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Allie didn’t realize having so many jobs would become great research material for the stories she writes. She has been everything from a fitting room attendant to a bike police officer to a professional mascot escort. She has lived on three continents and in four states and has studied art, fashion design, marine biology, and advertising.

When her kids asked, “when are you going to write a story we can read?” she switched from adult novels to Young Adult and Middle Grade and hasn’t looked back.

Allie is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, Romance Writers of America including the Young Adult, Dallas Area Romance Writers and Heart of the Rockies chapters. She is also a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Currently, she lives in Colorado with her husband and two children.


Atlantis Dark Tides, Lost Daughters of Atlantis Book 4

Brought up to believe she is a rightful heir of Atlantis and the destructive Seer of legend, Sky plots to destroy the society that rejected her. On a spy mission, she plans to use a human close to the Atlantean princesses to learn more about her intended targets. Instead, Sky saves the air-breather and exposes her own special powers.

Reef is on an undercover mission of his own. Pretending to work with the Separatists, he’s trying to determine which side of the Atlantean war deserves the support of his people. Reef is from the Kingdom of Merta in the Atlantic Ocean, an entire kingdom the Atlanteans didn’t know existed. Their support could help turn the tide of the war, but only if Reef’s people choose their side wisely.

The two teens work together to uncover the battle tactics of both the Separatists and Royalists. But as their time together leads to love, Sky’s forced to rethink her view on everything. When her mission morphs from spying to murder, she doesn’t want Reef to know he’s partnered with a killer. But Reef has secrets of his own… 


Kathleen:   In your LOST DAUGHTERS OF ATLANTIS series you have some wonderful scenes that take place in water. What inspired you to write about people who live in the sea? Did you grow up by the ocean?  

Allie: I lived in California for twenty years and have always loved the ocean. At one time I wanted to be a marine biologist! And I’ve always been fascinated by the Atlantis legend.

Kathleen:   How often do you get lost in a story?

Allie: Not as often as I’d like. Between writing my own stories—which I do get lost in, and various kid activities, I don’t always have a book open. But I just got back from a week vacation and read several books.

Kathleen:   Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?

Allie: Both! I love to see fairy tale retellings combined with adventure. The Lost Daughters of Atlantis series is a combination of legend, adventure, and romance.

Kathleen:   Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?

Allie: I don’t listen to music while I write. I find it distracting. As Nora Roberts once said, “Silence is my music.”

Kathleen:   If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up?

Allie: I’d love to work for a non-profit or sporting event as an event planner. I used to be an advertising executive and planned events for various clients.

Kathleen:  What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?

Allie: Put it away for a while, take time to relax, read, and then start thinking about the next story.

Kathleen:  If you could interview one person (and it doesn’t have to be a writer) who would it be?

Allie: Amelia Earhart because she was an adventurous woman before her time. I’d love to learn what motivated her and what happened to her on her last flight. There’s a fun story there somewhere.

Kathleen:  Where do you read and how often?

Allie: When I have the chance I read everywhere: in the carpool line, on airplanes, in bed, while working out on a treadmill.

Kathleen:   What do you do to unwind and relax?

Allie: I run almost every day and I love to ski in the winter. I also just started playing golf. Hanging out with friends, dancing, and traveling are also great ways for me to relax.

Kathleen:   Which era would you least like to have lived in, fashion-wise and why?

Allie: I couldn’t handle the restrictiveness of corsets or to always be in a dress so living in any time period before the women’s movement would be hard for me.


Eager to read the first three books in the Lost Daughters of Atlantis series?  

Allie will be giving away three copies of the Lost Daughters of Atlantis ebook bundle to readers who leave a comment.




Would you be excited to live in an underwater world? If not, where would you like to live (a foreign country, the moon, mars)?


  1. Welcome to GLIAS, Allie, your series sounds fascinating. Any lost civilization is full of mystery and what ifs. And I'm right with ya on corsets. Eek on living underwater even in a dome. I think it would feel downright claustrophobic, and I'd miss the sun.

    1. I agree, Donnell. I love to snorkel but the thought of staying underwater for days would be claustrophobic. Allie

  2. Welcome to Get Lost in a Story, Allie!
    Your Lost Daughters of Atlantis books are so much fun! I look forward to the new one, DARK TIDES.

    I've enjoyed the first 3 books that some lucky commentors will win.

    Interesting question: Me, I'd love to visit underwater. It'd be cool because floating through the water would be almost like flying.

    1. Thank you for hosting me, Kathleen. I loved your book, Diary of a Teenage Fairy Godmother! Allie

  3. Thanks for hosting me today! Such great interview questions. Allie

  4. I used to pretend that I was a mermaid so yes, definitely count me in on the underwater world.

    1. I used to pretend to be a mermaid too! In The Losy Daughters of Atlantis series not only do the heroines find out they have underwater abilities, but that they are princesses. Allie

  5. HI ALLIE !!
    I would be one of the ones saying leave me on the beach. I love the ocean as long as it only comes up to my waist. Very claustrophobic.

    1. I loved the water as a kid and I still love the ocean, but like I said early I can't imagine living under it. Allie

  6. There must be a few more of us water dogs out there??? I love to swim. Swam for hours as a kid- worked as a lifeguard. Swimming really is like flying for me - all that delicious gliding through the water, well except for the needing to breathe part. A little tough to do underwater.

    That's what I love about your books, Allie. One minute we're in a regular high school situation, then a little later we're underwater. Vivid descriptions too.
    Here's one of my favorites from your Lost Daughters of Atlantis novella, TIDEBREAKER:

    "We traveled at incredible speeds through the ocean... I was like a kid in the candy store enjoying every second of this new experience.
    Schools of silver Jacksmelt fish swam past. Rockfishes and California halibut cruised by. Even a shovelnose guitar fish skimmed the sandy bottom. I’d never dreamed of becoming a marine biologist, but if I had, this would be amazing. Who am I kidding? This was amazing.
    Purple and orange star fish clung to rocks. Mussels and limpets clustered together. They’d open their shells to feed before snapping them shut again."


    1. Oops, I meant to put in a space. It's Atlantis TIDE BREAKER (Lost Daughters of Atlantis)

    2. Atlantis Tide Breaker is a novella that's available in e-format only for $.99 cents. The story introduces Sky, the main character in Atlantis Dark Tides. The story begins with Sky out for revenge.

  7. Shh! It's a secret. I just posted the first excerpt from Atlantis Dark Tides on my website at www.allieburton.com. You are the first to know.

  8. maybe; depends what they had there

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  9. I don't know how to swim, but if was able to easily breath under water I would love exploring down there. The creatures of our oceans and seas are so fascinating and I know there are so many others that have not been discovered. Your a new author to me, and this sounds like a wonderful series. Atlantis has always intrigued me too. Congrats! I just "liked" your FB page to keep in touch.
    grandmabkr at yahoo dot com

    1. Thanks, Brenda. I'm also fascinated with the underwater world. Here is an amazing YouTube video I just discovered. Enjoy! www.youtube.com/embed/mcbHKAWIk3I

    2. Hi Brenda!
      I'm with you on the fascinating creatures.
      And since you've always been interested in Atlantis I'm sure you'll enjoy the Lost Daughters series.

      FUN uTube Allie!
      It was a delight having you here today. I look forward to reading DARK TIDES