Get Lost with Bill and Sharon Hopkins, the Deadly Duo

Get Lost in a Story readers, today we are fortunate to have a husband and wife mystery-writing team known as The Deadly Duo, join us.  Judge Bill Hopkins and Sharon Hopkins write mystery/thrillers, my kind of reads, and I can’t wait to dig into these two.
River Mourn by Bill Hopkins: Judge Rosswell Carew’s fiancée is still missing. Because her last call to him came from a payphone in Sainte Genevieve, Carew arranges to hold court there so he can pursue his search for her. When he witnesses someone who resembles Tina tossed from a riverboat ferry, he's plunged into a nightmare world he never knew existed. Rosswell is astounded when he discovers that what he saw and the fate of Tina are intertwined. Unable to convince the local authorities that something deadly is going on, Rosswell teams up with his faithful research assistant Ollie Groton to discover the truth. The excitement never lets up until the last page.

Killertrust by Sharon Hopkins: While driving home from work,

banker Rhetta McCarter’s quiet evening is shattered when she witnesses a fatal hit-and-run accident. Her world is soon turned upside-down when she learns the dead man, a total stranger has no identification, except her business card. Then Rhetta’s long estranged and presumed dead father leaves her a voice mail telling her that he can prove the victim was murdered. He also tells her he and the victim served together in Vietnam. But how can the caller be her father when she has his death certificate? The unknown victim is soon identified—as a soldier who died on the same day as her father in 1973! Rhetta is thrown full throttle into a deadly mystery surrounding her father and a secret trust that has already claimed three lives. Will she be the fourth?

Ready to find out what makes these two tick?  So am I?

DONNELL:  I feel like I’m Bob Eubanks on the Newly Wed Game asking you two questions, except you’re hardly newlyweds, right?  I understand the two of you share an office.  How’s that working out for you?

BILL: We have two home offices and two offices in a building we own. So it’s working out fine!

SHARON: I don’t actually share his office. I prefer my own. He’s, shall I say, a “stacker.” You ladies know what I mean.

DONNELL:  We have a lot of romance followers on this blog, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask how did the two of you meet?

BILL: I knew her before we started dating. I’d heard she’d broken up with her boyfriend, so I called her on Christmas Day of 1989 to go eat with my family. She didn’t run off screaming when she met my family and we’ve been together ever since. (Married in 1991.)

SHARON: Yep. Our first date was a giant family dinner. I survived.

DONNELL:  Do you read each other’s work?  In other words are you critique partners?

BILL: Yes, absolutely. She’s my best critic. If she doesn’t understand something, I delete it from what I’m writing. She looks for speed bumps in the Interstate. If you use jargon or aren’t otherwise clear, your reader will be jerked out of the story. You don’t want that.

SHARON: He’s my first and best reader. He is really helpful. If he doesn’t like it, it’s gone.

DONNELL:  What is the most interesting thing you’ve discovered while doing research?

BILL: How to escape from a premature burial. (Stay tuned, faithful readers.)

SHARON: What a ley line is. Like Bill, I’ll ask you to stay tuned, wonderful readers. Book 4 coming in 2014..

DONNELL:  Finish this sentence.  It’s the weekend.  I think I’ll go . . .

BILL:  write!

SHARON: hop in my ’79 Camaro and go for a real muscle car ride. Love to hear that motor roar!

BILL AND SHARON: Thanks Donnell, for inviting us to share some time with your Get Lost in a Story Readers. This has been a lot of fun! We love our readers and truly, that’s the real reason we write: for the readers.

DONNELL:  Thanks you two for visiting.  Here’s your chance to ask readers a question.

BILL: Readers, tell us what irritates you the most in a book you’re trying to read?

SHARON:  Do you prefer “real” books to read, or e-books?

Donnell, we want to send a signed copy each of River Mourn a Killertrust to 2 random commenters. Donnell to draw the names. J
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  1. I prefer real books.... but kindle is easier when I go on vacation!

    I hate wimpy heroines...

  2. Bill and Sharon, I'm so excited to be hosting you on GLIAS. I had the distinct privilege of meeting you both at Writers Police Academy, and to read the blurbs of your books, I can't wait to read. I just hope my night stand doesn't crash through the floorboards from all this weight.

    I think if a character acts out of the parameters the author has set up for him/her, e.g. the world building is when it bothers me. I'm like May when a heroine knows there's a killer upstairs and she goes, I'm left shaking my head. When an author overdoes the senses or body movement and doesn't get to the plot, that tends to yank me out as well. Aren't you glad you asked? :)

    Sharon, I love books. I like my Kindle. I judge a lot of contests. I prefer judging them by an old fashioned book. Right now I'm judging two high profile contests and I'm miserable because I'm not as adept at flipping back through my kindle, e.g. highlighting notes. I like to take a marker and highlight. I like to look at the cover and study passages. Sorry, to me there's nothing better than an actual paperback or hardbound book.

    Best wishes, you two!

    1. DB, I agree about the character acting out of character! Sharon has caught me doing that in my rough drafts. It's a good thing I've got her to keep me on the straight and narrow!


  3. Welcome to GLIAS. Thanks for joining us today.

  4. poor writing and grammar; cliffhangers; no HEA; cheating
    prefer print

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. Thanks to all who are posting comments. We love hearing from Readers.
    The Deadly Duo

  6. Do either of you worry about the other's ability to "dispose of the body," if you get my drift?

  7. Hmmm. Jamie, What can we say? We are both pretty adept at hiding bodies, LOL
    The Deadly Duo

  8. I prefer 'real' books to e-books if given a choice. Becoming a fan of the Deadly Duo, though, could possibly lead to trying the e-book if it means I can get my hands on the next books faster! ;)

  9. I am irritated when a book I am trying to read needlessly drags on and then the ending is lackluster. It's a major let down.

    I absolutely prefer a physical book to an e-book. For some reason I forget to read my e-books. But, there is something exhilarating about seeing a physical book's beautiful or excitable cover sitting on my nightstand with a favorite bookmark in it. It seems to be screaming to me "read me!!"

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    Liglesias3[at] gmail[dot] com

  10. I love Bill and Sharon! I am proud to call them my friends. Now, for the answers to their questions. I love a real book, the look , the feel, and even the smell. I know I am a little weird,lol. In answer to Bill's question, I hate when a story gets bogged down with factoids and descriptions of pretty flowers or whatever. My eyes glaze over. I want action and the interaction of the characters.

    1. Tamoney, that bugs me, too. Sometimes I do a lot of research for a book, but I know people don't want an encyclopedia entry on some obscure topic!