Get Lost in a Story welcomes Tina Beckett

Get Lost in a Story Readers,  no matter how hot it is, I need you to stop drooling and take your eyes off these two fabulous covers, because we have a guest.  The author of the Brazilian Brothers duet.  (Honest, you can look at them later, but right now, please welcome Harlequin Medical Author Tina Beckett!)

Two brothers, ripped apart by fate...drawn together by a common thread.

TO PLAY WITH FIRE: Marcos Pinheiro shouldn’t be thinking about colleague Maggie. But her innocent fire has him reliving their one wild, shameless night… Maggie’s heart has been buried for so long – only in Marcos’s arms has she ever felt free from her past demons. But is Marcos’s passion enough to banish the shadows forever?

THE DANGERS OF DATING DR. CARVALHO: When Lucas Carvalho arrives at a hospital with gunshot wounds Sophia recognizes him instantly. Lucas is now a drop-dead gorgeous plastic surgeon, but he still has the same dark, soulful eyes she remembers from their childhood orphanage. Sophia’s determined to keep her distance – Lucas is dangerous for any woman! But can she resist the lure of this bad-boy surgeon…?

DONNELL:  Hi, Tina, welcome to Get Lost in a Story.  Wow, I’m still fanning myself over those covers.  What was your first reaction when you saw them.  Seriously I love them!

TINA: I love them too! Harlequin revamped the covers for their medical line as of January of this year, and I’m seriously in love with the new format.

DONNELL:  Correct me if I’m wrong, but do you live in South America?  Part time, full time?  How does that work?  Are you bilingual?

TINA: I live in Brazil, although we’re in the United States at the moment. I’ve been there for ten years, with periodic visits home to see friends and family (and attend writing conferences). Before Brazil, we lived in Portugal for seven years. So, after seventeen years of living in Portuguese-speaking countries, I hope I can say I’m fluent by now. Although sometimes the two languages (English and Portuguese) get jumbled up in my head, and I speak a weird combination of both, throwing in an English word here...a Portuguese word there. Luckily my family does the same thing, so we still manage to communicate! It does make for some challenges when writing my books, though. You will definitely see a few Portuguese words in these books.

DONNELL:  You write for medical romance.  Do you have a medical background? And don’t you write for other lines?  Do you have a favorite – or is that putting you on the spot?

TINA: I don’t have a medical background, although I thought about going into nursing for a while. But I thrive on medical shows like Mystery Diagnosis, Medical Detectives, Venom ER and a bunch of others. And my family has provided plenty of medical material from their bumps, cuts and broken bones over the years. And yes, they do wind up in my books!

I also write single title romantic suspense for Carina Press. I honestly can’t choose a favorite. They’re both genres that I love reading.

DONNELL:  So I notice that the brothers have different last names?  Can you explain that or do I have to wait to read the book ;)

TINA:  Ah yes, my heroes’ last names. It’s a big part of the overall story. That and a promise the boys made to their father when they were little. After their dad died, the brothers were separated. One was adopted and went to live in the United States, while the other brother remained in Brazil and grew up in an orphanage. The brother in the United States has his adoptive parents’ last name.

DONNELL:  If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be and why?

TINA: I adore living in Brazil, so I think I would have to stick with that. Although the funny thing is, when I’m there, I miss the United States, and when I’m in the United States, I find myself longing for Brazil. Each country has something that I love. Right now I’m enjoying Girl Scout cookies—thin mints—straight out of the freezer. Yum!

DONNELL: What comes next for Tina Beckett?

TINA: I’m currently working on another medical duet, this time with the amazing Amalie Berlin. The books are set on a ski resort in Colorado and feature lifelong friends who meet on New Year’s Eve to ring in the coming year. Neither realizes that the resolutions they make this year will change their lives forever. I’m having a blast writing my heroine’s story. And Amalie is a hoot. We’ve done a ton of laughing as we’ve batted ideas back and forth.

DONNELL:  Tina, now it’s your turn to ask the reader a question.  And here you can indicate if you’d like to give away a book – no pressure – some authors don’t

TINA: Do you, as readers, like connected books? Why or why not? To one lucky commenter I’ll be giving away a set of...wait for it...connected books! The winner will have their choice of the Brazilian Brothers duet in either e-book format or paperbacks. Good luck!

Thanks for having me, Donnell, I had a blast!



  1. Those are some seriously great covers! ;)

    I love connected stories and/or series! When I read a book I care for the characters and want to see how they're doing beyond the book. Having them show up in another story makes me happy. Like I'm catching up with friends.

    Marcy Shuler

  2. I do like connected books. It makes sense to me when it's about family especially.


  3. Tina, welcome! Wishing you incredible success with your stories! Although, I don't think you need it :)

  4. It's lovely to have our Golden Heart sister back with us today. Love your covers !! And your books!!

  5. Thanks for having me back, you guys. I'm happy to be here!

  6. yes, but only if they're standalone

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. Great covers, Tina! And yes I do enjoy connected books. I love feeling like I'm a close friend of the characters and that I keep getting to visit them and their world.