Meet S.M. (Suzan) Butler!

Title: Killing Honor
Publisher: Soaring Phoenix Press

What's the book about?

Only she ignites the passion within him…
Navy SEAL Brody Battles’ last mission ended with him shot twice. He’s made enemies he’d like to forget ever existed all over the world. He’s more than ready to go home to the family he left behind, but when he returns, he faces sleepless nights, a possible security breach and the fear that his family has moved on without him.
Only he fills the void left in her heart…
Marrying her childhood sweetheart sounds like a fairy tale dream come true, but not for Devyn. Thanks to his job, her husband has been off on a secret mission for so long, he’s never even seen his daughters in person. But now he’s back, and the fairy tale life is in sight, but Devyn’s not sure the man that returned is the same man who left.
…and only death quenches their enemy’s thirst for revenge.
Stitching their broken family back together proves difficult when nightmares and secrets build a wall between them. And while they’re adjusting to being a family again, an enemy waits in the shadows, salivating for the sweet taste of revenge.
This New Adult title includes adult situations and may not be suitable for readers under 18 years. 
Check out an excerpt!  The first ten chapters are up on Wattpad
Meet S.M.!
S.M. Butler is an internationally bestselling author of new adult romantic suspense and military romance with a penchant for Dr. Pepper, ice hockey, and world domination, but not necessarily in that order. She lives in Texas under a not-so-secret identity (Suzan Butler, who writes adult romance) with two monsters, writing books and planning the next step in her evil plans into the twilight hours of the night because that's when it's quiet in the house. She loves to hear from readers. S.M. also has a monthly newsletter in which you can find out about new releases, updates on future books, contests, giveaways, get first peek at new covers, and find out where she'll be visiting through books signings and conventions throughout the year. It's easy to sign up. Just copy and paste the URL: http://bit.ly/SButlerNews

Let's get to know S.M.!

Lara: How often to you get lost in a story?
S.M.: Writing or reading? Because it happens all the time for me.

I’m what I call a binge writer. So, when I’m first drafting a book, it’s coming so fast and so clear that I pretty much stop my life to get this book done before it leaves me. For 2-3 weeks, it’s just me and these characters, and me yanking at their puppet strings to do what I want them to do. It’s intense and overwhelming, but I wouldn’t trade that process for the world.

When I’m reading, I’ve learned that for certain authors (Jim Butcher, J.R. Ward, I’m looking at you!), I have to block off several hours because there is no pausing the book for me. I get so into those books and there’s no surfacing until I close the back cover.

Lara: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?
S.M.: I don’t have a specific playlist, actually. I listen to what I’m in the mood for at the moment. I know that I listened to a lot of Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, P!nk, Katy Perry, and Elton John for this book.

Lara: What sound or noise do you love?
S.M.: Thunderstorms. I love the sound of the rain, and the crash of thunder. Texas thunderstorms are some of the best storms I’ve ever seen. They’re gorgeous, and loud and they make their presence known. [Lara: It's getting to be storm season here in Texas!]
Lara: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
S.M.: Armageddon. 1) Bruce Willis. 2) Romance. 3) In space. WINNER.

Enough said. ;) [Lara: I haven't seen that movie in years!  I'll have to add it to my queue!]

Lara: What do you do to unwind and relax?
S.M.: Relax… what is this word of which you speak?

Seriously, though, I’m a workaholic, and I don’t feel like I really relax all that much. I’m always thinking, always working. I work out, so I suppose that’s as close to not working as I’m going to get. I do like to get my Netflix on every once in a while between books.

Lara: How is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day?
S.M.: You know, they really make it easy for me. They’re always taking their clothes off. And you know, I get to browse Pinterest for “research” purposes. [Lara: Yeah, 'research' :)]

Lara: Which of your characters would you most/least to invite to dinner, and why?
S.M.: I would totally invite Ethan Kearney from No Strings Attached. 1) because he’s a trust fund baby so he’s rich and can afford to pay for it, and 2) Because he does sexy things with a brownie sundae.

Lara: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroine’s role?
S.M.: Not really. That’s not how I see the book, if that makes sense. For me, I’m very visual, so I build up this world in my head based on what the author has written, and it plays like a movie, so it’s more that I’m following the heroine around than it is that I’m in her shoes.

Lara: Who's your celebrity crush and why?
S.M.: Hmm… This changes a lot. Right now, I’d say it’s Sam Heughan, the guy who will be playing Jamie in the new STARZ Outlander TV series. I saw a picture of him, and that was it. He is the best looking redhead I’ve ever seen and he has a voice that makes me melt. [Lara: I'm so excited to see the TV show!  I hope they do the book justice!]

Lara’s GOTTA ASK: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
S.M.’s GOTTA ANSWER:   Fans? I have fans? SWEET. Seriously, though, I’d like to give them all a great big hug and a thank you. I do a little chair dance every time I get an email or a comment on my Facebook page, or an awesome review for one of my books. Those little things? They’re big to me, and I appreciate every single thing they do.

Where can you find S.M.?
Contact her here
Her website
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Check out her two blogs!

What's next for S.M.?

After Killing Honor comes the next two books in the Lucky Thirteen series.

Wounded Courage, Lucky Thirteen #2, June 2014
Dying Commitment, Lucky Thirteen #3, August 2014

What about previous releases?

No Strings Attached, published in August 2013

And S.M. has a question for you!

Could you recommend a New Adult or romantic suspense author that deserves more attention on his/her books than s/he’s currently getting? I’m always looking for a good read.

One lucky commenter will receive an epub/mobi copy of No Strings Attached, my NA military romance.  Open to US or international readers.

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  1. I would say my favorite is JD Robb but she has plenty of hype and fans already.

  2. Welcome to GLIAS, Suzan !!
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    1. Thanks, Angi! I'm so excited to hang out here!

  3. like Abbi Glines, but think she's well known

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    1. I actually haven't read Abbi Glines. I've heard of her stuff, but haven't actually bought any yet.