2014 Danger Challenge...Are YOU Strong Enough?

Welcome, welcome! It's Alexa here and I'm so excited to share my latest book, DANCE AWAY, DANGER, with you!


Sensible dance instructor Tessa Gage likes her life organized, risk-free and on her own terms. When her cop brother goes missing, his crooked partner tries to kill her, and a handsome stranger claims he’s come to protect her, she’s forced to leave her comfort zone. With more dance and business sense than survival skills and no idea who to trust, Tessa has no choice but to rely on this man who’d rather be anywhere but by her side.

When carefree carpenter Matt Rylan gets a late night call from an Army buddy who once saved his life, he finds himself where he never again wanted to be—responsible for someone else. Honor demands Matt cooperate, but he never expects his simple babysitting job to test the limits of his self-control. Nor does he expect it to explode into a race against time for his very freedom.

As Tessa and Matt get closer to the truth, and to each other, Tessa learns to step outside the safety of her world to help set the wheels of justice in motion. For Matt, supporting this courageous woman suddenly becomes everything to him.  Yet, his biggest challenge remains sharing his closed-off heart with her before the danger silences them both forever.

And now for The 2014 Danger Challenge
Are YOU strong enough?

You’re probably asking yourself what this is. Maybe you’re wondering what I’m trying to get you to do. Well, I can help take out the mystery. Come on. Join me. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

With the release of my latest full length romantic suspense book, Dance Away, Danger, I decided to put myself to a test. You see, the heroine in the book, Tessa, is shoved completely out of her comfort zone by both the circumstances surrounding her brother’s disappearance and by the hero, Matt. Tessa wants nothing more than to be left alone to live her quiet, stable life. But soon she’s making split-second decisions, learning how to shoot weapons, and hunting for the truth. So, I thought, “I should take a step outside my own comfort zone as well.” That simple concept led to the 2014 Danger Challenge.

For every month of 2014 I will choose one activity to try that is completely new to me. I will share the event with you, discuss why I chose that one, and then after I’ve completed it I will reflect on my 2014 Danger Challenge Facebook Group. Some of the activities will include kayaking, visiting Turkey and trying new Turkish foods, participating in a race for charity, volunteering for an organization that means something to me. Yes, this is a short list so far, but I didn’t want to come up with 12 things right away. Some FANTABULOUS ideas to add to the list might pop up throughout the year.

Now, here’s your part. I’d like to see as many people join me as we can get. Why? Because you’re not really living if you stick to your own, comfortable world every single day, year after year. Life is too short not to take chances or to lend a hand to the people around you. If you accept this challenge and become part of the 2014 Danger Challenge Crew, I’ll have you share your own reflections with us and from the names of people who participate I'll choose one winner each month to receive a prize.

My Facebook group (which I'm learning to "do") is closed. Members will use the group to share their experiences each month and to cheer each other on. If you would like to participate and push yourself out of your own comfort zone (what's outside my comfort zone might be too easy for you. In that case you choose activities that push you) then please email me and I will add you to the group.

If you leave a comment here stating you want to join the 2014 Danger Challenge, you'll also put yourself in the running for a Dance Away, Danger prize pack! I'm touring several blogs and sharing something different about Dance Away, Danger each day. (You leave comments anywhere along the way and increase your chances for the prize.)

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  1. That is a terrific idea! Count me in... I haven't decided on my activity for this month though. ..

  2. Congratulations, Alexa on your newest release.

  3. Sounds like an interesting challenge

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