DAY 2 of Our Anniversary Celebrations!

Let's Talk About Shopping....

Hello, hello! Thanks for spending another day with us as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary. I can't believe the blog is 3 years old! It's been a whirlwind of fun for us and we hope for you, too!

Speaking of whirlwinds let's talk about another type of whirlwind that happens after Thanksgiving...Black Friday shopping. Are you a shopper? Are you knocking down the store doors way before the crack of dawn on Friday? (Or Thursday night now....) I've asked my colleagues here for their answers to the shopping question. Some of us have also checked in with our characters.

LARA: My characters aren't big on shopping--they're more likely to buy stuff online and avoid the crowds.  Plus, they work so much, there isn't much time left for them to hit the stores!  In that respect, I'm very similar to my characters.  I'd much rather stay home in my flannel pants and shop online than brave the stores on Black Friday!

DONNELL: No comment...out shopping!

CLOVER: No Black Friday shopping for me. I avoid it like rat poison. Unless I had rats... And speaking of... Someone did go shopping with my credit card on Friday...in New York! Or so my bank fraud center informed me. And stopped it! Yay! My characters don't have much time for shopping either...except one who went to the black marketeering ogres for some hard-to-acquire herbs and ended up buying a shapeshifter. Talk about Black Market Friday! Ha!

E.E.: No comment...out shopping! 

ALEXA: I planned to get up early on Friday and participate in my 1st Black Friday shopping, but the bed was too warm. As for my characters in SIMPLE TREASURES, the hero is Scottish so he doesn't even celebrate Thanksgiving and my American heroine isn't crazy about shopping with big crowds so she'd rather stay home.

HEATHER: No comment...out shopping!

ANGI:  My characters never have time to shop in my books—unless it’s for clean clothes and hair dye. It’s funny, when I’m out of town I shop. Love the crowds, love the deals. But at home? I rarely shop. Instead I put up my tree.

LIZBETH: Absolutely no shopping for me on Black Fridays. The season has become commercial enough as it is without succumbing to the hot mess that is all crazy the day after Thanksgiving. I started Black Friday with a two-hour group cycle class at the Y, then went with hubby to cut our Christmas tree, and headed to see a movie in the late afternoon ("Catching Fire"--excellent!).  As for Rio and David, the characters in my new novel--frugal Rio would rather avoid the crowds, and she and David would much rather be in the barn with the horses, dogs, and cats or taking a trail ride in the crisp fall weather.

JILLIAN: My characters live in NYC and are tireless sale shoppers. Me? I prefer Black Friday online sale shopping! 

MAUREEN: There are no real stores in Glory's, my main character's, world, so shopping isn't a concept she understands, at all, until someone in Management takes her to a mall in Compliance, book 2 of my trilogy. But I'm not saying who takes her or what they buy. :)

Thanks for stopping by to visit us again today! Make sure you get your name in the running for the awesome things we're giving away on Sunday to celebrate our anniversary!

without presents?
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What's your favorite birthday surprise or gift?


  1. My favorite birthday surprise is for my son to plan an outing with me, usually to an amusement park.

  2. Barbara, that sounds like great fun!

    Hey, did you all see some of the video with the people fighting over items during Black Friday shopping? Absolutely disgusting, I say!

  3. A rocky road Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. Lucky for me, my birthday is in the Summer.

  4. A visit from my children and grandchildren.

  5. My birthday is Dec 4, this Wednesday, and couldn't think of a thing I really wanted (except books and/or gift cards for books). So, I am throwing myself a birthday party next weekend. I've wanted to paint three rooms in my house for a while now, but my arthritis says otherwise. Family & friends are providing the paint supplies (brushes, tarps, etc) and painting. I'm providing the paint, cake, ice cream and drinks. I'm not silly though... no cake & ice cream until the painting is done. :)

  6. Replies
    1. I like the surprises (well most of the time LOL)

  7. I love my MIL because she always gets me bookstore gift cards for my birthday. With my hubby and boys I'm lucky when I get cake and ice cream. ;)

    Marcy Shuler

  8. One of my favorite presents, other than books, would be a big stuffed wolf. Of course, I would have to watch Bella because she would want me to share it with her...smile.