Get Lost in a Christmas Story with Kimberly Quinton

Her heart never forgot him…

Genny Ridgeway left Laurel Cove with a broken heart. Returning awakens old feelings, old longings, and the desire for long kisses beneath the mistletoe with the man who broke her heart.

The only thing missing is her…

Connor O’Rourke and his son finally have the home they’ve always wanted. Now, he’ll do anything for a second chance at love with the woman he let get away.

It’s Christmas time in Laurel Cove…

Surrounded by the spirit of the season and with a little posthumous help from her gypsy grandmother, can Connor prove he is the man Genny has always wanted to grant her wish before Christmas?

Whether she’s writing contemporary or paranormal romance, Kimberly Quinton is a romantic at heart who strives to tell stories about the power of true love.
Since a teen, she’s loved romances and believes we can all live our happily-ever-after. Always a people watcher, it wasn’t until Kimberly shucked her Accounting major for Anthropology that her interest in people and cultures was nurtured. Kimberly has combined her natural curiosity (nosiness) with her love of romance for the sake of bringing the movies in her head to life on the page.
A wife and mother of two, Kimberly spends her days chasing chores, wrangling active kids, and writing. She also enjoys traveling, cooking, great wine and sharing a laugh with friends and family.
You can usually find her on Facebook or Twitter. Stop by for a chat.

CLOVER: How often do you get lost in a story?
KIM: Well. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get lost in a story as often as I used to—I think I spent most of my teens lost in books. I did just spend two days buried in Stephen King's Doctor Sleep and I've filled my Kindle with holiday romances that have been stealing snippets of my day here and there.

CLOVER: What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions?
KIM: I love putting up the Christmas tree. Once it's up and decorated, I feel like the holiday has finally started.

CLOVER: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
KIM: Oh man, that's a hard one. I don't have just one. For Christmas movies, my top three are Love Actually, It's a Wonderful Life and The Sound Of Music. I have to watch these every year. My family also has several we watch as tradition—Christmas Vacation, Tremors and Die Hard. Have to watch those during the holidays too!

CLOVER: What do you like best about the winter?
KIM: Snuggly, layered clothes and the desire to cook. I love cooking in general (almost tried to make a career of it) but there's something about cooking when it's cold outside that makes me want to pull out my more complicated recipes and go crazy.

CLOVER: What was the first thing you did when you finished this book?
KIM: Have a glass or two of wine and stare at the walls in a daze. It's still not quite real to me even though I've written the second one in the series, Cupid's Promise, and it will be out early 2014!

CLOVER’S GOTTA ASK:  What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
KIM’S GOTTA ANSWER:  My deepest, most closely held dream was to be a writer and it's one I didn't really think was possible for a long time. I'm proud that I can show my kids that if you work long enough at a dream, it can happen. It's not easy, or always exciting or the stuff of fantasy—but it is worth it.

Coming soon is Cupid's Promise, the second in my Holiday Hearts series from Decadent Publishing.

I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas tradition. I'm always looking for ideas to start with my boys while they're young. Thanks for hosting me today! Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. So glad to have you here today Kimberly!

  2. Hi, Kim, great interview, thanks Clover! My favorite holiday tradition is going to Midnight Mass, having hot chocolate afterward :)

    1. Midnight Mass would be a great tradition. I loved the Christmas Eve service. It was so exciting and different from regular Sundays! And of course hot chocolate is a must now. I keep it and marshmallows in the pantry all winter long!

  3. Good afternoon, Kimberly. I love a good Christmas story and this one sounds like a winner! Sighing over your lovely cover!

    1. Hi Mary!
      I'm so pleased with the cover :) Thank you! I can't wait to see what the next one will be…. They did such a great job, I know it will be great as well.

  4. Great interview.
    I have to confess I'm a sucker for Christmas stories so I'll have a look at this one, it sounds great.
    I have on my bucket list to experience a white Christmas...where I live although it's raining today, our Christmas days are generally around 26 deg C IN THE SHADE... Not much snow and ice there....always makes me smile when I hear stores playing Xmas songs about a winter wonderland!

    1. Hi Shirley,

      I love Christmas stories all year round! I grew up in west Texas and Arizona so I never had a white Christmas until moving to North Texas. Now, I can say I'm over the ice but I do love the snow. Don't think I could handle anything more than we get here though! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. We always made Christmas cookies to frost and hang on the tree.

    Marcy Shuler

    1. Hi Marcy,

      We haven't gotten past making cookies and then eating them :) but I do remember making the salt dough kind and hanging them.. I might have to do that with my boys this year! Since we are already getting a cold snap bringing ice which is unusually early for us. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hey Kim, that is an awesome picture of you. CONGRATS on the book. Looks great. ~Angi

  7. my favorite tradition -- well, I guess it's still the 'Christmas Eve Gift' thing. From the earliest I remember, my family would try to be the first to say 'Christmas Eve Gift' on Christmas Eve morning. I always thought it came from my maternal grandfather as he just couldn't wait for Christmas each year. But a few years ago, I found out that it isn't just a tradition of our family but actually a tradition as early as 1844. In that original tradition the person saying the phrase first expected a small gift from the person "got". In our tradition, we children were all allowed to open one gift Christmas Eve MORNING -- one picked by our parents, and it was usually new pajamas to wear that evening.
    To this day my daughter, and her daughter have carried it on [at least the game of saying it first], and my sister and one cousin also continue altho I don't think their children have.

  8. We're complete grownups.. that exchange Santa presents at the Christmas Day breakfast table. well, because our mom didn't want nail holes in her new fireplace mantle.