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My "boys" are John & Brian Sloane and their story begins much earlier than the beginning of NAVY SEAL SURRENDER. The Sloanes are identical twins, but couldn’t have been more different growing up. Brian: responsible, trustworthy, a protector. John: prankster, outgoing, an adventurer. Their high school graduation brought hope of leaving their small Texas town and fading horse ranch. They were about to begin two separate lives and discover their individual dreams when a fire changed them forever. Witnesses put one of the brothers at the scene. Each knows he's innocent and tries to cover for their brother. There's the rub…they both thought the other accidentally started the fire.

After their father suffers a stroke, estranged brothers are forced to set their differences aside in order to save their family ranch in north Texas--solving a kidnapping and a twelve-year-old murder in the process.

Texas Family Reckoning, book one


Navy SEAL John Sloane thought he'd come home to Texas to save the family ranch and reconnect with his estranged twin brother. He never expected to reunite with the girl whose heart he broke. But when Alicia Adams's daughter is kidnapped, the fearless SEAL jumps into action.

However, the off-book op poses unfamiliar dangers to John, none more risky than his feelings for Alicia. To regain her trust and protect her from the kidnappers, he'll risk his career and even his life. It all hinges on one daring scheme that could prove he's the hero she needs—or break her heart all over again….

"With Navy SEAL Surrender, Morgan launches a new small-town mystery series with strong characters and a richly developed plot with crosses and double crosses in every chapter."
 ~4 STARS Romantic Times Magazine

"This is an action packed story that takes some clever twists to make this one a very hard book to put down. The reader can really relate to the characters and sympathize with them as they deal with the nightmare their life has become. With every word the story comes to life and takes the reader there so they can feel what the characters are feeling. This is a nice second chance at love story that is sure to please readers. It will also leave the reader hoping for more books to see if the other characters get their own HEA." 
~5 STARS LH Amazon Reviews
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ANGI MORGAN writes “Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love.” She combines actual Texas settings with characters who are in realistic and dangerous situations. Angi's work has been a finalist in the Bookseller’s Best Award, Romantic Times Best First Series, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the Daphne du Maurier.

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Who's your favorite hero? Can be fictional, real, TV, movie, comic book.


Mary Preston said...

I don't know that I do have an absolute favourite when it comes to heroes. There are a great many that I'm happy to swoon over in books & movies.

Angi Morgan said...

Perfect answer.
Mine's always the hero of the day! Sort of like Flavor of the month.

Quilt Lady said...

My favorite hero is always the one I am reading at the time. Entering under the name of Virginia

Angi Morgan said...

AWESOME, Virginia. A woman after my own reading habits !!

bn100 said...


Kathleen O said...

I like hero who is tough on the outside but has a soft center.

Angi Morgan said...

Good choice, BN.
He's not the sexiest, but I actually like Michael Keaton's portrayal. He had something ... I don't know what, but I just loved it.

Angi Morgan said...

Totally agree. Someone who melts like a marshmallow when the time is right.

mod2011 said...

Hi Angi ! Not only are you a fabulous writer, you are NICE !!!!!! ;-D

regencygirl01 said...

Can't wait to read these two

Angi Morgan said...

Thank you !!
(I'm going to show my husband this LOL)

Angi Morgan said...

These words never get tiring.

Anonymous said...

I like all kinds of hero's! At the moment the hero is a navy seal in the book I'm reading!

Angi Morgan said...

LOVE it Csrole !!
I hope he doesn't disappoint !

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Right now it is Oliver Queen - Arrow. Angi, I bet you agree!

Anonymous said...

A favorite is Clark Kent/Superman, but I'm also a big fan of SEALs.

Marcy Shuler

misty c said...

I love all heros cant say that I could pick a favorite