November. It’s about a mother willing to risk anything, and a disgraced DEA agent who agrees to help rescue her son from a vengeful drug lord in Mexico.
(RELEASE DATE: November 12, 2013 - Info here and at Kay's website.)

You tell me! What book would you add to this list to make it Lucky 13? Leave a comment and one lucky winner will win a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a first chapter excerpt of "Rescued by a Stranger."

Okay - one BONUS BOOK- and a little more shameless self-promotion 

LIZBETH SELVIG - Rescued by a Stranger
"Happy Birthday to me. I'm throwing my own book into the list because, well, it's my birthday, and it was a present to myself just to get this story finished!"

She's Got Big Dreams; He's Got Big Secrets.
Falling in love may require more than either one can give.
See yesterday's GLIAS blog to check out a blurb and excerpt! Or head to my website.

(RELEASE DATE: October 1, 2013. Pre-order at Amazon, B&N)

Wasn't this fun? Hope you found 13 books to put on your To Be Read pile. Thanks to all my wonderful friends for participating in my birthday blog. You all rock!!


Maxine Mansfield said...

Happy Happy Birthday my very dear friend! My book 13 would be Grace Burrows 'Once Upon A Tartan' I just finished it, and it was awesome! :)

Mary Behre said...

Happy Birthday, Lizbeth. Great list.

My number 13 would be Secrets of a Runaway Bride by Valerie Bowman.

Barbara Longley said...

WOW! What a lineup! Happy birthday, Liz, and may you have many, many happy returns. Sorry about sending the full cover! My mistake! Gah.

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Happy Birthday, Liz. Love your list. My #13 would be Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros.

yenastone at aol dot com

traveler said...

My number 13 would be Ethan by Grace Burrowes. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Jody Vitek said...

Happy Birthday, my dear friend! A great list of books by some really great authors, with a beautiful list of wishes for you. Have a great day!

Nancy Holland said...

Happy Birthday, Liz! Can't pick a book to recommend because I love so many, but hope you have a great, great day.

LizbethSelvig said...

Thank you, Miss Maxine! And what a perfect #13. Thanks, too, for contributing "Taken by the Passion" to the list!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you so much! It is a fun list isn't it? And Valerie is awesome--so thanks for that, too. Another perfect choice!!

LizbethSelvig said...

Bah, Barb, no worries. I could have changed it, but it looks good! Thanks for letting me have "Change of Heart" in my birthday list, and thanks for the lovely wishes. By the way, you named yesterday's post, you know-lol.

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Tammy,
Thank you so, so much for coming by and for the birthday wishes. Theresa Medeiros is another of my absolute favorites, and yet somehow I haven't gotten to "Goodnight Tweetheart" yet. Thanks for the reminder--I'll move it up my list!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi traveler! Thanks for coming by and giving Grace another vote. She is a wonderful author, so excellent choice!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Jody-dear-friend-too,
I can't thank you enough for being one of those beautiful wish-senders. And I'm so looking forward to "Rescue Me." The title kinda has a familiar ring to it :-P (Actually, you had rescue in your title first, so I'm the copy cat.) Love ya!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Nancy! Thank you so much! And, yes, your favorites list would be too long for here, but someday I'm going to write it all down because it's an awesome list! Hugs, and thanks again, my friend!

Candis Terry said...

Wish I was there to give you a big birthday hug! Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!

Tam Linsey said...

Nice list! Have a super birthday, Liz! Love you!

LizbethSelvig said...

Aw, Candis, I wish you were too! Thanks for adding "Anything But Sweet" to my list--you ROCK!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Tam! Thank you so much. And I needed a bigger birthday number so I can include ALL my favorite books. I need to have "Botanicaust" and all the Botanicaust series books on the next list! Love you too, my friend!

bn100 said...

sometimes it lasts by Abbi Glines

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

May said...

Anything by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Can't pick one specifically... Will definitely add your book to my TBR list although it's VERY long already...

maybe31 at yahoo.com

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Happy birthday Lizbeth! And of course number 13 would be The Rancher and the Rock Star!!

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday! One of my favorite books is Open Season by Linda Howard.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Angi Morgan said...

Stuck in traffic and thought I'd use the smarter-phone-than-me to tell you happy birthday. Love you, girlfriend!!

Angi Morgan said...

Stuck in traffic and thought I'd use the smarter-phone-than-me to tell you happy birthday. Love you, girlfriend!!

Donnell Ann Bell said...

Terrific books! And I agree must reads!!! Happy Birthday, for real Lizbeth!

Nan Dixon said...

Such a fun birthday week blog! have a super fabulous week of birthday fun!

Linda said...

Happy Happy Birthday Liz! I love the bday messages, go forth n celebrate! Hot firemen huh? (that was my fav one).

I just read a wonderful book; Once Upon A Wallflower by Wendy Lyn Watson (historical romance). She's a new author to me & I'm definitely going to be looking out for more of her books. I love discovering new authors. The chemistry between the hero/heroine was amazing. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Historical Romance.

LizbethSelvig said...

Thanks, bn--I'm not familiar with this one, so I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi May. Oh boy, you just picked one of my all-time favorite authors. Anything by Susan Elizabeth just makes me lose track of all time and anything that has to be done. One of my favorites is "Natural Born Charmer." I also liked "Call Me Irresistible." And, hey, I hear you on the too-long TBR list. I figure I'll get to them sometime! Thanks for coming by.

LizbethSelvig said...

Lynn, you are amazing--what a sweet choice! But very soon, you'll have a book I can put on the list too. Can't WAIT for FOOL'S GOLD! Coming soon! Thank you, my friend. Miss you!!

LizbethSelvig said...

Oh, thanks Maureen! "Open Season" is another I haven't read, although who doesn't love a good Linda Howard?

LizbethSelvig said...

Love you, too, Angi girl. I'm so happy to be part of this amazing blogsite and so glad to have you as a friend. AND--so happy "Protecting Their Child" is on my list. Thanks for helping me celebrate in such a big way!

LizbethSelvig said...

Thank you so much, Donnell. The list came out pretty good--even though there are so many more that could be on here. I'm thinking I have to do this more often!

LizbethSelvig said...

I'm so glad you stopped by, Nan. Thank you! This was a lot of fun to put together--it's already been an awesome birthday week!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Linda!
I know, my friends were so clever with their wishes, weren't they? They made me smile! I'm definitely looking up "Once Upon a Wallflower." I'm not so good at picking out historicals because I read fewer of them than contemporaries--so I'm always glad to have a recommendation. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes-so glad you came by!

Anonymous said...

Good list
Ways on my mind by Jill shalvis love her book
Thanks formgiveway
kimehak@ yahoo.com