Welcome Back Anna Kashina

Anna Kashina was born in Russia and moved to the United States in 1994. She's a molecular
biologist and a published fantasy author in Russia, Germany, and the US and I first met her some 20 years ago when we were both starting our writing careers.  

Welcome back Anna. We're so glad to have you here again to hear about your latest books.

ANNA: Thank you for hosting me, it is very nice to be back on Get Lost in a Story.
Blades of the Old Empire cover photoI would like to introduce my new book, Blades of the Old Empire, book I of the Majat Code, released in March 2014 by Angry Robot Books, UK.

This book is an action adventure fantasy with elements of romance. It introduces the Majat warriors, who are essentially ninjas in a medieval European setting. These warriors are nearly undefeatable, and are strictly bound by the Majat Code. Among other things, they are not permitted to love. That restriction feeds one of the main conflicts of the story, where Kara, a top-ranked Diamond Majat, is asked to choose between duty and honor and turn against the man she loves.

Blades of the Old Empire Blurb

The Guild of Assassins cover photoPrince Kythar's unique ability to focus makes him the only man able to resist the ancient Kaddim Brotherhood, set on usurping the throne. His only protection is elite bodyguard, a Diamond-ranked Majat warrior Kara. He believes his love for her makes them both invincible, but the Kaddim are not taking any chances. They gain alliance with the Majat Guild, to whom Kara had pledged loyalty. And now, Kara must choose between duty and honor, to kill the man the kingdom's hopes rest on, or to defy her orders and seal a death warrant in her name.

Look out also for The Guild of Assassins, book II of the Majat Code, upcoming from Angry Robot on July 29.

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Thank you again for visiting with us Anna. A pleasure as always and can I just say       
 Your covers rock!!!

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  2. Anna, welcome: Your blurb is fantastic and so are your covers! Here's to many sales!